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Top 5 Positions for the Best Anal Sex Experience

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Believe it or not but most women get their most intense orgasms through anal sex.

Men do that too – but that’s a topic for another article.

Alright, we’ve all seen it – that incredible anal sex video that has the perfect penetration; her ass is spread apart gently – he presses into her tight, hole and then bam… he’s thrusting into her.

Yet, the last time you tried it, she couldn’t get him into her ass; it was too awkward, the angle was all wrong, somehow she wasn’t comfortable – total buzz kill.

So how do you manage to get that incredible position – where you can just bang the hell out of her tight ass?

Read on – here are 5 positions that will get the job done.

Anal sex – Reverse Cowgirl

Sit back on a comfortable surface (like a bed or couch), so your body is comfortable, but that you’re still in a seated position. Have your girl stand over your cock, facing the same direction you are. Simply lower her on to your cock, with your hands on her hips to guide her. Have her use her hand to guide your cock into her ass.

Anal sex – Standing Doggie Style

Have your girlfriend rest on a bed in the doggie position and place two or three pillows under her hips to help support her. Pull her body to the end of the bed (so that her feet and her hips are almost hanging off the edge. Have your girlfriend use her hands to spread her ass cheeks for you. Grab her hips and enjoy the ride for some fantastic anal sex.


Anal sex – Face Down, Ass Up Standing

While this position isn’t for the faint at heart, if you’re with a flexible girl, push her head down toward the ground (so her body is almost folded in half) and have her rest her hands on the floor.

Her ass will perfectly present itself to you in all its glory. A word of caution, however; do not thrust too hard as she will likely be off-balance and can seriously injure herself if she falls face forward.


Anal sex – Missionary with a Twist

Have your woman lie on her back and put two or three pillows under her hips and back. Get your legs behind her head. Her ankles should be near the sides of her neck – so her ass is perfectly exposed for enjoyment.

She should help you out a bit by holding her ankles for a few moments; until you can guide yourself into her hole. Once you get started, you can use pull her ankles on to your shoulders and control the speed and depth by moving them around.


Anal sex – Stand against the wall

Have your girlfriend face the wall and bend her body slightly. Spread her legs apart, so her ass cheeks pull apart and stand behind her.

Press your cock into her ass and use the wall for balance as you thrust into her. Use one free hand to wrap around her body and play with her clit (or finger her) while you continue to thrust into her.

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