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How Can You Change Your Life in 5 Seconds?

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A young woman of about 30 stood alone outside the company where she worked. She was on break and wanted outside to get some fresh air away from the job that bored her so much. Normally, she took her break with the others in the office, but today she suddenly felt like taking her coffee outside.

She stood there, thinking about her life. So far, it had not been very easy or happy. Her job was not particularly great, no relationship, and no great hopes for the future.
She had packed away all her dreams a long time ago. Packed them away where they would not make too much commotion in her quiet routine life.

The most depressing thing for her was that the next 30 years did not look like they would be much different from the first 30 years. The only difference would be her getting older.

Did you ever think that way? That the next ten years will look almost exactly like the ones you see in the rearview mirror of your life?

But you can change it easily enough….

The note that changed everything

While she stood there leaning against the drab red brick building, looking at the backyard with the garbage bins and the stray trash here and there, she noticed a note on the house across the way.

The note was about a workshop being held in the building. It was about a topic she had always dreamed about. One of the topics she had packed away many years ago. Now it all came back to her, and she walked into the building, never to look back in regret.

Her life is completely different now. She works with all the things she dreamed about, and she has all the things she always dreamed of having.

She enjoys the presence and she is excited about what the future might bring.

And it all happened because of a little change in routine.

The secret behind success

A tiny liChange your lifettle change. A single step in a different direction. That’s all it takes to break the routine and get the things you really want.

We both know that routine is a dangerous thing. It can eat up your entire life before you know what happened to you. Your daily patterns can overpower you and keep you far from the things you always dreamed.

And this routine just wants for your life for the next ten years to look just like the ten years that just passed. The same routine in the morning, the same on the way to work, same routines, and doing the same thing all day long.

I am not going to sit here and insist that the past ten years of your life were not happy, but you probably would not be reading this newsletter, unless there was something or other you wanted to change.

You want to have more, achieve more.

Try to stop – and think about it a little.

If you change nothing in your daily routine – Will you get what you want, then? Will you make the changes you always wanted and reach the goals you always dreamed?


Somehow, you have to break out and change something. Whether large or small is up to you.

It is completely understandable that breaking your routine is difficult. And we can never avoid having routines.
It is so easy to be caught up in these routines, however, and boom, there goes another few months – or years.

It is precious time you should not waste. Your life is too short and valuable. The woman in this story changed her life by taking just one little step that led to many more new steps.

It’s your turn now.

How do you make it happen?

Where do you start? How do you break the routine?

It’s easy!

Just do one single little thing that lies outside your daily routine every day. Start today.

The smallest action is enough to get the ball rolling in a new and better direction. In a matter of just 5 seconds, you can start changing your life.

If you would like to start your own business, buy a book about the subject. If you want to get into shape – take a walk.
It’s all about shaking things up and giving your brain new material to work with.

Are you not strong enough to take even a single step in a new direction? A step away from your routine and toward success?

I know you are…

I hope you think about this.

We are not talking about a hypothetical situation here. I’m sure that if you don’t actively do something, your routine will control your life from today until the day you are no longer here.

Unless!… You do something about it.

I hope this can scare you a little, so you do something different today – Tomorrow and from here on out. Something that can take you to a different trail. If you want.

And when you do it – when you take the first steps toward something new and different, you will never be the same. Assuming, of course, that you keep the ball rolling.

The problem with changes is the power of the routine. The woman in this story took the first steps and made her future success possible. But of course, she didn’t stop there.

The first step gets you started, but the subsequent steps bring you to the goal line.

Therefore, keep these small changes in your routine going – all the time. This way, you can make enormous changes in a year – without even really noticing.


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