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TRUMP WON. This is what happens next.

Written by Igor K

You can say what you want about Donald Trump, but you can’t disregard the fact that the man is a definition of success and a proven leader. He’s been up, then slammed his dick on the ground, plunging steeply into the abyss of debt, just to rise higher than ever before.

And now, despite all who doubted him, he became 45th President of the United States of America. 44th person to rule America, and the better part of the world for that matter.

If that’s not the definition of success, then what is?

Thing, nobody realized about the result of the presidential race!

For the longest time, the American people have been perceived as the nation that is easily influenced by Instagram stars. To be quite honest, there were moments during the campaign, when it seemed that those Hollywood crybabies would influence the opinion of many.

Yet, despite everything, the working class — men in particular — has seized the power back. They managed to pull something that’s been considered as impossible. Nobody believed that Donald Trump stands any real chances against the known and deeply rooted political establishment.

American men have demonstrated their power of influence.

Men, who are not afraid to employ raw power to bring food on the table. Men, who just don’t give a fuck about the opinion of some spoiled movie or rock star.

Men, who just want America to be great again. Because, no matter what people believe, America is far from being great. And this is why:

The State of the Union

America, a giant with immense potential that hasn’t been exploited properly, is a divided and weakened country, desperate for a strong and, most importantly, different leadership.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the nation had finally spoken. Majority grew sick and tired of the old-school politicians who were just too busy with international affairs to look in their own backyard and see what’s been happening.

People — including those who voted for Hillary Clinton — clearly showed that they want something else.

The question is: does Donald Trump have what it takes to pull that off?


To unite the nation, one has to…

Do what only a few have done successfully.

Even to the outside people, the situation in US appears awkward and unnatural to say the least. Government after government seemed to be more concerned about what’s happening outside US than to be dealing with the inner issues.

Years of negligence of the American people led to severe diversification among the population. People were worried about the future. Jobless claims were breaking all the records since companies were laying off long-time workers like on a conveyor belt.

It wasn’t long before people started turning against each other, relying on the every-man-for-himself doctrine. Fear was crawling into the very bones of the nation.

Weakening America, one company at the time

That fear was justified due to one significant change in the US economy: all the major US companies started moving the critical parts of their businesses outside the US soil. It was those parts that employed most of the American workforce.

From the perspective of pure business, that’s a good decision because it cuts in taxes. Money has little to do with patriotism or borders. And knowing that we are talking about billions in revenues, it’s easy to understand that trend.

However, that move had a devastating effect on the American people.

We’ve partially witnessed the consequences in 2008/09 crisis when the greatest number of working, middle-class people was forced to leave their overpaid estates and set tents on parking lots. It took longer than expected for the US economy to pull up and help their residents through these hard times.

But, that was a short-lasting effect since the “revival” was in fact one giant artificial bubble.

Patching the falling balloon with scotch tape

Disaster on the US markets triggered the Domino effect once again and the entire world has suffered the consequences. To avoid 1929 for happening all over again, FED and other major central banks intervened with the simplest method: “print” and pump money into retail banks and pray to God that the real sector will restart itself.

It didn’t. At least not to the desired and needed level.

Quick reaction of the governments and central banks across the world, that’s been marketed as a successful demonstration of power of the monetary sector, only created an illusion of recovery. Nobody bothered to look under the carpet and deal with the real problems. Everyone was just interested in seeing the rise of numerous new and few remaining old tickers on NYSE.

The number of tech startups, that, in reality wasn’t producing anything tangible, was rapidly rising. They became the new stars after the fall of many known giants and monetary strongholds like Enron and Lehman Brothers.

These new entities were thirsty for money. And that was exactly what monetary sector needed because banks simply had to find the way to push all that new money back into the system.

However, these new tech startups do not employ people in large numbers, which left the underlying problem largely unsolved.

Even today, years after, unemployment rate, in one of the most advanced and richest countries of the world, is severe and completely unjustified.

Donald Trump, a long-term successful entrepreneur, and total political outsider, seems determined to fix what’s been broken, using one of the oldest models in the book:

To unite the nation, you only need to make them all work together for the greater good.

Something similar to what President Roosevelt did in the aftermath of the Great Depression, only Roosevelt didn’t spend as much as he should’ve spent.

But it doesn’t diminish the fact that by copying parts of the original Swedish recipe from the times before WWII, one can indeed boost the economy and build the necessary momentum for the stable future growth.

The simple, yet brutally effective revival method

For instance, in Europe, after the WWII, 80% of the entire continent were in ruins. It took decades to rebuild everything and it all started with the joint hands and muscles of men and women. No heavy machinery. No big budgets. Just a plan, the will, the sweat, two hot meals a day and someone with the guitar to boost the patriotic emotions.

