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Written by Hope Stewart

‘Be confident’ – this one sentence can be rated as the most frequently used advice in the whole world.

However, most of us still lack the core idea. ‘I know that I have the preparation that it needs, but, I’m not sure how else I can be more confident’ – and thus, this is the more common answer. To be straight forward, in one line, confidence is only about being yourself and believing in it.

It may be a complex matter as this, one term, is the only ideal key to your success; on the other hand, this very thing can also destroy whatever you’ve ever earned. However, you can easily attain the optimum level of self-confidence by following some simple steps. I’ll tell you one thing before stating these steps – you do need to practice in order to adopt all of them.

Have faith in yourself

Yes, this is the first rule. Confidence is about self-belief. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will never be confident, and thus, you’ll never achieve success. When you have doubt in yourself, you start taking things differently. You stop being yourself. You let others judge you, and soon, they start controlling you. You dress as they’d like you to dress, you eat as they’d like you to eat, and all that. You’re not free anymore. You live in a world, where you have no power over yourself. You become a doll controlled by a master in a 2 dime puppet show.

Don’t do that. Have faith in yourself. Others have done it before, and so, you can do it too. Nothing makes you different. Believe what you think is right and move on.

Disconnect yourself from others’ mind

Most of time, when we’re out there, we care way too much about what others think. We live in fear of banishment. Ask yourself this – why? Why would you be banished? You’re one among them too. You had the quality to be among them, just as they did to be with you. All of you are equal. You have no reason to feel like an inferior.

Disconnect yourself from others’ mind

Stop aiming for perfectionism. Let me tell you one thing – nobody is perfect. You can never be perfect. What you can be is yourself, and that’s the best you.
Start living in the present. Embrace the good moment. Yes, it’s that good. The moment you accept yourself as you are, you believe in what you are, you stop caring what others think about you, you become confident.

Over-estimate yourself to a point

Yes, I know about Dunning-Kruger effect, and it’s dangerous. You should never give into that. However, when you over-estimate yourself to a point, it really helps.
Start by identifying your strengths. Know what you’re good at. This is a diverse world, and everybody being versatile makes the world what it is today. We all are good at something. Figure out what you have. Don’t take into account what others think what you should be doing (artdubai), and what you should be good at. They don’t know you. You and only you know yourself.

Now adopt what you’re good at to an extreme. Practice it day and night. Be very good at it. You’ll see that you’re gaining confidence in every level gradually.
Now overestimate yourself to a point. Think ahead. However, don’t get carried away.

When you become the master, start acting like one

Yes, believe in your skills. You’ve earned them yourself. You’ve worked hard for them.
Be bold with them. Be assertive, you know what you’re doing. Don’t apologize. You know that you’re right. Look them in the eye, and say what you think. Share your opinions. However, do keep the facts in your mind.
The world is your playground. Life is a set of rules to you now that you built. Go on, and ace it.

Avoid arrogance

Don’t be a wishy-washy. The ones, who always exaggerate themselves, have doubt in mind. Don’t bear that. The ones, who know what it takes, will never patronize someone. They don’t believe in insulting someone.
Finally, be as much content with yourself as possible. Aim for big things, but at the same time, only by being satisfied with what you have, you can believe that you can achieve your goal. Just go on and do that.

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Hope Stewart