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A Stranger Forced Me Into the Train’s Toilette and Filled My Mouth with His Cum

“Hello,” I said while I was trying to make my way to the one free seat in the crowded cabin. I spent a few days visiting my friend and was on my way back home. The trains were always my number one option when it comes to commuting.

There was a middle-aged couple with children and one older lady already sitting in there. The couple couldn’t be older than 40-45 and they had two sweetest kids with them.

Somehow, I managed to push through and reach the empty seat beside the window. Almost lost my balance after tripping over that old lady’s handbag she conveniently left in the middle of the passage. But I also did something that I never thought would result in me sucking a cock of an older, strange gentleman. As I was trying to keep myself on the feet after tripping on that old crow’s bag, I accidentally grabbed the paterfamilias by his leg in a desperate attempt to avoid falling on the floor. I immediately apologized thinking how it must have appeared to his wife. He just gently smiled at me and gave me that significant under-the-eyebrows look that made me felt this weird yet pleasant shiver all over my body.

I sat right across from him desperately trying to pull my tiny and tight short skirt all the way down to my knees but that was one futile attempt after another. So I finally gave up and made sure not to spread my legs. Because he could easily see my white thongs that couldn’t cover my cunt entirely. I could feel one of my pussy flaps was out.

I’m 20 and really good-looking, so it wasn’t that strange that he’s constantly assessing me tip-to-toe. I could see his eyes going up and down my body but stopping at the edge of my miniskirt probably trying to get the closer peek. It’s not the first time this was happening due to the way I’m usually dressing but this time, his look managed to wake something in me. I started to feel this heat down there. My pussy was getting wet.

Well aware that I’m gonna be sitting in there for hours, I pulled my smart out to check messages. From time to time, I would lift my head and spend a minute observing the fast-passing landscape through the window. He was still measuring me every chance he got. It made me squeeze my legs even tighter.

Some hour later, he mumbled something to his wife about how he’s going to smoke a cigarette and back to the restaurant to get them some water. He got up and “accidentally” touched my leg with his. He gave me that look again and went out in the hallway. a website by Kroger to win free prizes

I became anxious. Restless. So I picked up my cigarettes, jumped up from my seat and left the cabin. It was getting darker and it seemed like the entire train is sleeping. You couldn’t hear anybody talking or laughing.

I lit my cigarette and went on a short stroll through the trains hallways. Was looking for the opened window. Finally, I spotted one, near the toilette.

A couple of drags and I had enough. So I opened the toilette door to throw it. At that moment, I felt someone standing right behind me. I turned in a snap and met the eyes of my cabin stranger. He was standing dangerously close to me. So close, in fact, that I could feel his breath on my face.

I carefully stepped back inside the toilet but I lost my balance. The next moment my butt was in his right hand while his left hand was closing the door behind us.

He caught me totally unprepared for something like this. I wasn’t sure should I thank him for helping me not to fall down on that filthy floor or should I try to escape. Confused, I just smiled like an idiot. He got that as a sure ‘yes’. The hand that was closing the door just a second ago was now under my miniskirt.

He kissed me. Roughly. Aggressively. I could feel his fingers rubbing my pussy. He was still holding my ass firmly.

I did something at that moment that I didn’t know I am even capable of doing. Something that wasn’t me at all. I kissed him back.

He seemed confused for a moment.

But just for a moment.

The next second he pulled my skirt up, completely revealing my legs, silk stockings, and almost entirely transparent white panties. The gift from the friend I just visited.

His fingers were literally molesting my pussy through the fabric. Then he just pulled them down unveiling my freshly shaved cunt and pushing me against the wall. I could now feel his fingers on my already swollen clit. I could feel his finger penetrating deep inside of me.

My hand went down. I felt his hardness through the blue jeans he was wearing. The bulge was huge which made my juices to flow down my thighs.

He unbuttoned my shirt almost to the end and started to play with my hardening nipples, nibbling one for a while and then jumping on the other. All that time I was fondling his dick through the fabric of his jeans. I could feel the unbearable pressure and tension in his loins.

Then I felt his hand next to mine. He was unzipping his pants. My hand went in. Thin fingers and long manicured nails wrapped around his now extremely hard dick. The layer of fabric was standing in our way. So I unhooked his belt and pulled his pants down.

He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down, forcing me to crouch. My eyes were now looking directly at his big, thick and hard dick. I could see it pulsing from anticipation.

