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New Old Gadget That Brings Virtual reality Sex to a Whole New Level

Written by Steven Hawk

Remember Disclosure with Michael Douglas and Demi Moore and that pile of cables attached to the computer plus the weird looking goggles/helmet? Back in those days, it was just a futile attempt to popularize the revolutionary idea of virtual reality sex –  that was unfortunately still far ahead from the technology it needs to succeed.

And we were really looking forward, as young men, to mount this baby onto out heads and press PLAY on our VCR’s. Those sweet, boobalicious Swedish girls would be an inch from us. We could smell their skin and perhaps maybe something even more because Keanu Reeves was selling just that kind of action only a year later in Johnny Mnemonic.

But, tragically, they crushed our dreams. VR frenzy ended like just another mini hype everybody is talking about but nobody really wants. Ideas, visions and dreams were stuffed in some drawer and left for history.

And then, somebody saw the opportunity to revive our dreams…

It took 20 years for the technology to reach the point where all those early ideas and prototypes could be taken out from the old drawer and upgraded.

Today, few major players are investing billions in what it seems to be the next normal of every household. And not only that you’ll be able to attach the VR goggles on your home computer but also to your smartphone!

So boys, how about you start thinking of investing or designing the porns of the future!

We are talking about the app here. You’re at your office, no meat anywhere around, but you’re horny as hell because you just remembered the action you had with your ex, years ago. It happens when you run into them, doesn’t it? So what to do? Well…it’s your office, isn’t it?

You can pay for the professional service which could seriously backfire OR you can plug in your VR goggles, start the X-rated app and enjoy the porn like you’re the one who’s been doing her or even better – the both of them! Just remember to lock the door because, unlike in porns, your secretary will most likely storm out of the company or take a photo and publish it on Instagram. Either way, she won’t come to blow your dick. If it would have been the option, you wouldn’t be loading X-rated app.

This will most likely become the future of lonely executives. The future which is just around the corner.


How’s that for a business idea, huh? VR porn app!

I’m sure that, with the names like Google, Samsung, Facebook, HTC and Oculus, which is already considered to be the current cream of the crops, VR is just picking up on the momentum.

Those who come up with the first apps that have boobs, butts and fair amount of action, which in the same time can be experienced through VR goggles connected to your smartphone, are most likely to make a shit load of money.

We are talking about the exciting and extremely lucrative totally new way of entertainment. Because, if we can play the game like we are the ones shooting at the bad (or good) guys; there is no a single reason why we couldn’t bang the blond with plastic boobs.

And when you think about it, it’s all the same because, let’s face it – those aren’t real. So squeezing two large silicon implants or allowing the VR to play with your brain is virtually one and the same. I really do miss Sylvia Crystal and the rest of those real things back in 70s and 80s.

Yes, future looks great for the porn industry. Only this time, plastic boobs will be replaced with the bunch of ones and zeroes.

It’s funny how we are moving further away from the real things while still being able to have the same level of fun. Dig in boys. There’s lot to do if you want to redirect some of that cash to your bank accounts.

Just make sure to remember who gave you the idea. Don’t be an ass……..

See these two companies: VirtualREalPorn and Lovense NOTE: These links are with X-rated content. 


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