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Sarah Palin Abused PTSD in Most Deviant Way to Justify Her Son’s Recent Arrest

Sarah Palin blame PSTD for her sons arrest.
Written by Igor K

When you are coming from the country where war of independence has raged for almost 5 years, against the far superior enemy, you know what PTSD is. Sarah Palin abused this difficult condition in a most deviant and corrupted way – for her own personal agendas while pitching Trump to the crowd in Tulsa, few days ago. The new low I’ve seen in last couple of weeks from politically active individuals.  

You just can’t use the PTSD get out of jail free card for some random, classical domestic violence case where you kick the shit out of your girlfriend.

Her son Track Palin did just that. Kicked her few times and then pulled out the AR-15 assault rifle.

What the fuck does that has to do with PTSD Mrs. Palin? Because he spend time in war and has assault rifle hidden in his closet?

Why would anyone hold AR-15 in his home? Bear hunt? What’s the excuse for that? Pissed off Iraqis might sneak up behind the house or deploy direct attack from the lakeside?

If you are a responsible parent, worried about your child’s well-being, why would you allow your PTSD-troubled son to have an access to an assault rifle? If you’re that concerned about his condition, and we all know what PTSD really is, doesn’t that scare you a bit? He might open fire in the middle of the night and kill everybody inside. It happens all the time, all over the world.  

Because, when guy is suffering from PTSD, caused by the combat engagement, assault rifle is the last thing you want him to lay his hands on when in his trip.

When in that state of mind, everybody may seem as the enemy! I had to pretend that we are in the middle of the engagement to calm down my best man who suffers from that menace after spending 5 years in combat. He would dress up, got out and chased the enemies around the block.

Did PTSD cause young Palin to attack his girlfriend?

Track Palin had a few, got into the fight with his girlfriend, testosterone kicked in along with some adrenaline (because we all know how woman is perfectly capable of extracting the worst from the man) and fist flew through the air right in her face. That was all to it. Yet another fight with the woman that got out of hands.

Do we automatically blame war for that shit Mrs. Sarah Palin?

No goddammit. We blame the guy who did it because he lost control and deployed an aggravated assault against the far inferior human being – a woman.

Yes guy has spent a year in Iraq but that doesn’t mean that he’s suffering from PTSD. Hell, I know for a fact that you can spend 2 and more years, fighting in the worst possible conditions, without heavy logistic support, and get back to your normal routine the day after.

Only a handful suffers the severe psychological consequences of battlefield exposure.

Most of the guys simple move on with their lives and in most cases turn out to be successful in whatever they do. War hardens men.

But those who are suffering from PTSD simply cannot use that condition to justify the random act of violence during the drunken argument with the woman. That’s just playing stupid, nothing more.

Responsible man, who’s diagnosed with PTSD, understands that he can snap in any given moment so first thing he does is removing any kind of firearm – assault rifles in particular.

Now, it’s understandable for a political active individual that he or she will use every mean necessary to clear the name some family member trashed. Track’s timing couldn’t be worse. News arrived only hours before his mother’s appearance and endorsement speech at the rally. But it’s about goddamn time that politicians such as Sarah Palin stop thinking that we are all bunch of idiots who are buying every single piece of crap she and alikes are trying to sell us.

Message to Mrs. Sarah Palin and every other politician worldwide:

From the people, by the people, for the people!

That’s the core principle of democracy. And it seems that none of you respect this.

Message to all men

Do not try to justify the random act of violence with some condition or ailment. If you know that you’re suffering from such a condition, sign in for a treatment and see it through.

That’s what responsible men do – with or without PTSD.

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Igor K

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