Why You Have to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Become Successful

Leave your comfort Zone
Written by Igor K

What’s the comfort zone? “Nine-to-Five. Monday-to-Friday.” That’s the definition of it. The fact that you are considering your daily job as some kind of financial security renders you less effective in terms of your net worth.

There is a perfect, logical explanation why you use the terms “income” or “salary” instead of “net worth” and thus not using your full potential. And let we break it to you: Your potential is a galaxy far, far away from what you are making now. Read on and see how little it takes to change your perception entirely.

  In very short period of time you got used to your daily working routine and regular paychecks. You became the master of whatever the job you might have and probably moved up on an executive position. At least to level two. Soon after, you’ve got yourself a nice, big, fat bank loan and bought a nice cozy house for you and your family. Wife is happy, kids are running around chasing that damn dog that never wants to shut the fuck up, fish are swimming in the tank and all that time you feel like something is missing. You have a good thing going but you are sure you can do better. You just know it. It’s permeating you from the tip of the toe all the way up to the head.

You are right. You can do far better than that. It’s just that you are in a comfort zone. The magical situation of roughly 25 percent of all men. You love your chair and your cable TV. You love a cold beer in your fridge. Dog can be annoying from time to time but you cannot have everything, right? Wrong! Wrong on so many levels that you cannot even count them.

But let’s get back to the rest of the men; those 75 percent. Who are they? Well only 1 percent is banging hot asses all over the freaking world and making a shitload of money. The rest are hungry. So you might think that you are doing fine but in reality you are living on the edge of poverty and famine. All it takes is a sudden shift in the economy and your company is down. Thus, your comfort zone disappears and you will find yourself putting together a tent in some god forsaken piece of shit land to stop the rain falling in your can of cold beef.

Is this scenario possible? Just think of 2007 collapse and recall the images of the parking lots overwhelmed with tents.

Naahthat can’t happen to me. Ten thousand dollars says that those people on a lot were thinking the same.

The bottom line is this: You only think you are doing fine.

But how to do better? Well the solution requires ballz of steel and it is not for anybody. The author of this piece for example decided in favor of this controversial solution and changed his life 180°. And he had everything you have now.  

You have a job but don’t see the option to break through the crowd and get your ass on a Board of Directors? There is no way to get paid based on your results? No way to get the cut in a profit? Quit.

That’s the only way for you to move away from the comfort zone and get a boost in your ass to finally move and start kicking asses along the way. And don’t search for some other 9-5 with fixed salary accompanied with occasional bonuses because everything is in vain then.

You need to work for profit and not for salary. Let’s repeat that because it is the essence of the success hence; shitload of money: work for profit, not for salary. Get paid based on results.

Is it easy? No, it’s hard. Who said it would be easy? It’s the only way if you want to drive the brand new Bimmer and sail the world in your own freakin’ yacht.

When do you quit? When you prepare yourself. What does that mean? When you find your passion and make all necessary efforts to pursue it. That doesn’t mean to dream about it but to move your ass and push even more. Instead of sitting in a chair and watching TV, dig in on seminars, practice and books. Learn it. Master it. Then quit and see how real men do it.

What to expect? Bitching from your wife is inevitable. But she’ll come to her senses once she sees the cash flow. Ten hours per day? That the slow Sunday my friend. Forget about weekends, Sundays, vacations and everything else for the next five years minimum. Only then will your money start to work for you.  



About the author

Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.