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What do Women Find Sexually Arousing

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As you can guess, she’s not telling you everything. But we have a good Dr. Meredith Chivers from Queen’s University in Canada to thank for the new findings in the field of female’s sexual arousal. What they say not to be the trigger or some turn on, is in fact one big fat lie.

By using pretty ingenious ways to test the arousal at subjects who were both men and women, Dr. Chivers found something extraordinary, but at the same time, totally logical from the perspective of our instincts. For example, male subjects had special instrument attached to their limb penis while being exposed to a series of images, spanning from heterosexual porno scenes, lesbian scenes, wildlife sex and similar stuff.

It seems that we are turned on immediately. The simple image of a naked woman is enough. The process is activated through mechanisms in our primordial parts of the brain – the ones that exist since the dawn of our species.

And it’s that part of the brain — the limbic, or the primitive brain — that ratted women out. It’s the part of our mind, we cannot completely control. As the result, we are able to see the real truth behind the curtain of women’s lies. Similar to male subjects, women who were part of the test were inserted with the dildo like instrument with the camera. The point was to measure the contractions of the uterus and the volume of moisture produced as the result of arousal.

They do get turned on girl-on-girl porn

While many of them won’t admit it, the instrument has recorded the automatic arousal the moment woman was exposed to images of two girls in a clinch. It appears that all women are bisexual. They’re just controlling their urges.

It’s why it’s so easy to persuade a woman in a threesome with another woman! Sure, she’ll be more pleased with two men roasting her from both sides simultaneously or filling both holes in the same time, but she won’t mind having another woman in bed with her.

Few drinks, good and sensual atmosphere, precise words and there you are between, what can only be described as – the heaven.

They get aroused by watching animals doing it

Funny, isn’t it? Ask any woman and she’ll get upset and even consider your insinuation as the insult to all women on this planet. But the truth is out there. Research has recorded indisputable proof of arousal in women who were exposed to the scenes of the wildlife sex.

So, not only that they are bisexual, but they are also extremely kinky!

It’s that primitive brain she cannot control. She is a wildling deep inside, only she won’t admit it. Not so long ago, we were living the same type of life bears, lions and wolves are still living. We behaved almost the same.

Sex is the backbone of the existence and Mother Nature made sure that a woman gets turned on with the scene of any kind of sex; animals included.

But now comes the best part. The part that proves why “stay-home-dad while mommy is building career” thing can’t fly on a long run.

They do get hot and aroused of a scene of violent, forced sex!

It’s been proven beyond any reasonable doubt now – woman gets horny when she’s watching the scene of less aggressive rape. Dr. Chiver decided to test something she already knew. She exposed the female subjects to a series of images showing explicit acts of forced sex and rape (acted of course.)

Every tested woman got aroused!

Again, this is something she cannot control. She’s been driven by her primitive, almost primordial instincts, when men weren’t polite as they are these days. She wants to be dominated to some extent. She even wants to be forced in that more romantic way by the man she trusts.

Now, a word of caution here:

We are not implying that women enjoy the forced sex in any way. Don’t confuse the primitive with the contemporary because unlike the lions, we humans can control our primordial instincts. Women are doing that all the time and while she’ll find the scene of forced sex as a potential turn on, it does not mean that she’ll enjoy the actual scene. Our imagination differs from the reality. Remember that.

So, control yourself. That’s all we’re saying. But do sex her up like a real man often. Show her what it feels when being fucked by the real man. Show some dominance. She’ll enjoy it. But never ever enforce sex!

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