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Setting Online Freelancing Business – in 24 Hours!

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This e-course will teach you how to become self-employed and start working as a modern-day freelancer already tomorrow. It’s the alternative to internet marketing, e-commerce and margin trading as the ways of making money online. 

Online freelancing is a risk-free and extremely low-overhead business where you are using a specific skill or the entire set to provide a service on the international market – from your living room.

You will skip the long and exhausting learning curve and jump-start your work-from-home career using the experience of over a decade-long successful professional, international freelancing career.

If you have a thing for writing, design, development or even becoming a virtual assistant, this is for you.

Here offered as a stand-alone course, independently from the Legendary Entrepreneur, a full-scale 7-in-1 personal development and business program. 


Becoming a modern freelancer is the single most viable way to make money online at own pace and schedule – from your home. Period.


Because it allows flexible working hours, flexible incomes, and last but not the least, you can make money (work) from every corner of the world as long as you have your laptop and internet access. In the same time, there’s no one breathing behind your neck, pushing your buttons and forcing you to slave for 8-12 hours for a ridiculous monthly wage.

How much can you make as a freelancer?

19.8% of professional freelancers in the US alone are making more than $100,000 annually!

Yes, the working landscape is rapidly changing. The days of salaries and 40-year marathon to retirement are fading away in front of a modern workforce – professional freelancers.

Men and women of all generations who are no longer willing to waive 1/3 of their life for a fixed and largely unfair monthly salary in a stressful environment. Freelancers, who are making money from their homes, using the neat advantages of the connected world.

how to become freelancer

The above image is just one example of how a pro freelancer makes money online, using freelancing platforms such as Upwork. They (freelancers) are not interested in building their own profitable websites or engaging in margin trading but rather looking to become a resource for those that do.

For instance, if you are running a niche blog/website, you might need code adjustments, illustrations and graphic design, content like blog posts or e-books…

This is where freelancers step in. They are the unknown heroes and minds behind the majority of the content you’re seeing on the internet. The force that keeps the internet alive and fed.

Do note, however, that the freelancing platforms are just one out of many channels online freelancers are simultaneously using to make money online from their homes as online entrepreneurs.

The philosophy of every freelancer is simple:


Driven by passion, and living free of enforced working schedules, the professional freelancers are quickly becoming the workforce of choice for a rising number of companies.

We are talking about the companies that are looking for a way to converge traditional full-time employees with this emerging intellectual and creative power. Or those that are making a complete switch, outsourcing 100% of the workload to the independent contractors.

In fact, when you analyze the trends, becoming a freelancer is not even the matter of choice anymore. You will eventually start working from your home, one way or another. It’s simply inevitable.

Thus, your intention to become a full-time freelancer is in a perfect alliance with the trend

It’s now just a matter of learning the most effective way to start building a successful freelancing career. And that includes learning the curriculum of this unique e-course:

  • The inside-out of the FREELANCING INDUSTRY and being a freelancer
  • Hidden and overlooked traps with the potential to kill your career in any phase
  • Less known facts about making money online as a pro freelancer
  • What international clients expect from you
  • How to set up the most optimal PROFILE on the freelance platform
  • What is, how it’s made, and how do you use PORTFOLIO OF SERVICES 
  • How to write a high-converting COVER LETTER
    • (You are provided with the adjustable template of such cover letter that’s been repeatedly used in winning contracts across categories. It comes with the detailed explanations of every specific segment.)
    • (There’s also a sequence of screenshots of the process of applying to and landing a contract and receiving a 5-star feedback on Upwork so you could see everything in practice. Your instructor has applied for a job, won the contract, delivered the work, received the feedback, managed to persuade the client to extend the contract and assign the new project, and documented the entire process for you.)
  • How to manage time to boost performance
  • And many other relatively unknown, yet critical aspects of FREELANCING and a life of a professional freelancer

Simply put, this course is a neat shortcut that will enable you to disconnect from the obsolete matrix and become self-employed already tomorrow!

Remember, what you have at your fingertips is a cumulative experience of over a decade-long successful, international, professional freelancing career.

You will become a pro freelancer in the shortest time

  • Making money from your home, by doing business with the clients across the globe!
  • Without spending months learning from your mistakes.
  • Without wondering why your cover letters are not triggering any kind of the response.

And that’s what we’ll teach you, using the smart template that you can easily adjust to fit a specific job you bid on!

Just so you know, your lead mentor and the instructor is a professional international freelancer who is in the business for 14 years.

Course Instructor:

Igor Katusic, a professional freelance ghostwriter, columnist, crowdfunding marketing expert, Quora top writer, and still an active member of the international freelancing community, with over 14 years of experience in freelancing. He started an international freelancing career back on Elance where he quickly earned a Top Provider status, ranking among top 0.01% of all the freelancers in his category. Igor was one of the first who received an invitation to join Upwork during the merger process between Elance and oDesk. On Upwork, he continues delivering premium content for his clients which earns him a Top Rated status soon after joining. Igor is now an online entrepreneur, owning several highly profitable e-commerce and infopreneurial websites but still an active consultant to aspiring newcomer freelancers.

You can read the inspiring interview he did for goLance, a freelancing platform that actively supports freelancers helping them to find jobs quickly: “Interview with Igor Katusic, goLance’s Freelancer of the Week”

Interesting sidenote: After a year of working for a company, Igor’s younger son, Dino (21) most recently decided to utilize his skills and follow in his father’s footsteps – to become a professional freelancer. Under Igor’s guidance, his Upwork account was approved immediately and he managed to land his first contract just 48 hours after the signup that earned him the first critical 5-star review. A few days later, Dino landed another multi-milestoned extended contract. To land these two jobs, he only had to send 7 proposals (cover letters), following the template provided in this e-course.


Don’t wait. You have everything you need to start a successful and profitable freelancing career.

Enroll now and start making money from your home tomorrow!


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  • LESSON 1: “Introduction to Online Freelancing”
  • LESSON 2: “What is Online Freelancing”
  • LESSON 3: “Inside the Freelancing Industry”
  • LESSON 4: “Working-From-Home Basics”
  • LESSON 5: “The Best Place to Start Your Freelancing Career”
  • LESSON 6: “The Critical SKILL That Makes all the Difference”
  • LESSON 7: “3 Essential Things You Need to Land a Contract”
  • LESSON 8: “Setting Your Freelancer PROFILE”
  • LESSON 9: “What is PORTFOLIO OF SERVICES, How It’s Made, and How It’s Used to Land Contracts”
  • LESSON 10: “How to Write a High-Converting Cover Letter”
  • LESSON 11: “Working On and Scheduling the Projects”
  • LESSON 12: “Client Relationship Management (CRM)”
  • LESSON 13: “Time Management in Pro Freelancing”
  • LESSON 14: “Dealing with Rejections”

$59.99 $9.99Add to cart

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3 reviews for Setting Online Freelancing Business – in 24 Hours!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rahul Patel (verified owner)

    I had real problem getting my first contract on Upwork and Freelancer as a writer. Thanks to this course and Igor’s guidance – cover letter template in particular – I landed my first writing gig the day after I finished the course. The next day, another one. And so on.

    Thank you Ballz Magazine! Thank you Igor!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gerhardt Berger (verified owner)

    Excellent course! Helped me to really increase the acceptance rate of my cover letters and make more money on freelance platforms. Thanks!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ansul Sigh (verified owner)

    Template and tutorial on how to apply to job work like charm. I sent just 3 proposals on Upwork the day after I finished course and got the job! THANK YOU!

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