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Power of Beliefs

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We have to understand the tremendous power of belief. Most all self-improvement systems teach that you must have strong belief in order to have success.

Indeed, all success rests on the principle of belief, and to be a man means you must have belief in yourself. That is #1 and then this will allow you to attempt the impossible, instead of always wimping out.

Well what exactly is a belief? It is any guiding principle, dictum, faith, or passion that can provide meaning and direction in life. They are like ‘commanders’ of the brain, they establish the way we represent in our brain what is happening around us. If you learn to use this power of belief effectively, it can be a force to create great good in your life.

Likewise, they can be destructive; limiting us. We must learn to use belief to tap into the great power that inside all of us, and use this power to help us achieve what we want. Beliefs are like maps that guide us towards our goals, and give us the guarantee that we will get there. With strong beliefs, you have the power to shape your life and reality in the way you want.

Look at all the people who have changed history, Christ, Muhammad, Edison, Einstein, they have all been people who have changed our beliefs.

When we look at history, we see the power of beliefs, and what they have done for others. Look at all the people who have changed history, Christ, Muhammad, Edison, Einstein, they have all been people who have changed our beliefs. In order to change our behaviours(actions), we must start with our own beliefs.

Your beliefs become your reality. For example, have you ever seen when they hypnotize someone, and suggest to them that they are very hot, and the person starts to sweat. This is because they internalized a belief, it is a clear example of the power of beliefs.

Well, if they are so powerful, the question then is, what kind of beliefs do we have? Did you know that you can choose the beliefs that you hold? Yes, you choose beliefs that are empowering and conducive to success! It is our beliefs that determine how much ballz we have. That is right, you can’t have some wimpy, cowardly beliefs, and expect to be seen as a real man. If you happened to acquire any wimpy beliefs, the good news is that you can replace them with different ones that can give you more strength, confidence, and make you more manly.

Your ability to start your own business at or get the beautiful girl you want, or anything you truly desire, rests upon your belief sets. Choose your beliefs carefully, consciously analyze what your accepted beliefs are, so you’re not unwittingly hold on to ones that are not conducive to true manhood. It could have been a belief that you picked up when you were young that is still holding you back, limiting your potential.

Take the time to analyze your beliefs, and make sure you’re holding onto ones that empower you. Take the great men that you look up to, and learn what they believe in that made them great. Then copy those beliefs. The main thing we need to recognize is the power of belief, and that it is a real, scientific fact that belief creates our reality.

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