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Peyton Manning Fights the Overwhelming Pressure Connected with Alleged Drug Abuse before Sunday’s Kickoff

Written by Igor K

You simply have to question the timing of Al Jazeera’s piece about Peyton Manning  “The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers” and alleged connections of Peyton Manning and his wife Ashely with drug abuse. Supposedly 8 months of investigation were trimmed, edited and went live at December 26, 2015, only few games before the end of the NFL season, practically weeks before the Super Bowl Sunday.  

And when you see the piece, it’s obvious that Al Jazeera placed the focus on the icon of pro football, Peyton Manning. Talking about good timing, right?

According to them, Peyton Manning, during his recovery throughout ’11 season, was abusing growth hormone or HGH, to enhance the healing after the extensive surgery he went through. 39-year-old Manning had a rough time ahead of him and hardcore will to play more. Not to be the number but to be the leader. Given the Manning’s rep and sheet, you have to give the guy an honor because at this age it’s not that easy to compete against much younger guys. And yet, he’s still doing it.

Last night’s game showed his worth once again.

Now, the question is: Can Peyton Manning’s entire career be brought to question on account of these alleged accusations?

Let’s see.

Inside the Peyton Manning’s drug abuse accusations

Undercover footage caught the dealer, Charlie Sly, explaining to “client” (who was equipped with hidden cameras and mics) how they used to ship HGH to Manning all over the States, using Peyton Manning’s wife Ashley as the receiver. Not once did they send the drug on Peyton’s name.

Ashley Manning, Peyton’s successful and enterprising wife and mother of their twins has been allegedly arriving with her husband Peyton afterhours in the anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis, where they’ve been injected with different medicaments, including HGH.

Now, it’s clear that you ain’t gonna treat the wound at the anti-aging clinic, right? Especially not with HGH. Nobody’s fool.

I read somewhere that it is, watch this, “plausible that Ashley has been using HGH as the prescribed drug.” Now I understand the desire of the author to calm down the spirits and support his hero, but if it would be like that, you can bet your ass that both Ashley and Peyton would wave with that prescription paper whenever they see the camera. Shit, they would have it glued to their windshield.

Or maybe, and this is a remote possibility because lady looks astonishing to say the least, maybe Ashley underwent some anti-aging treatment? Who knows, these guys are known to be highly innovative when it comes to making shit load of money, using false marketing, some weird berries and carrot.

So they went to see the good doctor, so fucking what? Man has impeccable record all these years. And he earned the right to be called the icon of pro football.

But this shit with HGH will definitely influence Manning’s state of mind just hours before the Super Sunday. Denver Broncos rely heavily on their quarterback and it’s highly questionable how would they perform last night or how will they perform in 13 days from now against the Panthers.

Pressure is rising, there’s no doubt in that because man will always respond when somebody even tries to crucify the man’s wife. And Ashley is again under the spotlight. Although, there is no such thing as bad PR.

But that doesn’t help her husband Peyton to prep for the upcoming 50th Super Bowl. That shit with HGH may easily undermine his performances even though everybody keeps claiming how he’s performing well because of the HGH abuse.

What is HGH and how athletes like Peyton Manning could benefit from abusing it?

It’s one of the rare medicaments that cannot be acquired off-label. Extremely dangerous, it is used ONLY in three instances: natural deficiency due to screwed up pituitary gland, short bowel syndrome and late stage HIV.


HGH is a growth hormone, naturally produced by pituitary gland. It has a major impact on metabolism and growth (skeleton and muscular tissues and organs.)

Some time ago, somebody came up with the genius idea to try enhancing the level of HGH in the body by injecting the synthetically produced HGH in order to speed up the healing process but also to enhance the muscular volume.

You see, unlike other steroids, HGH stimulates the cellular replication and thus, makes a decisive impact on a size of your biceps. But it does not affect the strength or endurance in any way! It just helps to grow larger muscle in a shortest period of time.

So naturally, it was the bodybuilders who first saw the advantages and started to abuse this shit.

Over the time, someone connected the dots and saw another potential — maybe even more important (read: lucrative) — usage of HGH in a healing process. If it stimulates cells to replicate on much faster rate, then injuries can be healed much faster also.

And that “discovery” marked the beginning of wide misuse of HGH at professional athletes.

You name the category of pro competition and you’ll find HGH.

What are the potential implications of Peyton Manning’s alleged abuse of HGH

Let me say this using capital letters:


From the physical perspective that is. Psychological implications of this entire overblown mess could be disastrous. And not only for the Manning but for the Broncos and their fans. Man is under the immense pressure for no good reason as you’ll soon see. 

He won’t run faster and he definitely won’t pitch or move longer or faster. The only possible benefit Manning has from HGH is the accelerated healing process of his injuries so he could get back to what he does best – pro football.

You gotta hand it to him – guy is unbelievable. His stats and career respectfully are clear representation of man’s determination to be #1 – something that’s been written in every man’s original code. We are built for the kill. One can only imagine Peyton’s level of commitment from the earliest age to reach this level. Imagine everything he didn’t do (fun stuff), others were doing on daily bases. All to follow his dreams.

And now all that effort should be washed away because Manning has supposedly been using the new normal of today’s sports – the HGH.

