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Ammon Bundy’s Arrest Prevented Large Scale Insurrection

Written by Igor K

Ammon Bundy, the leader of the ad hoc assembled Oregon’s militia-type protesters almost got killed during the short and intensive shootout with Federal Agents. In the aftermath, Ammon Bundy has been arrested, along with his brother Ryan and 6 more people, while LaVoy Finicum ended up dead.

But this is not the outcome of the latest protests in Oregon, where Ammon Bundy and his militia motley crew occupied the federal building in Harney County to support the arsonist Dwight Hammond and his son Steven, who were sentenced to jail for lighting public land on fire.

Why exactly did Ammon Bundy got arrested?

This is the outcome of Ammon Bundy’s father, Cliven, relentless pursue of his private interests in Nevada. It’s Cliven Bundy who should re-think his policy because his actions have almost led to tragic outcome where he could lose both of his sons.

Using God and/or religious quotes and trying to start the revolution for your own private interests and agendas is nothing new and it’s been happening all around the world.

You have one guy, who’ll use deterrence in an attempt to avoid paying the fees for grazing his cattle (in this case) and then you have dumb motherfuckers with no brain who will follow him for God knows what reason.

Now, you can understand the motives of Cliven Bundy, Dwight Hammond and subsequently their sons. They were trying to cut on their costs by abusing the federal land, working in the best interests of their respective families. All the others ranchers are paying the fees, but these two families have decided to exploit the naïve and use them for their private interests.

The “naïve” in this case are the 2nd-tiers or the blind followers of false prophecy. It’s them who end up fucked mostly. Ask any low ranking member of Oath Keepers, Ammon’s militia or any other right-winged grassroot follower what is the cause they are fighting for and you’ll get the parrot type answer.  

In reality, they know shit about what’s happening and why are they following the central person; in this case, Cliven Bundy. It’s reasonable to think that militias rounding up behind Bundy senior are following the orders of their leaders who are mostly likely getting rewarded for their participation.

Because, at the end, it all comes down to money and power.   

Of course, Ammon Bundy was growing up watching his father using every mean necessary to avoid paying federal fees and it’s not surprising that he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Once fully grown, Ammon was set to use the very same principles his father is using because it was clear that it worked for his daddy.

Yeah, Cliven Bundy got his cattle back to the federal land at the end of 2015, following the years of conflicts with US government agencies and recent lawsuit for $1M in damages for illegal grazing of his cattle. And he’s still refusing to pay any fees.

Only in America and some Middle East countries

The funny fact from one of those “conflicts” is when Cliven Bundy “ordered” the county sheriff to disarm the federal agents and, watch this, to deliver the weapons to him (Cliven) within one hour. Talking about the arrogance, right?

But even better is Cliven’s explanation of these ridiculous demands. He describes them as the “revelation” or the words God has spoken to him. It’s simply unbelievable to what extent will people such as Bundy use the Bible, religion of any kind and God. It appears that it wasn’t the Bundy’s demand at all. It was the Lord Almighty who requested the federal agents to give up their weapons and deliver it to, what seems to be, the God’s personal envoy, Cliven Bundy. Apparently, God has something against the US constitution and federal government.

Interesting, isn’t it?

So, if divine power is behind the Bundy and his followers, why would they strategize to use women as the shield? According to former Arizona sheriff, Richard Mack, who was with the protestants at April 12 standoff, they were thinking about putting all the women up front so if federal agents start shooting, TV networks would broadcast the fallen bodies of innocent women.

It’s ridiculous that there are men who will even discuss this type of bullshit let alone approve it. What’s in the heads of these blind followers, nobody knows. Not brain, that’s for sure.

The sum of these events led to most recent shootout where Finicum got fatally wounded and Bundy brothers arrested. 

But is Ammon Bundy behind the Oregon siege of the federal building?

Not for the moment. We are seeing this all over the place. You have a strong father figure who will misuse his own sons for his own deviant agendas. It’s like having an empire and making the strategical moves, using the closest members of royal family as envoys or executives. That’s why Ammon Bundy found himself in the middle of that mess in Oregon.

Because, don’t forget that Cliven Bundy met the Hammonds just days before Ammon decided to roundup his ad hoc militia and seize the Refuge building. At November 15, the two have met. Bundy and Hammond were most likely discussing their options to put the entire country on fire.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see who’s behind the whole deal. Father Cliven simply dispatched his sons to Harney County and instructed them what to do. It’s highly unlikely that Ammon and Ryan have decided to provide this type of support to someone on their own. Why would they do that?

But if you consider their family’s interest, you can see the logic behind their decision go follow their father’s orders.

So what’s behind the entire show that led to Ammon Bundy’s arrest?

If you analyze the events surrounding Cliven Bundy and his illegal use of public land, you come to realize that Cliven saw the opportunity to spread his private revolution outside the Nevada.

He has spent years fighting the government agencies and claimed multiple victories just because he gambled with the Waco incident and relied on reluctance of federal institutions to engage in yet another open armed conflict with civilians(?).

By the global rules of engagement (Geneva Convention), any armed person is considered as the combat unit and not civilian and therefore he or she presents an eligible target in military or law enforcement action involving the use of live ammunition.

