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Why Make Up S.. Feels So Good

Did you ever wonder how come both men and women have a consensus about make up sex? What’s so freakin’ special about it and should you perhaps force it from time to time? As you’ll soon learn, yes, you should!

Make up sex is display of our most primitive urges and instincts

She wants an alpha male. She yearns for the strong, powerful man that can provide for her and her future offspring and protect the family.

He wants gentle and tender creature who, in all fairness, should behave as his mother did when he used to do something that was pissing her off. He was angry about his mother and couldn’t do anything about it. But he can dominate the bitch who had nerves to confront his masculine dominance! And the best way to show the dominance is to bend her over and fuck her brains out.

We have just a few chemicals and for the most part, it’s always the same cocktail with small derivations in ratios.

That’s why there is a large number of specifically brutal rapes in war conflicts after one army establish dominance over the enemy territory. When that happens, you don’t want to end up as: A) the POW, or B) you don’t want to be a woman, which is even worse. Especially young and attractive one.

Because, doped with the cocktail of winner’s chemicals, most of the men are operating on their primitive code. To rape the woman in this particular situation is the final demonstration of power and dominance, along with the subsequent relief effect. Rape as the war crime is a discharge of all that tension that has been accumulating inside the soldier and it tends to be ultimately rough and even deadly for the victim.  

All predators are doing this same thing once they conquer the enemy territory. It’s that final humiliation and display of ultimate dominance. We’re gonna fuck your women and show you who the boss truly is.

On smaller scale, this is similar to what dogs or monkeys are doing when they are establishing the rankings. Humping one on another is not the representation of the sexual desire but raw dominance in most benign way.

These same primitive instincts surface when you fight with your wife

So when we fight with each other, we tend to exhibit our most deviant and brutal tendencies. Driven by the cortisol and adrenaline, out working memory is being shut down, along with every other secondary mechanism, and we turn into those primitive cave man but what’s more important – the cave woman. Because, you’re not an enemy soldier in this situation. You’re someone she trusts and admires.

She’s aroused by your display or raw manly power while you are having the urge to show her who her daddy truly is. In that particular moment, when it seems like one will most likely kill the other, sex becomes the one thing that connects the two of you.

It’s basically win-win situation and that’s why we all just love make up sex.

But over the course of time, man fucks it up

And kill her enthusiasm. You see, as long as there aren’t any obvious tendencies to physically harm her like getting into her face, threating to beat her up and actually hitting her, she’s horny and willing to have make up sex.

Once the line is crossed and man hits the woman, she’ll still be horny, but her brain will prevent her from having sex with the abuser – with the enemy soldier who cannot be trusted. Even if she succumbs to your rather forceful attempt to get her in the bed after hitting her, she won’t enjoy it. It’s not the make up sex anymore. It’s just the brutal man who’s raping his woman. It’s the enemy soldier who executes the final mean to achieve total dominance.

Can it be fixed?

Everything can be fixed. Most certainly make up sex. You only need to control your aggressive side for a longer period of time. Let that image of you hitting her slowly fade away over the course of time. Women are perfectly capable of “forgetting” about the pain but since this is more of the emotional pain, it takes longer for her to put it away.

When you fight, feel free to yell loud but don’t counter blame and do not make sudden moves like “Say one more goddamn word and I’ll show you what will happen” and similar macho crap.

Give it some time and stay persistent, and make up sex is back on the table. In fact, do push it from time to time. Make her go ballistic, wait for a half an hour and then go for it.

You know what to do my friend….

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