HGH is used to speed-up the healing process all over the fucking world and, in all honesty (and don’t forget that I’ve spend more than a decade in law enforcement so I do distinguish right from wrong), I don’t see why people are making such a big deal out of it.

I say, let them use HGH if they want. It’s not some heavy anabolic power-me-up stuff anyway. Why not having the best players on the field? Why not providing them with the option to get back in the field as soon as they can? It’s a freakin’ growth hormone not some heavy drug, for fuck’s sake.

You don’t see they’re trashing the celebrities who are even the role models for the kids when they found themselves in rehab. Oh, that’s quite responsible. Poor celebrity…he must be in hell now.

You don’t hear them trashing hot shot Wall Street boys who are popping pills and breathing the freakin’ coke. According to “influencers” and main stream, they are also the role models of success.

And then you have guys who just want to heal faster to get back to what they do best!

Who’s the better role model: Peyton Manning or some dumb fuck rock star who couldn’t stand the sudden glory and “was simply forced to keep injecting heroin” until he dropped dead or shut himself with the freakin’ shut gun because he cannot handle the spotlight.  

What do you enjoy more? Some boring slow-motion game or fucking explosion of moving and scoring?

Once again: HGH can do shit to improve Manning’s endurance or speed markers. He has to run and train to gain that speed and accuracy. No drug exists in this world that can provide you with the overnight success if you haven’t already spent years training hard to fight easy!

Human body is a powerful machine, capable of enduring some heavy shit. But it has to heal. And it takes time. For ordinary guy like you and me, “healing” period means sitting in front of the TV and watching Game of Thrones or football. We have time to heal. Even if it takes months, we won’t feel it. Well maybe financially to some extent if we failed to automate several sources of incomes.

For Peyton Manning and any other top athlete, healing the wounds is the most dreadful experience they have to go through. With every passing day they are losing on their strength and endurance. In case of a quarterback such as Manning, it also means decreased precision in passing the ball. His arm has to train in order to pitch the ball in just the right direction, flying at just the right speed.

You can’t do that if you’re forced to stay aside for any extended period of time.

Manning and others are perfectly aware of that. Their bodies sustain heavy hits over the course of time and while you can develop an “elephant skin” like a street fighter, you can do shit about your bones, ligaments, joints and brain. Extended overexposure to injuries is taking its toll pretty soon in player’s career. Should we force them to slow down and to quit after 3 years?

If this is all for the fact, then why is HGH illegal?

Why is every drug illegal? Money. Prohibition brought a shit load of money for Chicago wiseguys back in the days. Put the ban on a substance that human brain perceives as good, and you’ll make millions.

Take the tobacco industry for example.

I’ve been smoking since the age of 13, some 27 years now. Over the course of time, and due to my more than a decade long profession of a researcher and writer, I read gazillions of different studies about bad influence of nicotine, tar and monoxide, and you know what I found out?

Not one single report or study can prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that smoking can kill you or cause some bad ailment such as lung cancer. In fact, the number of patients, worldwide, who were non-smokers but died from lung cancer nevertheless, is higher that the number of smokers who left this world for the same reason. It’s just the cunning marketing deception.

To make things even funnier, they’re using nicotine to treat the Alzheimer’s!

It’s simple impossible to connect smoking with disease.

So why are they forcing it?

Ever since that guy came clean about the addictive stuff they are putting in cigarettes, governments across the globe realized something: we can make a shit load of money on addiction. We won’t ban it per se, but will make such tragedy about it; we’ll create such a health issue, that people won’t even see the hidden taxes, increasing year after a year.

When you take a look at the stats, you’ll see how this deviant taxation policy has been adopted by the governments over the short period of time and how those taxes are increasing, slowly but surely, bringing billions on account of addiction.

Are they trying to find the cure? NO. Why would they? It’s not lethal.

What’s the next step?

We’re already seeing the next step with legalized gambling, prostitution and weed. It’s picking up the pace all over the world. New source of money for incapable governments on account of addicts.

It won’t be long before cocaine becomes available on a newsstand.

Once they allow HGH to be used in treating sports injuries, competition will overwhelm the market. Generic versions will start popping out like mushrooms after the rain. For now, there are only few manufacturers who are making billions and spending at least 10% on bribery. For as long as there’s a prohibition, they don’t have to worry about the competition.

And you know, there’s a certain logic in that, when you’re observing the shit from business perspective. This way, they only need to spend 5-10% on “marketing.” Make it legal and this cost is rising to 20%. Do you see any advertising for these types of drugs?

That’s right. It’s a unique market. Because, you have to ask yourself, if there are only a handful of companies capable of synthesizing HGH, how come you can buy one under the table? Where did that shit come from?

Our message to Peyton Manning is simple

On behalf of Ballz Magazine and myself, I would like to say this:

Don’t spend a second thinking about this shit they’ve been putting you through. There’s a game coming up. The very important game, watched overseas also. Focus on that.

Forget about all those hypocrites who are questioning your success. Not only that they are not worth a second of your time but also, many of them are abusing even more serious shit and then have decency to trash other people.

Game is on man. Be the best as usual.

Respect and all the best from the Ballz Magazine Crew

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Igor K

Former detective, now entrepreneur with the passion for applied investigative journalism, profiling, personal development and business analyses.