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REAL mens way – How to Make Money Fast

How to make money fast
Written by Sean Collins

To show you how easy it is to make money fast, I’ll tell you a story that involves one sexy woman and me. She, just like you, was on a quest to find out what to do with the money she’s making and how to multiply it. In other words, the one thing that connects you and her is the desire to learn how to make quick money. As she later told me, she was on a constant lookout for money making ideas.

When dinner turns into money making ideas course…  

How to make money fastA year ago, I was having a nice dinner in one of those trendy LA restaurants when a young woman, a more or less famous actress, approached me. I did noticed her when she was entering the place with another woman. It's hard not to see those eyes to tell you the truth. It turned out that her eyes picked my face, among all the others, and she asked her gal pal if she knows who the guy she was looking at was.

Wellfew folks over there know me. So, she explained in few words who I am and what I do for a living. It just deepened her interest in me. As she later admit it, she wasn't sure what drove her to approach the obvious stranger at the public place but it did act as a life-changer.

"Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm sorry for disturbing you, butbut…" She started to stutter, experiencing the sudden stage fright. You wouldn't expect something like that from the person who lives the life in front of the crowd. And I was just taking a zip of an excellent red wine, so I was forced to stop her with the hand-signal before she embarrass herself even more.

"Yeah I know who you are. Please, take a seat and relax." My friend moved and she sat right in front of me. "How can I help you young lady?"

"How do you do it?"

She went straight for the artery, no question about it.

"How do I do what exactly, Amanda?"

"My friend told me what you do for living. How do you make money that fast?"

I took a long 5 seconds to look deep into those amazing blue eyes. She didn't even blink nor felt embarrassed in any way. Nerves of steel, no doubt about it.

"So you wanna know how to make money fastOKfair enough.” Another few seconds pause and then my usual question for people who are interested in simple ways to make money, “Why are you here Amanda? How would you define this particular event, where you have approached a complete stranger and started talking with him in less than 5 minutes after entering the restaurant?"

She hesitated. It was clear as a whistle that my question was a sort of a trick.

"Destiny?" She asked more than stated, and smiled.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed with her response. Was expecting more after having a positive first impression about her. When you are that eager to learn how money is made in the most efficient and simplest ways, you’re expected to know something about the causal relationship of the things. Apparently, she failed to learn more about how system is designed, how money is being made and what’s its main purpose.

"Destiny? Sure, it can be just that." I said and took a long pause between two zips of wine, deliberately creating the atmosphere of anxiety and anticipation. Whenever money is the subject, there’s that mixture of emotions that spans from anxiety to excitement. Making money the way I do it, most certainly triggers the adrenaline, particularly when you just start with it. 

"If I chose to sit on the left side of this room, there's a 70% chance that you wouldn't even notice me. Do you know why Amanda?"

As I thought, she stared bluntly at me, lost in the vastness of ignorance.

"Do you know that the first thing you do, when you enter some room or store for that matter, is to look right, without even realizing it?"

"Hmmm…." You could see that she was confused. "I've never thought about it. I don't think so."

"Well, regardless of what you might think about it, that's the fact, and people are making billions on that fact alone because the most profitable items in every store for example are placed on a shelf, on your right, at the entrance. That's just another example of predictability of human behavior."

"So what's that got to do with my question? How’s that linked to money making? How do they do it?" She asked politely and with the sexiest smile ever on her face.

"Imagine 1 billion of you Amanda. 1 billion of you that look to the right when entering the store, without exception."

She stared at the ceiling for a while and you could see how she’s desperately trying to digest this new information.

"Wow! I think I'm getting the picture." It's that moment of epiphany, you simply can't miss on person's face when lightbulb goes on above one's head.

"The only trick, Amanda, is to know that 1 billion of people will look to the right BEFORE they do! That's how you make money fast. Thus, you must become an expert in human behavior. Once you know how crowd will react in a certain point of time, you cash in. It's that simple. And there's nothing mystical about it either. For the most part, people are driven by the herd instincts. In other words, most people will follow the herd when something triggers the movement. You only need to predict the direction of that herd. And there's only 2 possible routes for them – up and down."