I gently went over his balls with the tips of my fingernails. The sound of pleasure that was more like a growling escaped his lips. I wrapped my right hand around his temple and gently kissed the sensitive tip. He moaned again. This time louder. Wilder. My lips and my tongue were playing with the head. I wanted to bite into that juicy-looking reddish-purple thing. Suddenly, I realized that I was sucking the cock of a man who I just met while his children and his wife were just a couple of cabins to the front. I was sucking it like a baby sucking on a mother’s tit.

Suddenly, he grabbed my hair so hard that it hurt and rammed his dick deep into my throat. It almost made me throw up right there. But he couldn’t care less that I gagged. Just become more brutal, fucking me right in my mouth.

Still holding me by my hair, he pulled me up. His eyes were penetrating mine. He was breathing like an animal.

“You suck like a clean 10. Now I wanna fuck you!”

These were the first words this strange man said to me.

I wasn’t complaining. I wasn’t trying to escape. It felt like I’m in some kind of trance. My stockings and thongs were on the toilet floor. I was standing there in my high heels and skirt pulled all the way up. My pussy was completely wet and ready to be destroyed by this massive cock.

He pulled me closer to him. I felt his cock on my stomach. It was so hard that it felt like it’s gonna pierce right through. It was wet from my saliva. He lifted me with ease and sat me on this little, filthy sink. It was extremely uncomfortable but I didn’t say the word. Instead, I grabbed his cock. It was hard as a rock. I couldn’t wait to feel it inside of me.

He grabbed my inner thighs and started spreading my legs while I was leading his cock to my wet and swollen pussy. I could feel the tip of his dick slowly penetrating inside. Bit by bit and he pushed it all the way in. I felt like in heaven.

But then he pulled it out almost entirely and ram into me with all his force, almost destroying my cunt in that single blow. He started fucking me hard and fast. Harder than I thought it was even possible. Harder than ever before. He was destroying my pussy one brutal strike after another. He was fucking me the way he wanted. I was his. At his mercy. To do with me whatever he likes. To fuck me like a filthy slut I was in that moment. His big cock was ruthlessly destroying my pussy. I felt his balls hitting my butt.

In that moment, right there, I would do anything for him. Anything he asks. I was the slave to his cock and balls.

He stopped for a moment, pulled me down of the sink and just pushed me down on the floor like he would push the slave. I found myself on the filthy toilet floor, on my knees, sensing how he’s coming from behind.

He rammed into me so hard that it hurt again. I even screamed a little. That hoarse voice of a whore down on her knees hardly keeping herself in the balance from all that raging ramming just made him madder. His cock was slamming into my pussy faster and harder driving me to the edge of the sanity.

“Harder! Harder! Oh, God, I love your cock. Fill me. FILL ME!!” I was literally yelling, begging for more. He was pushing me into a pure madness. His hand was squeezing my breast. The other was doing the same to my butt. Then, I felt his finger slowly penetrating in my ass. The next moment, he was fingering my asshole while ramming my pussy with unbelievable force.

I completely lost it in one moment.  Lost the sense of reality. Forgot where I am and what I’m doing. I forgot about his wife and kids. Forgot all those guys who were coming on to me till then. Forgot about the whole world. I was one big cunt that he was fucking so good.

Just when I thought that I’ll pass out from all that overwhelming pleasure, he suddenly got up, pulled me by my hair and ran his dick in my mouth. A second later, I could feel his cum filling my mouth and throat. I could feel it dripping from my lips and chin. I didn’t want to defend myself from this mad act of pure aggression. He was hitting my face with his cock and balls, stuffing my throat with it, practically raping my face. But I didn’t mind.


Without saying a word, he pulled his pants up, took the tissue out of his pocket and hand it over to me. Then he helped me to get up and passed me his visit card.

While he was leaving through the toilet door, he briefly turned around and said, “Be in touch.”

I was left alone in that stinky, filthy toilet. My knees were shivering and I had a taste of his cum in my mouth. I tried to wash my face and get myself in order with the help of a small piece of glass that was sadly hanging above that ridiculously small sick. Somehow, I managed to pull on my panties and stockings. My pussy was tingling. I knew it will hurt for days after this but it was worth it. I never felt so fucked in my life before.

I looked at my image in the mirror. My hair was looking surprisingly good. But my cheeks were still burning. I couldn’t go back to the cabin just yet. So I went out in the hall that was still empty and lit a cigarette to calm down a bit.

Some 20 minutes later, I got back to my seat. The kids were still playing. He was reading a newspaper like nothing happened. I spent the rest of the ride trying to avoid his wife’s looks…


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