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Online Flirt: Is She Serious or Just Having Some Fun Jerking You Around?

online flirt
Written by Steven Hawk

In online flirt — and any other kind for that matter — when a man uses explicit language and sexual allusions while speaking to a woman, it’s most likely that she will consider him a sleazebag.

When it’s the other way around, the man will cut off his finger just to have a sex with her.

It’s the way nature made it.

The man has to impress the woman and not the other way around.

But that rule is causing problems in modern times since women are less bonded with that old patriarchal code of conduct. In many occasions, a woman will accept that kind of communication and by doing that, she will send wrong signals to you.

Why are we so different when communicating over the chat

Have you ever daydreamed about being some hot shit hero, saving asses all over the place?

Have you ever imagined the situation where you’re knocking the teeth out of that prick’s mouth?

Can you even calculate how many times you were looking at someone refraining yourself to give him or her a piece of your mind or fist?

The virtual world or the online flirt presents a certain bridge between your wildest dreams and reality.

All of the sudden you are feeling completely safe to say whatever you want. And on the top of everything, you may even use an alias. Not possible in the real life, is it?

But what about the situation when you start chatting with some strange lady where she’s using the same explicit language in communication?

What about those times when your heart pumps madly while you’re exchanging sexually explicit messages over Facebook?

Does she feel the same?

Most likely not, but that depends on the context and the way you started your “virtual relationship.”

Modern communication is providing us with the ability to express ourselves in the most deviant ways. Something we would never do in real life when talking to a person.

But we will use words and phrases and ask direct questions when we are safely hidden behind the screens of our laptops and firewalls.

She feels the same security and that allows her to express in a more open way that she would ever do in person. And that’s the biggest advantage and the biggest issue of an online flirt at the same time.

However, that doesn’t mean that she would like to bump ugly with you.

It’s more likely that she’s just in the mood for talking dirty and that’s it.

And it doesn’t really matter if she is a friend or acquaintance. Her talking to you the same way you’re talking to her doesn’t automatically mean that she’ll forget about everything and have sex with you the next time you meet her in person.

What she thinks about you when you open with an obvious sexual allusion and she agrees to accept an obvious online flirt and play along?

She winks at you and you instantly think that you’re a God-given gift to her.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way things work, sport, so be better than that.

God only knows why so many men are behaving like this. And then they all wonder why their “smart lures” don’t work.

What do women dream of and secretly desire?

A mysterious stranger who doesn’t say much and who is a gentleman above all.

Even kids know that and yet some dudes are completely ignorant of this fact.

She thinks you’re nothing more than a sleazy old asshole who is only trying to get inside her panties. Thus, she’s successfully repelled. Because, let’s face it: if she’d be so freakin’ horny, do you really think you’d be her first pick?

If that would be a fact, she’d let you know about it in person already.

Thus, behave like a man with the integrity.

If you’re married and you’re trying to “text your way into some chick’s panties”, what that says about you? Why do you think she doesn’t see it that way?

Act like a horny teenager and you’ll score shit. Play it smart, use her weaknesses and she’s yours.

But that’s another subject.

For now, please start acting as a gentleman. The color of her cunt or the hairstyle down there is really not the appropriate subject for Facebook Messenger. Especially not for the opening.

Then, she might actually be into you. Your online flirt may turn into an emotional relationship.

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