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She Went Down on Her All Wet and in Anticipation

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Written by Charlie Greene

Claire was definitely new to the area and her pro technique wasn’t earning her any points with her classmates. She jumped expertly off the diving board, her arms stretched out straight. The cool water hit her hands and she arched her back as the water encompassed her.

She swam quickly to the side of the pool, gasping for breath when she resurfaced. Her hand wiped the hair from her face, pushing the deep red curls back into the water. She hopped out of the water and rested her hands on her knee, sitting momentarily while the rest of the team jumped off the board.

Becky was next to jump, her body standing perched on the edge of the board patiently. Her tight black bathing suit cupped and hugger her entire body as she waited. Claire stared a moment at Becky’s perfectly formed body – she had the sexiest body she had ever seen. Becky had perfectly shaped circular tits that bounced when she walked. A solid C-cup, Claire thought, admiring them as Becky approached the board.

Claire could faintly see the full lips, pressing against the nylon fabric bathing suit, perfect and plump. She knew Becky had a boyfriend; she had heard Becky complaining to the other girls about what an asshole he was. He apparently didn’t know how to treat her right; he didn’t know how to eat pussy.

She watched as her perfectly formed body bounced on the diving board, over-stretching on the arch. She smiled as Becky hit the water hard, her legs smacking into the water. Becky swam over to the edge of the pool, wincing as she surfaced.

“Nice try,” Claire said, her eyes focusing on Becky’s heaving chest. Becky glanced up at Claire, scowling darkly. She knew that look; it meant she was pissed off.

“Yeah, whatever.” Becky retorted, her eyes narrowing slightly. She lifted her body out of the pool, landing against the cool ceramic edging. Becky glanced down at her leg, spreading her thighs open slightly to investigate her wounds. Claire’s eyes shifted down to the wet, dripping fabric between her legs. She could see the slit between her legs, the nylon material forming tightly against her pussy. Claire instinctively licked her lips. God what I wouldn’t give, she considered.

“So tell me, Claire,” Becky sighed. “How would I learn to do what you do on the board?”

Claire’s eyes rose up, assessing Becky carefully. She considered what Becky was asking her carefully before answering. This was her chance to have one on one time with her.

“Well, why don’t you stick around after practice – I’ll give you a few pointers,” Claire answered, her pussy becoming moist at the thought. She held her breath momentarily as she considered going down on Becky, how sweet her juices would taste on her lips.

“Sure Claire. That would be great… thanks.” Becky said, pulling her long blonde hair into a ponytail. “I just don’t want to be cut off the team; my college scholarship depends on it.” Becky shot a look over to the coach who was scrambling to write down the notes in her book.

“Why don’t you just check with the coach beforehand… make sure that we’re allowed to stay for a while.” Claire suggested, her heart nearly pounding out of her chest with anticipation. There were only four other divers at the board now; it wouldn’t be much longer.

Becky nodded slightly, jumping to her feet. She smiled brightly at Claire and turned on her heel. Claire staring at her perfectly formed ass as she walked away. Her pussy continued to pulse in excitement, momentarily making Claire grateful for the soaked fabric currently covering her body.

Becky skipped back over to Claire, her face ecstatic. Her blue eyes glistened with excitement.

“Coach said that’s fine.” She said, her arms stretched out to embrace Claire in a bear hug. Her hands clutched around Claire tightly; pressing her soaking wet body against her. Claire could feel Becky’s perfectly formed breasts against her own, her nipples slightly hardened from the cold water.

Claire moved her hands down slightly, resting gently against Becky’s firm ass momentarily.

Becky’s eyes met her own, her eyes widening slightly at the touch. She smiled again, before walking toward the edge of the pool to wait. Claire smiled back warmly at Becky, wrapping her arms against her chest, trying to hide the hardened, swollen nipples behind her bathing suit.

Claire approached the edge of the pool and sat down waiting for the final divers to jump and move to the side of the pool. The coach walked over to the group of girls now resting against the pool. She gave her closing pep-talk and nodded at Becky and Claire. She let them know that the two of them had approximately two hours before the staff would arrive.

Becky nodded in agreement; glancing at Claire. She swam back over to Claire, who was still sitting on the edge of the pool. The remaining girls filed out of the pool and into the change rooms, locking the door behind them. Claire watched as the coach walked to the side entrance, smiling and waving as she left the pool as well – again, ensuring she locked the door.

“Did you want to get started?” Becky asked, looking up at Claire. Claire nodded quickly and moved toward the diving board. Becky jumped out of the pool and trailed closely behind her. Walking up the steps, Claire called Becky to follow her. Obediently, Becky followed.

