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When Sexy Doctor Anjali Ramkissoon Goes Ballistic

It was amazing watching what 5-foot, 50-pound hot petite woman (that’s short, extremely light-weight and sexy in Europe) better known as Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon is capable of doing when she lose her mind.

Petite MD, fourth-year neurology resident in one of the US most prestigious hospitals, Anjali Ramkissoon, had her night all right. My God how canDr. Anjali Ramkissoon such a tiny woman, a woman you could pick up and sex her up for 20 minutes without her even touching any surface, do such damage?

We just have to see that video of this tiny petite, kickin’ ass of the Uber’s driver once more.

Yeah, she does look sexy. There’s something extremely hot about woman when she goes mad. OK, my wife is reading this and I don’t wanna sleep outside.

But have you seen the guy? Did you notice that obvious fear on his face and how he’s looking in all directions, cryin’ “Call 911, call 911”? My God wotta wuss. It was like he got attacked by 7-foot, 240-pound gang member and his two Rottweilers.

It’s simply beyond me that 5-foot girl could put so much fear into him.

If he was a man, as he’s supposed to be, that tiny petite would be apprehended in less than 2 seconds and kept still until she calms down or cops arrive. None of this would go on the air, nobody would recognize her, they would settle (as they did) and she would get back to her life.

It happens goddammit. We all lose control from time to time especially when life keeps throwing shit at us. And now her entire career is in stake for one drunken incident we’ve all been involved in at least once in our lifetime.

Instead, he engaged in, what can only be described as, the classic chick fight.

And then there was that move that embarrassed all the men around the world, when he decided to show some ultimate manpower. Let’s see that, in few frames.

I must say, I felt sorry for the girl. That’s just not the way to treat the lady, no matter how ballistic she may be. How the hell he failed to control someone light as that? For God’s sake, we are carrying more weight when we’re getting home from the shopping with our wives. Pussy…

But this is nothing compared to what happened once crowd found out that the woman on a footage is MD.

 Anjali Ramkissoon goes ballistic – And start outbreak of hypocrisy, cynicism and pathological behavior

Nothing pisses me more than when I read comments on social networks posted under the alias. I say, enough of anonymity. Hiding behind some pseudo and trashing, insulting and calling for, what could only be described as, serious physical abuse of the woman who had few more than she should, is just the way of the pussy!

Look at some of this “manly” responds. If there’s any justice in this world, they will experience this “appropriate punishment” they are advocating.

How about that. I don’t think there’s a word for this kind of people.

But it gets better.

Well pussies, I really do pray to God that you run into few gay gang members with an attitude. Honestly.

I can bet that each and every of these “righteous” “regulators” had done far worse things than Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon. Where’s the end of the cynicism and hypocrisy in this society? I mean seriously, is there anyone in this world who is OK with this bullshit people are saying over the networks?

Put down your real name and address (shake hands and look me in the eyes like in the old days) and then try to talk like this you pussies. Something has to be done about that because it is unbelievable how internet anonymity is getting abused and how people must go through hell and back just because some fuck with no ballz decided to relief himself this way.

In reality, we are talking about men who are smaller than seed when in outside — the real — world. Silent and humble, probably jerkin a lot on some abusive (forced type) porns and shit like that.

How about you grow some goddamn ballz and start acting like men. You’ll see how life can be great when you act like a normal human being and when you relieve the pressure in classical 101.

Sorry, got carried away here. What I’m trying to say is this: hypocrisy and cynicism is expected from women, not from men! Let’s join our forces and put an end to this kind of malicious woman-like behavior we are seeing at men. It’s been killing this species.


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