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Immigration – The End of European Culture?

Written by Igor K

Predictions, based on numerous analyses of recent events in Europe are ominous. What will be the outcome of this latest immigration trend we are seeing in Europe? Should Europe continue accepting refugees and immigrants from conflicting and hostile cultures? Are European women and men in danger? Will this be the end of native Europeans?

These are the questions everybody is asking lately. The questions, that are left unanswered because it is not politically correct to discuss them.

Unlike the others, we are not shying away from serious issues. What’s been happening in Europe lately, will almost certainly have drastic and irreversible consequences for the Europeans and their culture of living.

There is also an extremely high chance that the chain of events, triggered by the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants and refugees, will most certainly lead to the extinction of the native residents of the European continent.

And it has nothing to do with terrorism.

Fractal: a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale.

In 1999, NATO launched the operation “Allied Force” against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (the short-lasting remnant of the former much larger SFRY), with the Belgrade, capital of Serbia, being one of the most significant targets of the bombing that lasted for exactly 78 days.

It was the response to alleged monstrosities and genocide committed by the Serb forces in Kosovo during the open war between Serbs and Albanians.

That war had its clear reason: Albanians, that all of the sudden became the majority in that small region in southeast Serbia (located in the Southeast of Europe), demanded independence from Serbia. Serbs simply didn’t want to hear about it.

They didn’t want to hear about it because, for centuries, Serbs were the majority in Kosovo. Until most recently, when Albanian population literally exploded.

It happened for the same reason it will happen to the rest of Europe – serious disproportion between the number of newborns on each side. While Serb families were having 1-2 children on average, Albanian families were having between 5 and even 7 children. Just one single generation managed to change the demographic map in Kosovo. The shift occurred in less than 18 years!

That sudden change in demographics, and the obvious conflict of interests between two largely different cultures triggered the bloody war.

We are not trying to stigmatize anyone, but…

What is happening in Europe lately, shares much of resemblance to the situation in Kosovo and open conflict between Serbs and Albanians.

The demographic that is arriving in Europe from the Middle East and parts of Asia and Africa has entirely opposite standpoints about the culture of living than native Europeans have.

One only needs to apply Chaos theory to end up with the ominous prediction of the future of Europe.

Or, if you are not comfortable with deterministic chaos, observe War in Kosovo as a fractal – a small fragment of a much larger system that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale.


It’s always ungrateful to label people or to stigmatize the entire cultures based on their central beliefs, basic differences and deeds of small radical groups. However, we cannot disregard the overwhelming impact of such a large number of people that comes from an entirely different culture.

Besides a relatively small number of modern families among Syrian refugees, most of which were residents of large, urban areas such as Damascus and Aleppo, the rest of the people seeking asylum and prosperous future in Europe have a backward way of rationalization of certain values and virtues, at least according to the European standards.

This leads to an inevitable clash of the cultures because illegal immigrants and refugees are arriving in large numbers while staying concentrated in the same places. Entire communities are gathered in the same small space.

That situation leaves no room for assimilation process, which would eventually lead to full acceptance of the European way of life.

In other words, what Europeans find normal is clashing with the culture of the arriving immigrants from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North and Central Africa. European neoliberal lifestyle is perceived as deviant, immoral and borderline insulting.

The whole situation is a ticking bomb, just waiting to explode.

And it’s already happening.

European neoliberal lifestyle is already seriously endangered. That’s not even a question anymore. The influx of large numbers of people with different perceptions of right and wrong, acceptable and deviant, is already causing a serious clash between two entirely different cultures.

What Europeans find common, African and the Middle East illegal immigrants find deviant and offensive.


How do you converge something like that?


And we are not talking about religion here. Religious beliefs are not an issue as long as they are not abused for the purpose of some radical agendas and fight for power.

We are talking about common stuff. Customs, that people in Europe don’t even discuss anymore because it’s a standard of living.

For instance, while it’s perfectly normal for the European man to see an obscurely dressed hot woman in a club and have a decent chat with her, most of the men arriving from the Middle East and North Africa, will see that as an open invitation to rape, to say the least.

Which leads us to the most obvious problem.

Gender equality issues

It would be cynical to claim that genders are totally equal in terms of rights in Europe. However, European perspective on women’s rights and gender equality seriously clashes with the standpoints of the people arriving from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

In most of their cultures, women are inferior beings. As we know, some Middle Eastern and African cultures and communities don’t even allow their women to show their faces in public. It’s not allowed for the woman to walk without the company of her husband, his father or his brother.

It wouldn’t be such a radical problem if it weren’t for the open accusations against the European neoliberal view on women’s rights coming from the newly arrived illegal immigrants.

Illegally arriving Arabs and Africans are getting louder about how obscene and slutty European women are because they dress casually, walk alone showing their faces, wearing miniskirts…

In other words…

“Oh, my God! You can practically see her ankles!”

