7 Ways to Be More Confident at Work

Written by Charlie Greene

When you’re trying to build more confidence, it can be rather difficult to overcome the office dynamic. That’s because there are constantly individuals who thrive on office gossip, negativity and most importantly on trying to further themselves by putting you and other colleagues down. If you’re trying to start building your confidence within the office, here are seven ways you can start building yourself up, without appearing arrogant.


Focus solely on yourself

It can be enticing to get involved in the latest gossip or drama, but when you’re trying to build your own confidence, it’s important that it doesn’t come at the expense of others. Remove yourself from the drama and try to avoid getting caught up in the negative. Take the time to evaluate what you’d like to improve on within the workplace and set a goal for yourself in terms of achieving it. It’s important to remain social in the office, however; make sure you remain impartial to the negativity or condescending nature of conversations.

Learn to identify your strengths

Everyone is born with specific strengths that can help build confidence in the workplace. In order to start building your confidence, take the time to identify specific areas you excel at and how they can benefit your career overall. Spend time learning to lead from the areas you excel in – which can help you feel more comfortable overall because you’re engaged and feeling confident at what you’re doing.


Determine your personal weaknesses and work to improve them

If specific weaknesses are affecting your overall attitude and confidence, make sure you take the time to identify how they’re holding you back. Spend some time working on improving your weaknesses, whether that’s something small to improve your performance, or whether that’s learning to reduce the amount of anxiety you feel over them. It’s crucial that you don’t obsess over them (as that can cause your confidence to suffer); make the decision to overcome them instead.


Start believing in yourself – even if you don’t believe it

One of the hardest things to do is start believing in yourself when you’re naturally filled with self-doubt. Make sure you spend the time making affirmations about your life that you believe went well throughout the day (maybe you nailed that business meeting?) and work to improve how you feel about yourself overall. Set out a goal for yourself and ensure that you actually believe you can accomplish the goal, even if it seems impossible.

Track your successes carefully

If you’re not used to monitoring your success, take the time to write out a list of things you’d like to finish throughout the day. As you progress, check off any of the items you’ve accomplished. As you progress, you’ll have a recorded list of achievements, which can become helpful if you’re having a self-defeating day. Make sure you refer to the list frequently for a reminder of your strengths and personal achievements.


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