In other words, if you’re carrying any kind of weapon, during the immediate action of law enforcement or military personnel, you are not civilian. You are in fact and armed combat unit or the enemy. They have every right to eliminate you since you pose a serious threat.

So think twice before you decide to pick up the assault rifle and defend someone’s private interests. Because, it is just that – someone’s private interests.

Cliven’s approach is the old school

Use God and yell about “constitutional rights” and government’s attempt to revoke, limit or abuse some rights in any way and you’ll gather the first group of dozen low IQ’s armed with assault rifles, ready to open fire on command.

Then you disguise everything with the “one man’s mission to stand his ground against the corrupted government” and you have your own little revolution. It can work in US and some Middle East countries but it would end in less than 24 hours in EU. Even if it means to shoot ‘em all down, one by one. But then again, Europeans are not known for these types of behaviors because they are well aware of the potential consequences (read: Third Reich.)

And then you just keep adding the kerosene on fire. More people are joining you, your influence is increasing and you’re becoming the leader.

But it’s not that easy to fight against the federal government.

That’s what connected Cliven Bundy and Dwight Hammond.

Cliven Bundy decided to use Dwight Hammond in an attempt to export his own private revolution.

Because, you have to understand that behind all that preaching about constitutional rights, God and who knows what else, stands only the private interest of one man (Cliven Bundy) who wants to make money in illegal way. That’s the bottom line of everything.

It’s just an attempt to secure his own position by trying to light yet another fire in another state in hope that flame will get the desired momentum. If he would succeed, then his own private interests would become better protected. He would be able to roundup even more followers, all armed and ready to die, bringing the entire shit to another level.

If Feds haven’t decided in favor of quick action against Ammon Bundy, Oregon incident would have the potential to spread even wider and ignite the fire all over the States.

Luckily, someone is thinking shit up in FBI. They saw the danger of potential outbreak and decided that it was a goddamn time to take the action.

Without Oregon’s right-winged extremists, Cliven Bundy’s local revolution would start to decompose

What do you need for a successful revolution?

It’s that “second guy.” In this case, we are talking about Hammond. If he would join Bundy, then you have what is known the recipe for the revolution. Only you have to think about Bundy and his local followers as one entity.

Bundy is well educated in a matter of revolutions and false prophecies, there’s no doubt in that. He knows that Hammond and his motley crew of armed militia members are that “second guy.” If he could somehow manage to exploit that situation, there’s a good chance that his false prophecy would spread.

But there was a problem: Hammond and his son already decided that they will do their time!

Bundy has two sons, Ammon and Ryan, willing to execute any of his orders. What he now needs is yet another group of grassroot followers in Oregon. That’s how and why Ammon and Ryan Bundy ended up in Harvey County and now in jail.

Which leads us to one critical problem mankind is facing, even in these modern days.

As long as there are uneducated and isolated men, we’ll have false prophets, armed groups of followers and real threat hanging above our heads!

You take the young man and isolate him from any kind of outside information. Then you start bombarding his brain with any type of message, using some sort of deterrence. The key factor is fear. You have to trigger the first stage of fight-or-flight response in one’s brain in order to do it right.

That’s why Middle East terrorist groups are starting this process at very young boys. It’s easier. That’s why right-winged extremist groups are indoctrinating their youth from the Day 1 of their lives.

But you can do the same with fully grown man after you “inject” him with the fear. It’s the reason why perp instinctively wants to come clean about the felony while being interrogated by the detectives. He or she has to fight it. Molest the perp for 2 days and revoke food and drink and he’ll come clean about lighting the match in the school 10 years ago.

Brain sees no reason for any further exposure to unpleasant feeling and blocks the norepinephrine secretion that was used to prevent the nesting of information that doesn’t correlate with the central belief system of the person. Once secretion is stopped, left hemisphere becomes fully exposed. It’s the process known as “Brain washing.”

But there’s a catch.

To do it fast, you need a person with narrow-minded potential. That can be anyone who is poorly educated or unsatisfied with his position in the society. It’s exactly the same thing Hitler used in 30’s of the last century. And when you think about the current state of our society, it’s not that difficult to find this type. The majority is unsatisfied and waits for some sort of miracle or powerful figure to identify with.

It can only be solved through education and absolute access to different types of information. And it should be every country’s primary agenda because it leads to open-mindedness. You simply can’t fool the open-minded person.

Solve that problem, and extremism of any kind is the thing of the past.

What could be the potential aftermath of this whole mess with Bundies and Hammonds?

If US government plays its cards well, Cliven’s personal revolution and rebellion against the rules of engagement when it comes to use of federal land might come to an end. If they do it right, it may easily mark the end of armed groups of men with the average IQ of the cold room temperature.

As for the Ammon and Ryan Bundy, they have survived the shootout but are now facing some serious time in jail because government will use this. If for nothing else then to take revenge. Ammon and Ryan Bundy are facing years behind the bars.

The message is simple: don’t buy some crap and blindly follow it. Educate yourself to see the reason behind the crap. There’s always the hidden ‘Why’. Remember that.

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