That’s enough for some poor woman in some backward region of the Middle East and Africa to be stoned, whipped, beaten or worse.

And now, these same backward men, have arrived in Europe and have already started practicing their own backward routine toward women.


How do you consolidate these opposing standpoints? Will European women feel safe walking through the town’s center at 1 AM, Saturday night? Will they feel safe in nightclubs and on their way home?

Or will someone wait for them, not in some dark corner, but out in the open?

The culture of rape

Maybe newly arrived men from the Middle East and Africa will refrain themselves from any form of active engagement for the time being, but that doesn’t change the fact that the most of them will find some attractive woman to be a viable target for sexual assault.

Group frenzy, a bit of alcohol or drugs, and they will engage.

It’s something we saw in Cologne and something vividly described by Lara Logan, a South African reporter, who found herself sexually assaulted in the middle of the city square, by the group of 200 men.

The 44-year-old revealed terrifying details of the 40 minute-long February attack in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, including how she became separated from members of her crew after someone in the frenzied 200-strong crowd shouted ‘Let’s take her pants off.’

Lara told her story couple of months later on a 60 Minutes broadcast, describing how the baying crowd ‘raped her with their hands’.

She explains the moment when attacked has started: “Suddenly, before I even know what’s happening, I feel hands grabbing my breasts, grabbing my crotch, grabbing me from behind. I mean, and it’s not one person and then it stops, it’s like one person and another person and another person.”

It didn’t take long for the so-called, “taharrush,” or the group rape of a woman in a public place committed by the large group of men, to spread across Europe. During one single night, the town of Cologne has experienced the brutal culture common in the Middle East and parts of Africa:

How this criminal behavior affects the security in Europe? Does law enforcement have enough of the manpower and willpower to put an end to this deviant form of terrorism?

It’s yet to be seen.

And that obvious act of terrorism doesn’t stop on sexual harassment.

Europe, France in particular, is witnessing the increase in the number of brutal attacks against native women and children. These attacks are executed by the illegal immigrants, mostly from African countries. Incidents similar to the one below, are becoming disturbingly frequent:


Why is this happening?

Immigration is not a novelty in Europe. People are arriving from former British, French and Dutch colonies for decades now. But the number of immigrants wasn’t alarming until more recently. Few thousands at most, annually.

With the exception of few ghettos in France, where assimilation didn’t occur, the large number of the newly arrived population managed to adopt the European way of life.

Then, something changed. All of the sudden, the entire rivers of men, women, and children started seeking refuge in Europe, with only a fraction of them being true war refugees. People are now coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Africa, along with those arriving from Syria and Iraq. People with entirely different values and views on the culture of living.

What changed was the German plan to revive its industry by importing cheap workforce from the Middle East and Africa!

Germans saw the unique opportunity to change the current labor force consisting mostly of Eastern European men and women, with even cheaper workers from destroying Syria.

But, once the people from the surrounding countries saw what is happening, millions have joined Syrian refugees in an attempt to find a better future in advanced Europe.

Things were looking good for German industry.

Only, there was a little problem. And Germans have completely overlooked that problem.

Unlike people from Eastern Europe, who are skillful and hardworking, most of the population coming from the desert regions of the Middle East are traders and jewelry makers. They are just not used to the labor customs common in Europe.

So now, when over 1,000,000 refugees and illegal immigrants have arrived in Germany, after traveling for months through the Balkan route, they are jobless.

By the time this article was published, 50 largest German companies have employed just 36 migrants so far.

Companies are defending their decisions with hard-to-beat arguments. Immigrants are lacking skills, basic language knowledge and there is an extreme lack of discipline, required to work for any German company.

1,000,000 people have arrived. 36 got employed during the period of the entire year.

So now, you have over 1 million desperate people in numerous refugee camps. How long before they all bust out and spread across Europe?

However, not everyone sees the danger. In the minds of many, the number of native Europeans is still overwhelming.

The question is: for how long?

Because the average European family has 1.6 children. The average Middle Eastern or African family has 4.5.

Slowly but surely, native Europeans will fade away from the dominant position on the demographic map of the continent. Their neoliberal culture of living will follow that same path.

But the real issue is: what will happen in between?

The Kosovo scenario on a much larger scale.

We are most likely looking at a full-scale armed conflict between native Europeans who are defending their homeland against the intrusion and forceful change of the culture of living.

It is a doomsday scenario that can only be prevented with economic prosperity and greater standard of living of all European residents, regardless of their origins.

If that doesn’t happen, if Europe doesn’t find the suitable model to assimilate entire communities of immigrants, things are not looking good.

So maybe, it’s time that every European country undertakes revision of firearms legislation. Europeans, especially women, will most likely need guns soon. And they will need lots of them.

Let’s just hope that it won’t come to that, although, the increase in the number of incidents involving illegal immigrants and their brutal attacks on innocent residents of European cities, doesn’t really leave room for any kind of optimism.

Europe will either find the way to enforce its customs or blood will flow.

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Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.