How to Compensate Small D… Issue and Drive Her Crazy Every Time

small dick
Written by Stephan Moreau

Size does matter and we all know that. Every woman will start drooling when she spots the giant in a guy’s pants. While it’s not the critical argument for her long lasting devotion to the guy, it is something on her mind every time she’ having a hard time “to feel it.”

If you are around average or under it, you have to put additional effort to compensate. Again, women are simple and it’s not that hard to do this. After all, she did pick you among everybody else, but that doesn’t change the fact that she has to “feel it.”

Stop jerking off for a while and focus on her lovely ass

You’re not 20 anymore. It does take more to fill it up with blood and everything. So to be able to get it up the moment you see her ass, refrain from porn and long showers.

Isn’t it better to have sex than to jerk off?

Don’t be afraid to use Viagra and Redbull

Small dickBoth will do the same: it will be much harder and enhance in size. This is the neat trick to compensate because she will consider the fact that your dick is somehow bigger and harder to be connected with her and not the pill per se.

The harder it is, more excited she is.

You already noticed how she “feels” it each time you’re having sex. She’s doing that to check the level of your excitement. And if it’s soft, she would rather bust the dust from the shelf than having sex with you.

It is critical to have a hard dick every time you have sex. If you can’t get it in that state, give it up. It will save you nerves and time you’ll have to spend persuading her that you still love her and still enjoy having sex with her.

Master the tongue techniques

It’s not that big, but I do wonders with my tongue. Ladies appreciate that more than anything. Keep in mind that 80% of women will not come without oral sex. In some cases, it’s all she basically needs.

But if you are the master of it, you’ll wake the beast each time you lead her to long lasting and explosive orgasms with your tongue. The size of your dick will wage none of the importance.

It is connected with the following thought.

Wipe her pussy to enhance the friction

She will do it, but you have to prepare something to do it right in her reach. You drooled too much and she got too wet also from the strong orgasm. That’s something you need to fix before you bend her over and fuck her brains out.

Wipe it and dry it as much as you can for her to feel you better.

Don’t stick too many fingers in it also

Instead, use just a single finger and don’t widen the hole with it. Push it in, pull the tip back until you feel the bone and slowly massage that place. Always remember that each time you change something while you’re down on her, you will reset her and she will have to start from the beginning.

Lose weight

Combination of small dick and large belly will get you nowhere. Neither will do something good for her. Lose that belly and you’ll see the difference since you’ll shed that “upper pussy” you have right above your dick.

If she is fat you screwed

You will have to use a fucking retractor to spread her butt cheeks enough for her to feel you. Either persuade her to lose weight or find someone who is thinner. Once you explain it, she will drop weight, make no mistake about it.

Stay the fuck away from condoms with lubricants

Read the goddamn sticker. You don’t have to lubricate shit. You have to dry it out.

Most importantly:

Improve your bank account balance

Money turns them on. It’s a basic instinct for money provides and protects and she’s well aware of that. Having a shit load of money on your bank account will make your dick XXXL size in her eyes. Because in many ways the size of your bank account is the size of your biceps and your dick.


You see now? Small dick is not an issue at all if you know how to compensate. Add love to the equation and she will not exchange you for some young stud with giant dick. You will rule her world, no question about it.

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