“First, you need to make sure that your body is completely relaxed,” Claire said, shifting casually behind Becky. Becky nodded briefly, walking to the edge of the board.

“Okay…” she agreed, her body shaking out slightly. Claire smiled at the sight, moving toward Becky. She reached for Becky quickly, her hand wrapping around the front of Becky, pressing on her smooth midsection. Becky’s breath caught a moment, catching her off guard.

“What are you doing?” she stammered, her voice unsteady.

“I’m helping you with your posture,” Claire replied coolly, her hand pressing firmly against her midsection. Becky softened under her touch, trying to maintain her composure. Claire pressed her body against the back of Becky – reaching her second hand around to grasp Becky’s hip.

Claire squeezed Becky’s hip slightly, pressing her hip back into her aching pussy. She tried not to give any sign that she was turned on by the close contact with Becky. Slowly her hand slid from Becky’s hip across her body, tracing lightly over her pubic bone. She smiled as Becky sighed deeply, before resting her hand on Becky’s other hip – both hands now firmly wrapped around her intently.

“You need to make sure that your posture maintains a straight and secure stance.” She purred, whispering into Becky’s ear. She felt Becky twitch slightly, her body pressing firmly back into Claire’s body. Claire slowly lifted her hand from Becky’s midsection upwards between her rounded breasts, stopping between them.

“Your breathing needs to be steady and deep,” Claire stated, trailing her finger against the moist nylon fabric. Becky gasped lightly, unable to move – unwilling to pull away. Claire carelessly trailed her finger over the nylon fabric and slipped it gently under the thin elastic band. Becky moaned again, her body quivering under the probing finger.

Claire moved her mouth closer to the back of Becky’s neck, breathing quickly. She held on to Becky’s hips tighter, to prevent any sudden movements. If she was going to make a move, she’d have to make it soon.

“You know, Becky – the easiest way to perfect your posture, is to truly feel the water against your body. Her mouth connected briefly with Becky’s neck, kissing it gently with her supple lips. Her lips spread again, trailing her tongue over the neck toward her ear. Becky moaned deeply, her body arching into Claire’s moistened tongue.

Claire’s finger moved from between her breasts and trailed across her bathing suit hem over her tit. Becky whimpered slightly, her head resting back against Claire’s shoulder. Becky’s long blonde hair cascaded over Claire’s back as she tried to maintain her composure. Her finger plunged deeper against the fabric, tickling over the swollen, perfectly shaped breast. She could feel Becky’s breathing steadily increasing, the further down she pressed.

Claire felt her bathing suit moisten in anticipation. Her tongue lapped over her shoulder, tasting the sweet sweat and chlorine that was covering Becky’s skin. She nipped gently at her shoulder, scraping her teeth along her defined shoulder and pulling at the bathing suit fabric that was resting firmly in place. Becky panted in agreement, her body shivering under the pressure of Claire’s teeth.

“We … can’t do this.” Becky panted, biting tightly on her lower lip. Her hands reached around behind her, grabbing at Claire’s back. She pulled Claire into her closely, as Claire’s hand slid from Becky’s hip to her moistening sex.

Gently, Claire trailed her fingers over the tightly pressed bathing suit, tracing over the tightly formed lips beneath the nylon material. Becky moaned deeply, closing her eyes in enjoyment.

“Jesus” she hissed, her hands clutching tightly against Claire’s small waist.

Claire continued pulling at the strap with her teeth, as her hand continued to rub gently over the damp fabric between Becky’s legs. Becky spread her legs a little further, giving Claire more room. Smoothly Claire rubbed Becky from her sweet lips to her tightly formed ass and squeezed gently.

“I think we should get off this diving board.” Becky moaned, her voice unable to speak clearly. Claire continued to hold her in place, her fingers continuing to press against Becky’s tightly formed ass before tracing back up to Becky’s sweet lips further.

Claire pulled a final time on Becky’s strap with her teeth, sliding it down her arm slightly. She moved expertly across Becky’s back; kissing her back and shoulders again. She slid her tongue over to the other side of Becky’s neck, sucking her earlobe and flicking it with her tongue. Her mouth trailed back down her neck and over to the other strap resting on Becky’s shoulder.

Claire bit down firmly on the fabric and pulled it restlessly over her sculpted shoulder. The fabric slowly lowered down her arm, leaving her heaving breasts secured by a loosened fabric. Becky moaned slightly, her chest arching up to Claire’s hand.

“Turn around, let me see you,” Claire demanded, her voice was firm and seductive. Obediently, Becky turned around to face Claire, her face flush and red. Becky pulled her into her body, completely aroused by Claire’s expert hands. She grabbed Claire’s face gently in her hands and gently nipped at Claire’s full bottom lip.

