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4 Ways To Have More Self-Confidence

Written by Ballz Magazine

You’d be surprised to know how much women adore a man with self-confidence. When a woman sees a man walking with his head held high, owning his life in every stride, she’s instantly attracted to him.

Of course, there are other factors that come into play, but self-confidence is definitely a turn on for many women. But sadly, many men aren’t self-confident and walk around with self-doubt, and women can notice this. If you’ve been lacking self-confidence lately, here are some tips to boost it so that women will automatically see that you’re a confident man:

Take Pride In Your Appearance

A man with confidence walks around looking and feeling good. He takes pride in his appearance and will go the extra mile to be dressed right. Making sure your clothes look neat and fitted and are clean is important to your self-confidence because it tells the world that you care about you look. You need to time for proper grooming because a man with an unruly beard isn’t going to attract many women because it might send off the right signals. You don’t have to over do it and have that metrosexual look, but just take the time and learn the basics of dressing properly. Dress in something that you won’t be embarrassed if you meet your dream girl!

Set Goals

Men who are confident make goals and stick to them. Start off small and make one goal a day and accomplish it. Then when you’ve gotten used to such goal making, move on to bigger things and make sure that you keep them As you continue to meet each goal you have for yourself, you’ll notice how much confidence you’ll have in your ability to keep promises. Women also like a man who is goal-oriented and motivated to work hard to make sure they are accomplished.


You’d be surprised how a few sessions at the gym will boost your self-confidence. When you work out, your blood flow increases and your body releases fell good hormones that really put an extra pep in your step. And you don’t even need a gym membership to get a good workout in – just run a few laps around the neighborhood to get your heart pumping or pop in a workout DVD at home and get moving.

Learn Something New

Confident men try to be lifetime learners and want to learn new skills all the time. So if you’ve been wanting to learn a new language or how to be a DIY man around your house, now’s the time to do it. You’ll really impress a woman when you tell her all the amazing things you can do! This tells a woman that you aren’t afraid of trying new things and that’s another huge turn on for many women.

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