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Does Your Wife Even Want to Have Sex with You?

Does your wife want to have sex with you?
Written by Ballz Magazine

Brace yourself; this will hurt: NO! She gets sick and would rather cry. But, she puts her “I love you” face on, suck it up and invest a tremendous amount of energy to pretend how she genuinely enjoys.

In some instances, when the entire situation went too far, she will, in fact, cry because there will be no willpower left inside of her to suppress the feeling that can only be described as rape!

How’s that for a fact sport?

Is this behavior something reserved for only a specific group of women?

Plain and simple: NO! This is common FOR EVERY MARRIED WOMAN who spent at least a couple of years in marriage. While you’re remaining horny as hell, her sex drive slowly fades away.

She can, in fact, go 3-5 months without sex and you won’t notice any difference. She’ll remain the nagging bitch who always has a problem with something you’ve done or failed to do.

We have conducted a short and sweet survey, that included 1,562 women, on all 6 continents. Every surveyed woman has been in a marriage for more than 5 years. All have children. And all have husbands that spend at least 9 hours at their jobs. Some of them have jobs, while some are stay-at-home moms.

Not one has claimed the opposite of what you’ve heard just now. Without exceptions, each and every of the surveyed women, states that she can go without sex for an extended period of time. In fact, she prefers to be left alone and not engaged in any way because, while she can, in fact, fake it, there are instances when she can hardly suppress her tears.

Does that mean that all married women become asexual after a while?

Another simple: NO! She’s just not into you, that’s all. It doesn’t leave her immune to other men. It’s just the fact that she has successfully shed every last drop of passion for you.

You became a habit. More like a brother than a passionate lover. And who wants to have sex with a brother, right?

But other men are not perceived that way.

So give her some room (distance yourself on account of professional occupation) and act like a caveman, and don’t be surprised when she packs her bags (or yours for that matter) and break the entire deal.

If you behave like a gentleman, helping her out with daily errands and chores, making sure that the toilet lid is always down, taking care of the dishes from time to time and even cook from time to time, then no other man will be able to penetrate her defense.

Don’t forget: she’s a nester and you are provided with everything that makes nest the nest.

Well then, does it mean that you’ll never regain the passion; ever again?

Again: NO! But it depends on the case, where the “case” is the basic character of your wife.

If she’s someone with the temper (which one isn’t, right?), who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it, you’ll hear from her. It won’t be a pleasant experience, but in the long run, this is a far better situation than the one with the woman who’s silent.

Because, the one who’ll have no problem kicking you away and speak her mind about it, will “help herself” reach the orgasm. She’ll most likely find one and the same “modus” or the way of having sex, which will appear as the boring routine to you. At the same time, this is the thing that has the potential to trigger the multiple orgasms at her, even after 20 years of marriage.

Furthermore, she’ll push your head down from time to time and finish herself off in times when you didn’t surpass the 1 minute of active sex. It will occur at the same moment of your orgasm if you move away (coitus interruptus type of contraception or the method of stopping, pulling out and fucking up the sheets, which subsequently triggers the volcanic reaction, if you messed up her side of the bed).

But the ones that are silent and hard to penetrate (in mind, you pervert), those are the troublemakers.

She doesn’t know how to help herself. So she’ll pretend to some extent. But keep behaving like an animal and you can bet your ass that she’ll cry while you’re “making love” to her.

That “animal” behavior is when you’ll satisfy your needs, even though it’s clear that she’s not in the mood. Not even God himself could turn her on in those moments. Yet, against all logic, you’ll go in, after she moves sideways, just to get you off her back.

So, is there something you can do to keep that fire going?


That’s the first thing you must have in mind after being a couple of years in marriage. If you two are living in some urban center, that dynamics mostly revolves around money and financial stability.

Money is perceived as a safety feature. It allows her to nest improved stability.

Thus, the more money you make, the more passionate she gets.


Money won’t do the trick on its own.

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