“You’ve been a bad girl” she purred, her mouth pressing firmly against Claire’s. Claire sighed deeply as her mouth opened to meet Becky’s waiting tongue. They teased each other feverishly, pressing deeply and tasting every corner they could. Claire wrapped her hands around Becky’s back and cupped her firm ass cheeks tightly.

Becky moaned through locked lips, pressing her tongue deeper into Claire’s mouth. Claire reached her hands back around and cupped Becky’s full breasts in her hands. Her index finger trailed over Becky’s swollen nipples, pressing her hands tightly against the fabric. Claire circled against the hardened nubs, toying with them between her index finger and thumb.

Claire pulled against the thin material to expose her tits, unable to control herself any more. They fell gently, perfectly round and perky. Becky moaned as Claire thumbed over her swollen, puffy nipple.

“My God Becky, they’re fucking perfect,” Claire said, lowering her mouth and taking in a mouthful of her perky tit. She swirled her tongue over the velvety soft skin, flicking her tongue against Becky’s small hardened nub.

She grated her teeth against the light pink areola, biting playfully at the puffy center. Becky moaned deeply, her hands locked among the deep red hair. Claire kissed against her skin carefully, moving to the other breast and flicked it quickly with her tongue.

Becky started panting heavily as waves of ecstasy pulsed through her body. Claire trailed her tongue down, pulling the tight fabric along with it; slowly she teased her tongue over Becky’s body before her bathing suit was completely off and fell in a heap on the floor.

Claire stared momentarily and the glistening sex in front of her; it was thick and full with her sweet lips falling short of her inner pink goddess. She could see her wetness dripping down toward the floor. Without hesitation, Claire moved her tongue toward the drip and lapped at it carelessly. Becky cried out in anticipation, her knees starting to buckle under the intense feeling.

Becky opened her legs further, exposing the light pink flesh beneath her perfectly formed lips; wet with excitement. Claire opened her mouth readily, latching on tightly before licking every inch of her juices.

She swirled her tongue around repeatedly, paying attention to the swollen clit that was practically pulsing in enjoyment. Carefully she sucked on it, pulling it out from underneath the fragile hood before going back to work on the tender hole.

She plunged her tongue deep inside, circling every inch of Becky’s tight hole. Becky yelped in surprise and her body was overcome with deep pangs of bliss. Her body arched back, trying to steady herself.

Claire continued to press on, moving back up toward her clit, encompassing her mouth overtop of the mound before pushing her finger inside of the aching pussy. She thrust her finger deeply, curling it up toward Becky’s G-spot. Becky panted and groaned, her body trying to remain standing as Claire pushed further and further.

With her free hand, Claire reached for Becky’s tightly puckered ass, tickling it gently as her finger continued to swirl and thrust inside her. Becky’s body went tight, sending her closer to the edge as she pressed deeper into her G-spot.

Oh my God Claire, I’m cumming!” Becky cried out, her hands pressed firmly against Claire’s head – holding her head for balance. Claire thrust her fingers in faster, pushing Becky over the edge again.  Becky shook under the intense pulse. Waves of bliss taking hold of her body and sending her over the edge. She panted violently as her head flew back.

Claire casually licked Becky’s sweet juices, sucking everything she could taste from her fingers when she had finished. She smiled coyly at Becky who was now looking down at Claire, ready to return the favor.

Slowly, Becky lowered herself down to Claire’s crouched body, pushing her body back against the cold diving board. Claire obeyed, resting her head on the board, her body heaving and puckering against Becky’s soft fingers.

Becky pressed her mouth against Claire’s neck, trailing her tongue against the salty skin. She gently traced her tongue along the deep curves of her collarbone and over her slightly muscular shoulder.

Claire’s body arched needing the touch, craving her touch even further. Becky slowly traced her fingers through Claire’s hair, curling the strands tightly around and pulling back to expose her soft, supple skin.

Becky pressed on, her tongue finding her way to Claire’s bathing suit and pushing it down gently with her lower lip. She carelessly dipped her tongue below the nylon, her mouth ravishing the chlorinated sweetness beneath. Her tongue casually trailed over her swollen nubs, sending ripples through her body in anticipation.

“My God” Claire purred, her eyes closing in complete arousal. Becky let a smile creep upon her lips before plunging further against her skin.  She gently swirled her tongue over the puckering skin, licking her nipple and sucking on the sensitive skin after a few brief moments. Becky nipped her teeth over her puffy nipple, watching as Claire bucked back as the sharp pain ran through her.

