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3 Clothing Mistakes That Make You Look Bad

Written by Hope Stewart

Wearing the right clothes makes a man look good, but one thing which is just as important, but is sadly overlooked at times, is wearing clothes with the right fit. Take a look at these 3 tips, to ensure that you look your best no matter what you wear.  

The Muffin Top

Some guys like to think that wearing a one size bigger shirt makes them appear bigger. That is not what happens, it makes you look like a muffin. Shirts which are too big, make small guys look smaller and big guys look like they are wearing a space suit. The best way to see if a shirt is the right fit is by looking at the shoulders. The seam of the shirt should lie right on top of the shoulder. If the seams are lower than that, it was meant for someone with a bigger body. The body of the shirt should give a ‘V’ shape and skin the torso, not spill over and make you look like a muffin. To avoid this, while tucking in your shirt, grab the bottom of the side seams and fold them back, and then tuck them in your pants, this will hide the extra fabric, and ensure a great fit.

Cargo Pants Belong in the 90s

Back when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was in, wearing cargo pants was no problem. It is now though. Pants should be worn at waist level: about 1.5 inches above the hip bones. Since belts exist for a reason, and that reason happens to be to keep your trousers in place, if you see that your trousers are not staying put, use an appropriate belt, and match the color with the shoes you intend to wear. Also worth considering is buying trousers which are your size. Just as shirts, pants are also meant to be worn with the right size in mind. Along with making you look better, they will compliment other clothes you wear, particularly the shirt. If you happen to be tall and lanky, wearing pants which are low-rise are a good option, as they will make your torso appear proportionate.      

The Crinkly Pant Legs

If you are wearing pants which are too long for you, and you haven’t had them tailored, the legs of the pants become crumpled and look terrible enough to make an expensive suit look cheap. Do either of two things, cuff the pants till they are at your ankle level, it should not take any more than 3 folds- more than that means you need to get them to a tailor and hemmed. Different pants require different hem levels; for formal pants, the hem should just about touch your shoes, this can be achieved by asking the tailor to give a half break. A ‘no break’ is even shorter and shows off more of the ankle, this can be worn neatly with a nice pair of patterned socks, which show off a bit more of your style.   


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