4 Ways To Be A Confident Lover

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If you’re not sure about your performance in the bedroom, you better believe that she can tell. Women like a man with confidence and that includes in between the sheets. It’s okay to be off your usual game every once in a while, but if you constantly find yourself lacking in bed, it’s time to boost your sexual confidence in the bedroom and here’s how to be a sexually confident man…..


An Everyday Activity

If you get anxious whenever you’re in bed with a partner, know that you’re not alone. Many men feel this way when it comes to sex, so in order to change that, you have to think differently so that you stop getting anxious all the time. To do this, you’ll have to think of sex as an everyday activity and something that you do all the time. This way you won’t make such a huge deal out of it or place so much pressure on yourself. Just act cool and as if this is part of your normal daily routine and you’ll feel more comfortable with sex.


Stop Thinking About It

You don’t want to over think things and the bedroom is the last place you’ll want to do this. So stop trying to be overly analytical in the sack. Instead, just forget about all our fears and go with the flow. Do whatever you want and stop trying to second-guess yourself about your moves or how you’ll perform. And don’t be afraid of rejection because if she’s not into something, she’ll let you know and you can easily try something else. Once you stop thinking about it, the pressure goes away and then you can really enjoy sex.


Stop Comparing

Even though your bed bud swears he’s the greatest lover in the world, doesn’t mean you have to compare yourself to him or any other guy for that matter. When it comes to pleasure, all that matters is how you make a woman feel and it doesn’t matter how old you are, how you look, your job and any other superficial thing. So stop comparing yourself in bed to others and just focus on pleasuring your partner. You’ll feel more comfortable with sex once you do.


Take It Slow

Many guys make the mistake of going too fast in the bedroom, when all they need to really do is take things slow. A bit of delayed gratification will build sexual tension and only make you want each other more. So instead of trying to go straight for the main course, do some foreplay to get everything started and really make her ask you for sex. And who doesn’t want a woman begging the for sex?! Talk about a real confidence boost, right?


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