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Katie May – Playboy Model and business woman Died from Stroke

Katie May
Written by Igor K

Katie MayKatie May, 29, Playboy model and “Queen of Snapchat”, died from the complications caused by the clogged artery. According to People, Katie May had been suffering from neck pain and was seeking treatment prior to her stroke, which occurred on Monday. She left behind 7-year-old daughter Mia.

Immediately after news have spread, a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe was organized to help collect funds for future education of Katie May’s daughter Mia.

Anyone who was lucky enough to know Katie May was truly blessed by her incredible heart, mind and soul. She was an inspiration and a guiding light to so many people in this world. Please help us by donating money to support her daughter. We want to raise as much money for her daughter’s living trust as possible to ensure she will always be taken care of. Her daughter was Katie’s whole life, so please help Katie and her family by donating money,” says the update at campaign’s homepage which is picking up on momentum and managed to raise over $10,000.00 in less than 24 hours.

We are talking about the woman who had a promising career in corporate world before she decided to go modeling. But, unlike most, who stick to something they don’t truly like just to live in an illusion of some “security”,

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Katie May said “Here goes nothing”

Katie May started her career as a successful public relations representative, before leaving the corporate world for modelling. Determined to live the way she wants, Katie built her success through her popular social media pages, boasting 1.9 million followers on Instagram, making dream come true.

And we’re talking about the woman here.

The question is simple: if woman can follow her dreams (and we all know how difficult it is for them to succeed in men’s world), why do men decide to cave in? What the hell’s wrong with this world?

Our suggestion is simple and message clear: grow some ballz and exit your comfort zone. Life’s just too fucking short, as you could learn from May’s example. In hospital bed, connected to all those devices, and on a thin line between life and death, Katie May decided to – work: she posted on Instagram!

How about that for dedication boys? How about that for an example?


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