6 Sexy Foods you need to bring into the bedroom

Introduce sexy foods into the bedroom
Written by Charlie Greene

We’ve all seen the movies—they’re in bed together and all of a sudden, she decides to incorporate food into the fun activities. Sexy food – So you want to try the same thing with your partner, but you’re not sure how. Fair enough. In fact, there’s quite a few foods that can bring a new level of excitement into the relationship – if done properly. To help you get started, here are six foods to try tonight:

Whipped Cream

One of the more popular choices, whipped cream in the bedroom is great for a few different reasons. The first, it’s a solid that dissolves quickly. You can apply it virtually anywhere and it’ll rinse off (or be eaten) quickly. It also leaves minimal mess. To start, use a can of whipped topping to encourage your partner to lick or kiss various body parts. Take turns between the two to see just how hot you can get.

Chocolate Syrup

There’s a huge difference here between melted chocolate and chocolate syrup. The first important point – melted chocolate can be quite fun (as it will reharden as it cools) however, if you cook it too long, you risk burning yourself and your partner. For novices, stick with the chocolate syrup that you add to ice-cream or milk. It’s just as tasty, without the risk of burns and pain.

Caramel sauce – is that sexy food too? 

DO NOT USE MELTED CARAMEL. Melted caramel is a type of candy that can boil at a much higher temperature than water – which can result in a HUGE problem very quickly. Instead, opt for store bought syrups that can be used in some sticky/sweet situations. A word of caution, always put down an old sheet or towel before using caramel in the bedroom as it can get quite messy.

Sparkling wine – ohh that goes clearly under sexy foods

Have your partner lay on her back and blindfold her so she can’t see anything. Use some sparkling wine and pour a small amount down her chest and toward her belly button. The bubbles will create a gentle tingling sensation and the sweetness will be fun to lap up afterwards.

​Popsicles or iced treats

Take a few moments to leave the popsicle at room temperature (as you don’t want the cold to stick to the skin). When it’s softened up a bit and starts dripping slightly, drag a thin line down the area you want to taste, or want tasted. The cold sensation will completely blow your mind – while the sweetness will definitely add that little bit of encouragement to any situation.


Often forgotten in the bedroom is natures natural tingle – the mint. Take a few mints (the stronger the flavor the better) and add the into your cheek for a few minutes. When you’ve got enough of a taste going in your mouth, use your tongue near (not in!) the most intimate areas of the body. Start with the neck and move your way down carefully. Make sure you’re done before you start eating anything else, if you know what we mean. 

About the author

Charlie Greene

Our sex expert, Charlie, is a long-time professional in the adult industry, specialized in screenplays for several major production houses. She is direct, have zero tolerance for weak and insecure men, loves to get in bed with another woman from time to time, and consider herself borderline nymphomaniac. Enjoys writing explicit sex stories that are mostly based on her own experiences. A loud advocate of sex toys and sexual liberties. Enjoys kink sex and admits to having one particular fetish that makes men addicted to her.

"Every time I lie on my bed to write a new script or a sex story, I get all wet. If there's no man around at that moment, can guess how it ends."