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Sex Story: Sometimes, Porns Do Happen in Real Life

sex in the warehouse sex story
Written by Ballz Magazine

You know how they say that “it can only happen in porns”? Well, the joke’s on them.

There’s this little local deli, not far from where I live. I’m not a regular there but you know, when you’re in a bit of a hurry and need something like eggs, salt or liquor. You’ll pay that stuff 20% higher than in a local shopping center, but hey, it’s right there!

So, in that little store, there was a young girl, 20-25, hard to say. But unlike the others who worked there, she wasn’t a chatty person if you know what I mean. She looked pissed more than happy, whenever you stumble upon her on a cash register.

Yet, there was something mystically sexy about her. Blond hair, average height but with few pounds extra, just enough to make her, you know, juicy but not fat or fluffy. The young body can endure few more pounds without looking awkward.

Then again, I never saw anything below the waist since she was sitting in that small, overcrowded space. But judging from what I’ve seen, it was one hot young woman!

And then, one day…

Went to make some late breakfast just to realize that I’m out of, well, pretty much anything. Wasn’t in a mood for shopping so I decided to sift through that local store and see what I can find. Don’t like takeouts and avoiding fast food whenever I can.

So I went there and as I walked in, I heard some strange sound coming from the storage. It seemed like someone was silently moaning or something. Took a look around and noticed how no one’s around. Only me, and someone in that storage who appeared to have injured self.

Something was dragging me to see what’s happening.

Went in there and saw her, fully bent over, rubbing her ankle. She was facing shelves and couldn’t see me. But I saw her. My God that was one amazing ass and a pair of perfectly straight legs. From what I could see, she was one bendy girl. All the way down with her upper body without flexing her knees. You don’t see that a lot.

“I’m sorry, can I help you somehow, miss?” I broke the silence and announced my presence.

She got up and turned in my direction. We were standing only a couple of yards from each other, staring one in another, not saying a damn word.

That almost tangible silence lasted for the entire minute. At least, that’s how long it appeared to me.

She wasn’t moving. She wasn’t saying anything. She wasn’t looking down either. It was like we are on some strange planet, all alone.

I don’t know why, but I started approaching her. Slowly. Didn’t want to spook her in any way. It felt like trying to approach the frighten hind.

But she didn’t try to stop me or to back down. There she was, standing in one place, waiting for me.

I think I flew over those final 2 yards.

We collided with the force of the universe. Like two people who haven’t seen each other for a long time, yet with a history of raw sexual passion.

We didn’t care if somebody would walk in on us. My hands were all over her, squeezing that young, firm ass and playing with her breasts. All I could hear was her silent moaning. But I could feel her fingernails, deep in my back. It didn’t hurt. It just made me go mad.

I turned her around and just pulled that skirt up, revealing one of the beautiful sites known to a man – an astonishing ass with only a strip of the thong between two cheeks.

sex in the warehouse sex story having sex

She grabbed my head and pulled my hair like a wild beast, just to enrage me even more. I don’t think I’ve ever squeezed the pair of juicy, large breasts with such force before. Harder I’d squeeze, louder her moaning was.

She leaned forward to make it easier for me to strip her of her thong. I crunched down and literary stuck my face between her butt cheeks, and start licking her clit. She used her hands to spread her butt more.

My thumb was gently massaging her anus, which made her go mad. I didn’t have to wait for her orgasm for too long. She started twitching and sticking her butt in my face.

And then, she came with the thunder. My face was all wet and dick was practically piercing through my jeans. I don’t think Johnny was ever that hard.

It took me less than 3 seconds to unzip and lower my pants and shorts.

She leaned forward, pushed her butt out and grabbed my pride. I was sure that she got even more excited when she felt the size of that boner.

Didn’t waste any time. Went right in. First slowly, then faster and faster until we started moving in this wild surreal rhythm.

Then, in the middle of all that rough sex, I heard someone coming into the store. There was that little bell above the entrance door, signaling entrance to the staff.

We didn’t stop. Not for a moment. Only became silent. She straightened her upper body and grabbed me by my hair. My one hand was on her belly. The other was rubbing and squeezing both of her breasts and nipples.

Practically in full contact, we continued, not giving a fuck about someone walking in on us.

It wasn’t long before she came again, and again, and one more time. That last time acted as the nuclear bomb trigger in my head because I came right inside of her. For all I cared in that moment, she could give birth to our child. I don’t think I ever felt that way before.

