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3 Most Ridiculous New Year’s Resolutions that You Should Never Make

Written by Steven Hawk

If you do find something profoundly important in a first day of the next year, then you should at least think twice before making some stupid and irrelevant resolution. We’ll dissect the 3 most common and explain how they should sound to be efficient and not some useless bullshit.

Now you may not agree with me and to be quite honest, I don’t give a fuck, but I do suggest that you at least scan the following content. Who knows, maybe it will direct you in something more fertile once you free your mind from useless crap.

Here we go.

#1 – My new year´s resolution for the New Year: I will not drink alcohol

What kind of stupid resolution is this? Isn’t there something more efficient than this shit? Why not having a beer, a glass of fine wine and a shot of great bourbon from time to time?

Because, if you cannot refrain yourself from drinking the entire bottle in less than an hour or you simply cannot watch the bottle of wine without having at least a glass, you have a serious problem and I highly doubt that New Year’s resolution will solve it.

Go to rehab if you’re that weak.

Focus your mind on something more fertile if you’re thinking about the alcohol. Start brewing the ale, which is freakin’ simple, and make the business out of it.

#2 – In the New Year, I will save more money

On the first glance, there’s nothing wrong with this resolution, right?

Well, there’s a lot of wrong in it.

First of all, money is designed to be spent, not saved or preserved in any way. It’s the basic purpose of the money. The problem is how we spend it.

And when you say: “save the money”, you automatically think about the drawer, sock or some lame savings account. You trigger the frugality and that’s not always a good thing. Shit, it’s never the good thing.

The way to think about the money is:


So, try to change the basic concept of the resolution. Erase the word “save” and use the word “make” and you’ll see what will happen.

Let me give you a hint.

Instead of busting your balls with cuts, you’ll focus your mind on opportunities. This simple transition will allow you to learn what to do with the money you’ve earned in order to make more with it. You won’t become a cheapskate but the man with the vision; the man with the desire and urge to learn more in order to make more.

What happens in the aftermath of this approach?

You’re saving far more because you’re not saving at all. You’re investing and there’s a big difference. It’s all in your head. Just change the perception by using the right word.

#3 – In the New Year, I will become more humble and meek

When we’re talking about the bullshit, this one takes the top 3 places. How the fuck can a man become meek and humble? That’s the totally opposite from the original design and purpose of every man on this planet.

Get this into your head: we are fighters and warriors. We are protectors and providers. How the fuck can you do any of these if you’re humble and meek?

What on earth is wrong with the people these days?

The correct resolution is:

In the New Year, I will become a ruthless motherfucker who aims higher than anybody else. I will have bigger Ballz than everyone else.

Of course, being a ruthless motherfucker doesn’t mean that you’ll transform in some kind of selfish prick. Don’t forget that we all depend on mutual collaboration and sharing. You just won’t take shit from no one, that’s all. And you’ll do whatever it takes to break the limits and put your life on a certain growth trajectory path!


So my fellow men, have a drink from time to time, learn how to make more money and stop compromising by settling for less. It’s time to become one ruthless motherfucker!

Happy New Year guys!


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