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When Emily Sears Takes “Things” in Her Hand

Emily Sears
Written by Igor K


On one side you have a super-hot LA based model Emily Sears. On the other side you have a man who’s apparently fan of hers. It’s the guy that’s been scouting the internet, following thousands of tweets coming from hot ladies around the world, but with the particular interest in sexy celebs.

More he looks, more he gets attracted to her. So he starts thinking. How to get in touch with her?

“I know,” he thinks one day, “She’ll go wild on this shit.”

So he starts some porn, get his boner, take the picture of him holding his dick like there’s no tomorrow, and then send the image of the dick to Emily Sears or some other woman he finds attractive.

I usually receive at least one or two dick pics per day, at minimum,” Emily told BuzzFeed News. “It’s just been consistently happening for so long. I became absolutely fed up with these kinds of disturbing and disgusting messages and comments online.”

A question…

Why on Earth some men think that image of the dick, sent as a message, would turn the strange woman on?

What do you think women, especially hot celebrity like Emily Sears, do with it? Well, certainly not what that prick hoped for as you’ll soon find out.

The answer

Emily Sears Tweet

Emily and her friend DJ Laura, who also receives nude pics from unknown men, found a neat way to fight back this gross habit of some jerkoffs. Pair is informing these assholes’ partners and other female family members about disgusting habits their men have over the social networks.



It’s the only fair way to fight this menace

, I tell you that. Some men simply have issues that they refuse to deal with. Honestly, I do hope that she gave him a hell that he deserves. That’s just not the way to behave. And then we’re wondering why women are developing some sort of resistance toward men.

Few pricks like this are all it takes to transform otherwise normal women into a raging and pissed off killing machine on a mission against the male population.


Problem is internet anonymity

Once we finally evolve and remove the option of anonymity that’s been one of the most misused “options”, this shit is the thing of the past. Hiding behind some pseudo or thinking how you can get away with crap like this is unexplainable. There’s something pathological in that shit.

Nobody would behave like this in person. I don’t think I’ve ever heard about the case where guy met the celeb and then flash her with the dick in the middle of the bar or restaurant. Did you? Would be funny to hear about it.

Where’s the old school? Why nobody asks women to have a dinner together or cup of coffee or a drink in some nice bar? Is it that hard?

I’m willing to bet that Emily Sears for example would definitely respond positively on the open invitation to have a nice dinner with the man who is not trying to hide behind some pseudo and who’s confident about himself. Not that she’ll accept it but it won’t sound negative to her. So if we are talking about the odds that someone like Emily joins you over a dinner, you’re better of appearing as the strong and confident man than some pussy who’s been hiding behind alias.

And confident man thinks about the internet and social networks in a normal way where you have your photo, name, address, hell even a phone number, all publicly available. He knows how important the “handshake” is in establishing that initial trust.

It’s same like approaching the strange woman in a café or some night bar. You approach, present yourself in a clear way and buy a nice lady a drink. What’s so complicated about that?

It may or may not work but it will definitely provide with better odds than some disgusting and deviant behavior like sending images of your dick all around the net.



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