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The Science of Success

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Keys to achieving what we want.

Success is defined in the dictionary as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” We all have varying aims and purposes, so success can mean something different to two different people. And as one person moves through life and his conditions change, the ways in which he defines success will change again. Success can be found in a variety of spheres of life – financial, spiritual, physical, etc. Wherever we find success though, one thing we must know is that success is important, and it in truth is our duty.


Success is vital

Any where you go, if you were to ask people “is success important?”, most everyone would answer in the affirmative. Success gives us confidence, a sense of comfort, the ability to contribute on a higher level, and also provides hope for others when they see your success. Without success you, your business, your relationship, your dreams, and even civilization would cease to thrive and survive. Success must never be reduced to something that doesn’t matter, it must always be looked at as a thing vital. Success is very important to a person’s sense of self, if you were not able to provide for your family, you won’t feel too good about self during that time. We have to be real; whatever our goals are, success is absolutely critical.


Success as a Duty

You can sit around and wait for success, or you can approach it as a duty. It starts with a commitment that you will approach it as an obligation. You owe it to family, your company, and yourself. Success is not something that happens to some people and not others. The reason why many men don’t go out and find success is because they treat it as an option. It is the only option, and we will all realize that sooner or later. We might get to a point in life where we are stressed, dissatisfied, and feeling hopeless, because we have shirked our duty and did not reach for the success that would bring about the lifestyle we wanted. And we will have to pick up the pieces and start again, this time really realizing the truth: that success is the only option.


There is no luck

We can’t think it is luck when we see successful people. A person once said “the harder I work the luckier I get.” It is the work, and taking the action that leads us towards our goals, thats it, there is no luck involved. If you want to wait for a “lucky streak” to come to you, I am afraid your going to be waiting a very long time. Success is always a result of the Law of Cause & Effect, whenever you see success, there was countless actions you didn’t see that contributed to that. Success comes when you have the balls to demand it, to require that you have. There is no ifs, ands, or buts. You have to approach it as an ethical duty and obligation, and then you must always work to keep it. This is what men do. it is not a man who sits at home and waits for success to come to him, he is a man who gets up and does something for himself, and creates success.

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