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This article touches on how to be much more yourself and a more attractive partner. Learn how you can be the man of your partner’s dreams. Women are not interested in ball-less men. They love men that have their opinion and men who stand up for what they want

So let us see how you avoid being an asshole but a brute that your woman adores…


Show Leadership

As a man, when you see a situation that needs dealing with; step forward and handle it. Women are attracted to men that rise to the occasion as opposed to men who wait on other people to solve the problem.


Make Decisions

A man should make his fair share of decisions. Pick the restaurant, choose the table you will be dining on and take ownership of the outcome. Do not put blame on someone else. For many women, a man who avoids decisive thinking is a man decreasing his responsibilities.


Be Accountable

Stop yourself from attacking someone about a particular situation; instead make efforts to improve the state of affairs. There is very little sympathy for a man who puts the blame on a woman for making the wrong choice, even when the woman pushes him to it.

As the man, you should ensure that you arrest the situation and salvage the unfortunate predicament. You should also come up with an alternative that will work for the better.


Learn About Your Mate

Before you advance your relationship, make sure that you learn about your lover in and out. The only way you will be able to know what she actually wants even without her expressing it in words.

The above are ways that you should embrace to enable you become more attractive to your partner. The more you teach yourself these things, the more attraction you get!


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