7 Signs She’s Having an Affair

7 signs she is having an affair
Written by Charlie Greene

Whether you’ve suspected it for some time or something just doesn’t add up, it’s important to pay attention to your girlfriend’s sudden change in behavior. Although it can be outside stress or changes, a quick change in personality or habits can suggest something more is happening – like an affair. Here are 7 signs she’s having an affair, so you know what to look for.

  • You Guys Fight A Lot
    Remember when she loved the way you made her coffee in the mornings? Suddenly she hates that you’re acting clingy. If you guys are starting to fight more often, disagree more often or just not getting along – it’s a red flag that something else might be happening.
  • She’s Protective of Her Phone
    If she’s hiding her phone from you, there might be a good reason. Many times text messages, calls and emails are logged on the phone, meaning prying eyes can see what’s happening if they look through it. Although some people are more private, hiding her phone from you when you’re around isn’t normal behavior. This is also true if she has a password lock on her phone recently – or if she’s hiding folders and photos too.
  • There’s a Change in Her Work Routine
    She’s always been home at 4:45pm every evening, yet recently she’s been pulling more hours. Chances are, if you’re noticing a sudden change in her work routine – something’s up. Periodic changes in a schedule are one thing, but if it’s becoming a common thing, chances are it has nothing to do with work.
  • She’s Changing Her Appearance
    The desire to impress someone starts with physical appearance, which is why it’s important to pay attention to any new clothes, changes to make-up or hair, perfume or grooming habits. If she’s most comfortable in sweats and sneakers yet wears high-heels grocery shopping, it’s a warning of other things happening.
  • You Aren’t Having as Much Sex
    Sometimes life gets in the way of having fun, but that doesn’t mean your sex life should stop completely. If you’re used to having sex 3-4 times per week and suddenly that drops to nothing – make a mental note of it. If it doesn’t change in a few weeks, there’s a good likelihood she’s being satisfied in other ways.
  • She Seem Distant and Distracted
    It’s important for couples to reconnect after a long day at work, whether that’s a few hours watching television together or going out for a few drinks. If she’s always occupied with other solo activities, she could be emotionally separating herself from you. Make the direct suggestion of spending time together and see what her response is.
  • You Just Have a Hunch or Suspicion
    Although jealousy doesn’t normally lead to positive situations, it’s important to trust your judgement if you have a suspicion or doubt. While she may be doing nothing wrong, if you’re worried about the commitment in your relationship, it’s important to determine what your next steps are going to be.

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