“You didn’t think it was going to be all sweet and romantic, did you?” Becky laughed, nipping down on Claire’s nipple again. Claire let out a deep moan from her clenched lip. She loved feeling the change between soft and gentle and hard, quick nips.

Becky pulled the bathing suit down, watching as Claire’s full, swollen breasts fell out carelessly. She bit her lip in consideration before plunging back down and swirling her tongue over Claire’s hungry body. Her hands lowered down, cupping both full tits in her hands and pressed her lips over the sensually soft skin.

She lowered her head, allowing her hair to tickle gently over Claire’s damp skin; her hands pulled feverishly at her bathing suit as she maneuvered down. Claire obediently lifted her hips up to meet Becky’s hands and soft, luscious lips – panting as Becky continued to trail her tongue over her belly button.

A deep moan escaped Claire’s mouth, her body already dripping sweet nectar between her legs in anticipation. Becky’s fingers trailed over Claire’s protruding hip bones, tickling lightly as she trailed her fingers towards Claire’s finely manicured pubic hair.

The golden wisps sat against her damp skin, lightly rising against Becky’s soft touch, Claire hissed the air out of her lungs – waiting for her fingers to trace against her wet, glistening lips. Becky obliged trailing her fingers carefully over Claire’s moistened lips, taking care to rub every inch of her smooth lower lips.

“They’re so wet,” Becky purred, her fingers tracing along the moist barrier, stopping just shy of Claire’s dripping pussy.

“It’s because you’re so fucking sexy.” Claire purred, her eyes focused on Becky’s beautiful body. She fixated her eyes on the still puffy nipples poking beneath Becky’s face. Becky lowered her head down and gently kissed the golden mound, swirling her juices and hair in her mouth. She plunged lower down, licking against Claire’s deep slit lightly, before kissing the surrounding lips. Claire’s head rested back against the diving board, her legs spreading carelessly over the sides – parting the lips and revealing the dripping wet hole, begging for attention.

Becky’s tongue caressed against the lips again, this time parting them expertly. She dipped her tongue into Claire’s hole, drinking in the juices eagerly. Claire screamed in ecstasy, her breathing quickened as the pulsing increased.

Becky pushed her tongue down deep into Claire’s aching slit, swirling her tongue around every wet, plump inch. She circled her finger over the top of Claire’s swelling pearl, pressing gently before stopping and reaching beneath her to cup a handful of her perfectly formed ass.

“Oh my God Becky, I’m getting so close!” Claire screeched, her body starting to tense as the waves of pleasure increased.

Becky’s mouth moved from deep within her to the raised pearl; deeply sucking it into her mouth and flicking it with her tongue. Claire began outwardly panting, her mouth gaping open as she tried to suck in more air to fill her lungs.

Her body raised in anticipation, her body shuddering as waves of ecstasy overcame her. Becky’s mouth expertly continued sucking her sweet juices, vibrating over her clit until Claire was begging her to stop. She continued for a moment further, lowering down to suck in any remaining juices before smiling up at Claire’s exhausted face.

She raised her mouth to meet Claire’s, sharing the sweet nectar between them. She grabbed her chin and plunged her lips down taking her breath away. Their tongues expertly swirled and deepened, covering every inch of them. Becky nipped gently on Claire’s large bottom lip, before glancing up at her glazed eyes. Both girls collapsed, exhausted on the diving board, unable to move for a moment.

“I guess this means we’ll have to have another session on my posture?” Becky asked, her hands carelessly tracing over Claire’s swollen nipples. Claire shuddered at the sensitive touch, her body still alive with pleasure. She nodded briefly, before returning the careful tickling.

Although Claire wasn’t sure of what the future held for the two of them, she was definitely willing to help Becky with her diving needs whenever she wanted. She thought of Becky’s tight body again feeling the heat rise up again. She considered a moment, before hearing the door click open – the cleaning staff had arrived.

Without hesitating, both girls grabbed their bathing suits off the diving board and ran down the steps into the dressing room. They looked at each other grinning, as they walked toward the showers. While they weren’t able to have another round on the diving board, no one said anything about not being able to have more fun in the showers.

Becky grabbed Claire’s hand and pulled her back into her arms tightly. She reached around and cupped Claire’s ass in her hands before planting a kiss on her neck. Claire moaned in appreciation before she reached up at Becky’s beautiful, perky tits. She rubbed them gently and smiled up at Becky again.

While they might not have accomplished anything about diving on the board, they were definitely going to have another lesson on a different type of diving; especially if it meant getting to enjoy Becky’s sweet pussy again. With knowing smiles, both girls again dove into each other again, ready to spend the afternoon practicing a different type of form.

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