"It does sound simple when you say it but I'm guessing there's a lot more to it?" First signs of mental fatigue started appearing at Amanda in this point. She simply wasn't prepared for the financial lesson on this beautiful Friday evening. Her fingers were occupied with my dessertspoon without her even being aware of it. I knew she wasn't able to digest any more of my philosophy.

"Look, I'm not saying that you'll become an expert over the night. But in time and if you apply yourself to the mission, in couple of months from now, you'll be more than capable of generating a mill during your meal when circumstances are in your favor."

“I’m aware of that but you still didn’t tell me what you do to make so much money that fast.”

I took my smartphone out, initiated the app and executed a live demonstration. Her eyes became even bigger…if that's even possible…

Oh, yes, I owe you an explanation. You see, in my circle, I'm known as a guy who can make couple of millions in a matter of minutes, using, well, borrowed money and borrowed instruments. In other words, I'm the master of margin trading which is just a fancy expression for the extreme, intraday, speculative retail trading. Some would even call it gambling but that cannot be farther from the truth because gambling relies on far weaker odds and unpredictable chain of events for the most part of it. In margin trading, as you'll learn soon, EVERYTHING can be predicted!


To make money fast, you have to be ready to take risk!

How to make money fastHow much money have you spent today? What did you buy with it? No, don’t think too much about it. The point of these questions has nothing to do with the amount you’ve spent or with the types of the products you bought.

The point is that you moved money around which made possible for people like me to make more money!

It does come with the risk, of course. Then again, name one thing you do on daily bases that doesn’t involve risk? Only in that case, risks are connected with the life-threatening effect. In case of money, the threat is of different nature. It won’t get you killed and if you mind is optimized, it won’t get you in a hospital either.

So how did you make possible for me to make money?

There’s a roof money market known as FOREX where 4 types of players exist. Top players — and until most recently the only ones — are central banks (FED, ECB, BoJ…). At the bottom of the food chain are retail traders such as myself.

We are using something called margin trading where we are partially using our own money and partially borrowed money to execute trading order. If we are right in our prediction, we make money. If we are wrong, we lose money. It’s that simple.

FOREX is the World’s most liquid market with $5,3 trillion of daily move. In comparison, NYSE moves approx. $28 billion in one day. You can see the difference.

The advantage of such a large market is its high resistance to personal influence. It’s the crowd — the herd — that moves the markets in bullish and bearish trends after assessing some news coming from central banks or after assessing some positive or negative intels coming from World’s biggest economies such as US, EU, Japan, UK, China, Russia and others.

Central banks are moving enormous amounts of money (exchanging one currency for the other, reducing the volume of money in use…) to control the strength of their currencies or to fuck up the other economy and boost the own one. That reflects on the current value of the certain currency. They can react in such an extreme way, that it can act as the asteroid impact in the middle of the ocean, creating giant, fast moving waves that moves for days and even weeks.

When you bought an item today, your money influenced the global money market. On a scale, it was similar to when you drop the smallest stone possible in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But, you’re not alone. For example, 250 million Americans are spending money daily. Their habits and the amount they are willing to spend on month-to-month bases reflect on the monthly report issued by the FED in their case.

This is where fun starts.

You have a precise calendar of releases and events. Your job is to anticipate two things:

1) What the report will look like.

2) How will the crowd react on it.

It goes like this. FED announces that they won’t raise the interest rates. US Dollar will see an immediate loss of value. When put in a currency pair, as it’s the case with the FOREX market, that means that you should execute the SELL order and wait until dollar drops most. Once you feel the moment has come, you close the order and, depending on the amount of units you’ve purchased, you’re making money.

The best part about this way to make money?

The entire process, of the rapid fall of certain currency may occur in a matter of 10 minutes! And then, it moves up again. When that happens, when currency starts to regain its former glory, you execute a BUY order and wait until that same currency reach some calculated or assessed level to close the order and make money AGAIN!

