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How They Run Brothels

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Written by Steven Hawk

Forget about crime movies and trafficking. We are talking about the women who consented to provide men with special services in order to make them feel special. Yes, you’ll learn how something like this works and what it takes to organize something like this. As we said, there is no sex slaves or trafficking here.

The ladies chose to work in this industry because the money is good and, as one call-girl once told me, “I’m having sex anyway. So why not making money at the same time?”

I guess she meant that it’s a perfect opportunity to mix business with pleasure. In fact, this is the only line of work where something like this is even possible. That, of course, if girl consents under her own free will.

Here’s how they do it, step-by-step.

Build a classic cover up story

FoBrothels-Ballz Magaziner decades and even centuries, massage salons have been connected with sexual services. When you say “massage salon”, a woman thinks about the spa center and a man automatically thinks about sex and prostitutes.

But, a woman interested in this line of work, will search the spa and massage centers first. They know what’s going on in most of those also.

So, from the perspective of a business, you’ll use that association because you know that men will know what’s going on and what they can expect.

Put the “salon” in some industrial district and there will be no mistakes.

Of course, all of your girls must sign the contract that forbids all illegal activities so if cops become suspicious, you’ll have at least some room to claim how it was a consensual sex, nothing more. “My God man, can you think about the office or facility where people who work there are not having sex? I’m willing to bet that even you guys are pumping ugly in precinct,” said the manager of one of the brothels just a minute before we busted his ass for child pornography.

His girls wore scrubs. Can you believe how far he went with it? You couldn’t get in just like that. You had to buzz and a girl will come to escort you in. When you’re done, another girl will politely escort you to the exit.

Cover the traces

I bet you’ve never thought about this. What’s the biggest problem with brothels disguised as massage salons? The gallons of body liquids and hundreds of used condoms. Depending on how big the place is, this can be a real pain in the butt for the owner and managers.

Because, you really don’t want to invest in dry cleaners equipment. That’s too much machinery, additional hands on deck that are not connected with the main business model and of course, you need room for that.

The best thing to do is to use the service. If nothing else, everybody (legal entities) expect that spa has a lot of “oiled” sheets to be washed, so it’s only logical. But there’s a problem. Send too much used condoms with sheets to the dry cleaners and they will figure out who they’re dealing with here.

How to tackle this problem?

Pay girls some bonus to make sure they hand over the condom-free sheets. They will pick every last and if needed, a manager will do it also. Too much semen is already a big enough problem and if you try to cut the deal with the dry cleaners, you’re risking too much.

What about used condoms?

You collect, dispose and burn.

But how do you prevent girls from ratting you out?

This one guy we busted years ago went an additional mile for this. His girls were delighted with their professional environment, treatment, boss, freakin’ everything.

Brothels-Ballz MagazineHe treated them like princesses. Top service with high hourly rates allowed him to re-invest the good amount of money. Girls could go shopping, eating in fancy restaurants, asking for special close body protection if they are suspecting some fault play, they were driving cool cars. Shit, the guy even had a monthly team building event where all “employees” would gather and waste themselves in sex, drugs and alcohol over 48 hours on some isolated place.

When we made the bust, you could sense the disappointment on their faces. “There goes my pension fund,” one girl said during the pick-up.

We are talking about screw-ups who were given the second chance and they took it. 90% of all girls are addicted to some shit and there’s no way in hell that she could find a “regular” job. The brothel was everything to her.

So it’s no wonder why some countries decided to legalize the prostitution. Less trafficking and taxes. Two flies with one stroke. Try to pull something illegal and they’ll put your ass behind bars for next 40-100 years. Not because you ran a brothel. But because you tried to evade taxes!


Of course, it is not our intention to advocate or talk affirmatively about illegal sexual services and/or activities. Keep in mind that in every given time, the largest number of girls (women) is forced to do it. They are practically enslaved in 21st century. Call the cops and save someone’s life. Remember: it could be your daughter or even wife, which is not that rare, trust me.

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