America needs exactly that right now because differences are simply overwhelming. The fact that in US, a family of four is surviving on $4,500 a month, tells everything.

It’s clear that situation has to change and as much as it is important for the US residents, it’s also vital for the rest of the world because, whether we like to admit it or not, the entire human population does depend on the US economic strength. We’ve developed a habit over the course of time and cannot change it in one night.

For the world to become a better place, America simply must be revived.

And if there is anyone capable of doing that, in reviving the fallen Phoenix, that’s definitely someone who knows his way around the big business.

Let’s not forget that the net worth of Trump’s business alone is at least few-fold bigger than the budgets of most world’s economies. Man can issue a check and repay the entire debt of an average European country and still be left with enough to fire up the jet and have a pizza in Napoli.

What about foreign policy? Any signs of easy fingers on the trigger?

People outside US are worried that Trump, being a president and the commander of the US Military, has now too much power in his hands. They perceive him as someone easy on the trigger. Someone, who will not waste much time on words, but take a decisive action every time someone confronts him or disobeys his will. And that decisive action implies waving with the ultimate weapon of deterrence – the American nuclear arsenal.

That’s highly unlikely and in total opposition to what Donald Trump truly is.

As a serious businessman, Trump is a negotiator. It’s the only way to reach the level of success Trump has reached. You don’t get there by threatening potential business partners and allies. You get there through buy/sell method, where you keep the sensitive balance between what you are giving away and what you are receiving in return. That’s how you build the international, or any other kind of business for that matter.

But there is something else that excludes the possibility of some soon-to-happen total war and complete self-annihilation of humanity.

Now that he’s been given the keys of US, Trump observes the wounded and troubled country as the poorly managed company he acquired on a hunch because he saw potential when no one has seen it.

That way of reasoning is simply in his blood. He’s not a politician. He is a man with the highly developed business mind.

Therefore, we can expect that he’ll deploy the basic strategy, used in building the foundations of the startup. It’s a vital and necessary part of the process that eventually gives birth to a mega successful company.

We are talking about hard work on the site before reaching out. The entire nation unified and gathered around the same agenda.

And for those efforts to show any positive effect, America needs partners more than it needs enemies because you can’t build the business without connections.

Trump’s victory speech has already given us the clue in which direction he tends to move from the moment he takes over the presidency. He’s on the path of building partnerships and using healthy business principles to revive the American economy.

Wars, that US waged through last few decades, did, in fact, helped boosting the economy. We can even say that it was one of the biggest assets used as a drive.

But, war costs money and makes widows.

After decades of constant war engagement, ever since the WWII and particularly after the adoption of the Kissinger’s Bible, America is exhausted. No matter how great that force is, it cannot sustain this long-term activity across the globe.

It’s time to consolidate.

And that’s what Donald Trump will do. Eventually, he’ll pull out from active engagements.

Unlike politicians, he’s aware of the loss in the Middle East and he is ready to accept it. It’s just another business that went down after generously providing for such a long time.

Businessman of his caliber knows when to pull out from the game. Politicians don’t. They are driven by the principles and fear from losing the support back home. If they lose support, they are history and that means far less money on their bank accounts – just another thing people don’t have to worry about with Trump in the presidential chair.

The future of Middle East

Current engagement of US Forces in Syria was a mistake and Trump will look for the ways to pull out from that region as soon as possible. Particularly because Russian, Iraqi and Turkish forces are more than enough to deal with ISIL.

No matter how you look at things, it’s simply pointless to keep the forces in Syria since Russia has already overtaken the remnants of the long-term US presence and influence. Exhausted and devastated countries, with whatever the oil reserves they have, shouldn’t be the primary focus of US interests anymore.

In reality, there’s no need for continuous loss of American lives.

Kissinger’s Bible, so blindly followed by previous US governments, according to which a disobeying government should be overthrown by any means necessary, doesn’t really apply in this new world. It was still in use only because the political establishment in US didn’t know what else to do. They were indoctrinated to run their affairs in that manner. It became a habit.

Donald Trump is not a part of that establishment.

Instead of fighting for dry desert with a few drops of oil, Trump will turn his attention to business affairs and invest additional efforts to secure American interests in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Further military engagement will be reduced to occasional hunting parties on ISIL-controlled ground. Once that menace ceases to exist, guns will go silent. Things will finally settle. Hopefully.

The bottom line

America now has a unique chance to rebuild itself under the leadership of someone who’s not yet another professional politician ready to suck dicks for another mandate.

It’s a rare opportunity, that almost never happens.

Will US seize it and make the best out of it, we have yet to see. For now, let’s just hope that everything will work out in everyone’s best interests.

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Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.