In 20 minutes, buying a standard lot, you can make 10+ grands, using just your everyday smartphone.

When it comes to making money fast, nothing, and I mean nothing, comes even close to FOREX!!

The tricky part of making money fast on FOREX and every other margin trading market

You can lose everything you put into it and even more if you don’t know what you’re doing! Margin trading is a risky business and not suitable for everyone. It requires cool head, patience and complete absence of panic moves. Because sometimes, what appears to be a downfall may only act as a slingshot that will boost the currency even higher!!


THEREFORE…if you want to make money fast, consider the following

  • ONLY the FOREX market enables you to make money fast! Nothing has the ability to generate couple of grands, tens of thousands and even millions in such a short notice – MINUTES in some cases. With the exception, of course, of the big ass lottery win but that’s relying on luck and you really don’t want that.
  • Faster you go, less safe it becomes.
  • That being said, take a slow and low-risk ride and it will take a hell of a lot longer to generate any money. You’ve been doing this kind of ride anyway…judge the efficacy by yourself!
  • To drive a sports car, one has to get used to it before taking it for a spin on an open road where there are no speed limits! Those who dare, often fail to win.
  • Sure you can start brainstorming the business ideas and invest couple of months in business plan. Then again, it implies hard investments, great negotiation skills, and years before you even break-even.
  • So when you think about it, why not investing couple of months learning how to fish in the ocean immediately?! Among all easy ways to make money, FOREX is definitely the easiest one!
  • Thus, if you’ve been searching the internet, trying to find out how to make money fast online, search no more – you’ve find the way to make money with your smartphone alone!! That’s how you make quick and easy money my friend! That’s how I’m doing it. That’s how millions of smart men across the Globe are doing it. You just failed to realize that unlikely benefit of our beloved monetary-market system.
  • On the other hand, if you can’t control your emotions, margin trading is still not for you. Panic, Santa-on-speed kinda enthusiasm, urge for timing the market, tendency to fall into a state of acute depression when things don’t turn out your way are all signs of future big time loser on a FOREX market. Get your shit together before you start with live trading!
  • Risks and occasional losses are inevitable when you’re trying to make money fast. Make your piece with that. In this type of game, money becomes the sweat and muscles. Not every drop of your sweat at your current job makes money, right? Not every molecule of energy your muscles are spending is making money either. Yet, you still have to buy food to feed those muscles…That’s how you should think about the money because the only true purpose of money is not to buy stuff but to make more money with it!!!
  • If you play it smart and invest yourself in training, just a couple of thousands can make you a free and rich man in less than a year! Is that quick enough for you? Wanna ride even faster?
  • Take the loan once you learn how it’s done and fund your trading account. When you trade with bigger lots, bigger are the gains. Unfortunately, that means it can go the other way around also if you fail to assess the market movement in x time interval correctly.
  • To make money fast means to move fast and be extremely adaptable and flexible. Narrow-mindedness and stubbornness are limiting factors and may endanger your efforts!
  • Among all the skills essential to live the life, studying human behavior is most important one.
  • Your losses may far exceed deposited funds!
  • In reality, all I need to be safe and sound, no matter what happens to the global economy, as long as we are using virtual value such as money, is $50K on my FOREX account. It’s my skill similar to any other skill people have. Hairdresser is good with his/her hands and with appropriate tool, that’s all he/she needs to survive. Anglers and hunters know how to hunt their food; all they need is the weapon. My weapon, and if you’re smart, yours, is $10-50Ks on the FOREX account and we can survive any menace from our own homes. Because, even if markets are crashing, we are cashing!


Risks are inevitable parts of our existence. You could end up seriously injured or even worse on your way to work today. Thousands didn’t survive that simple trip this very day. Is that stopping you and everyone else from going to work?

What you’re afraid of then? Why are you limiting yourself because of some irrational fear from losing some money? If you remember correctly, you didn’t have any to start with. You made something out of nothing already. So even if you lose it, you’ll make it again. It’s just money.


You can go here to open a FOREX account at one of the leading platforms today. 




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