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Written by Hope Stewart

Confidence is about believing in own self. The moment one thinks that he cannot do something, he outright becomes a failure. You don’t want to be a failure. You have to win.

However, winning is not that easy. People practice and prepare for years after years. They surpass their ability and grow a new mindset with new skills. Then, when the time comes, everybody doesn’t win. To be honest, most of them loose.

Then what is it that you need to win? It’s confidence. Only when you have faith in whatever you can do, you can achieve your goal, no matter how hard that may be to begin with.

Then again, confidence is a complex matter. It’s the only ideal key to your success, and it’s also the thing that can destroy everything that you’ve ever earned. Practicing confidence is truly a matter of hardship. One has to keep at it. I can state a lot of points on how you can achieve confidence.

I can easily say the things that will make you feel better. You can start exercise daily, eat healthy, and what not. However, the core of confidence is that it exists only and only when you believe yourself. Doing things that make you feel better contradict the core of confidence, and that is if you’re doing them, you don’t believe in yourself to begin with. Instead, I’m going to state what you have to believe in order to be confidence.

You’re likeable

Yes, you are. The core of you truly is the best you. You have to believe it. Some cologne should not be able to make you feel more attractive. Cologne only enhances your smell. It does nothing beyond that. Exercising everyday can have you fit. It does nothing beyond that too. Nobody is perfect, and neither are you. The more you hinder after achieving perfectionism, the more you will be stuck behind. Accept things as they come. Start embracing the present. It’s enjoyable. It’s gorgeous. And it’s wonderful.
Yes, start honoring yourself. You’re not a minor. You are one among them, aren’t you? Do you remember that time when you were memorizing current affairs before going to a get together of your family and cousins? I bet that you weren’t at all okay with it. You did it only because they’d like you to be good at it. They’d be talking to you about it and you thought that had to reply, didn’t you? I ask, ‘why?’. You were good in something too. Why didn’t you share the things that you were good at?

Others are not qualified enough to judge you

They aren’t. They will never be. You’re also not qualified enough to judge others.
Tell me, when is there a dispute? Dispute takes place when there are two, three, or more contradicting opinions. It’s never too uncommon for several people to have different opinions. You may think that white is a great choice to wear at night, as there’s a nice contrast. I, in turn, may think that black is better. It’s night, and it’s dark. There’s nothing better than wearing a gorgeous black in the pale moonlight. Should we start judging each other now? No, we just have different opinions, and it’s definitely not very uncommon.
People judge others and start way too hard to establish their point of view when they’re not in an agreement with it themselves. Yes, they doubt it to begin with, and that is why they try to establish it way too hard in order to gain some comfort themselves.

Practice never falls short

It does. You should never ever let things go, thinking that somehow you may overcome it. That’s being biased and overconfident. You should definitely avoid it.
Never ignore the facts. They are there for you. You can never pass algebra without knowing the square formula. You can’t, and you can’t overcome it as well. Learning, knowledge, and training makes a man perfect. Know your strengths, and then prepare for it as hard as you can. Your hardship will always be with you, even if you fail. They will assist you in your next fight. Have the courage to handle failure because they plant the root of your success step by step.

You’re ashamed of yourself at times

No, I’m not contradicting the fact that you’re likeable. But does smoking really help? It’s not about only smoking. Here, I’m talking about everything out there that you do, and then you feel ashamed that you did it to begin with. Tell me – is the pleasure strong enough to overcome the feel when you’re ashamed of yourself? It’s definitely not. They hurt your pride. When your pride is hurt, your confidence decreases. Stay away from them.

It’s never too late. Start recognizing tings, no matter how they turn out to be and live your life. It’s much better this way. Accept who you are. It’s your life.

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