We stood there, connected for a little while, trying to catch our breaths. I was holding her firmly in my arms like I would never let go.

Slowly, I went out and released her from my grip.

She turned around, looked me straight in the eyes and gave me the single most romantic kiss.

By the time I got dressed, she was already gone, helping some old guy, who walked in a while ago. I guess the old man was deaf or perhaps stealing shit when he figured that there’s no one around.

I walked out, without even seeing her, only to come home and realize how I still don’t have anything to eat.

Gone girl, found girl

Went to the store the next day, immediately after I got from work but she wasn’t there. Went again the day after, just to find out that she got laid off. Caught two older female employees talking about her and how she slapped the supervisor for grabbing her butt.

Never did understand those guys who think that the entire world is spinning around them, and how every woman is simply spreading for them.

Too bad she got fired though…


SEX STORY, Editor’s pick:

sex stories sex with hot neighbor

How I Ended Up Having Sex with My Hot Neighbor I Knew Nothing About 


But then, one summer afternoon, about two months after that amazing sex in the warehouse, while I was driving my cab to a countryside to pick some nagging old crow, I saw a familiar silhouette walking on a side of the road, going in the same direction I was heading.

I guess you can recognize someone who left an impression from a mile away, in entirely different circumstances. This time, a woman in front of me, wasn’t in her working outfit. This time, she was in a short, light, summer dress. You know, that “I-hope-wind-will-blow-and-lift-it-up-so-I-could-see-your-panties-of-even-better-no-panties-at-all” type.

I pulled over, lower the window, smiled, said ‘Hey’, and invited her in.

“No, thank you. Don’t need a cab.” She said without even looking inside the vehicle.

“Hey, it’s me. Remember me?”

I got her attention, so she leaned and took a look, holding herself for the door. She looked straight into my eyes. You could see that she’s thinking whether to go in or not.

“No worries. I ain’t gonna charge the ride. C’mon.” I figured, maybe she’s out of cash.

“Well, OK. Why not.”

That ‘Why not’ stood to hang in my mind. ‘Why not’ what? A ride? Or perhaps something more? Can’t blame the guy for hoping, right?

We drove for the next 5 minutes in an awkward silence. Didn’t really know how to start the conversation or what to ask. She was looking through the window, clearly thinking about something that’s been bothering her.

That gave me an opportunity to see that body one more time at least. They can say whatever they want about 40-something cougars and women in general, but 22-year-old is just the right thing. Tight skin, no wrinkles, no fat. She looked like a goddamn goddess.

You can imagine that I wasn’t speeding or rushing anywhere.

“Pull over. I wanna show you something.” She surprised me.

Those blue eyes were staring at me without any expression that could indicate what was on her mind. But her lips moved a bit. There it was. That subtle smile you simply can’t miss.

Will I get lucky again?

That was the only thought on my mind in that moment. Fuck the old crow, I figured. Things like that ain’t happening every day, you know.

It just happened to be that we were driving through the woods. I turned to a first side road I stumbled upon and drove some half a mile, deeper into the forest. All that time, I was monitoring her reactions. Will she object? Nothing. She gave no sign of disapproval for me going that far away into the woods.

My dick was already on fire.

I stopped the vehicle. All around us was this dense forest and you could hear nothing but those wonderful sounds of nature. Sounds of the birds and leafs gently touching each other in a summer breeze.


She started to unbutton her dress, revealing the purple-red bra and that soft and tender skin of her breasts.

There it was. The nicest tattoo of the rose I’ve ever seen. It was on her left breast, looking sexy as hell.

I leaned and gently kissed that piece of art. She just took a loud breath of air and placed her hands on my head, pressing it against her breasts. My hand went down. Fingers didn’t have any problem finding their way into her panties. But this time she was in for something else.

She suddenly pushed me away and pulled my pants down. I could feel her tongue softly moving up and down my erected dick. Could feel her fingernails playing with my balls. She looked at me, smiled and took it in her mouth. Minute later, I simply exploded.


I don’t know if she forgot or just didn’t give a fuck, but it seemed that the fact that she’s in a cab, equipped with 4 different cameras, just didn’t bother her at all.

Everything was recorded. I didn’t do it on purpose, but circumstances simply didn’t allow me to turn the system down. Later, I totally forgot about it.

And no, you dirty mind, I didn’t upload the action on PornHub! What kind of a guy do you think I am? It’s in my private collection, along with several others.

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