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Setting Online Business

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This e-course is teaching you 3 different ways of setting the profitable online business in the shortest possible time and grabbing your first 365 online spenders to generate the initial $180,000 in annual revenues. 

Think of it as the fastest way to set the online business – with or without your own product or service!

Here offered as a stand-alone e-course, independently from the Legendary Entrepreneur, a full-scale, 7-in-1 personal development and business program. 


Did you know that every time you connect to the internet you gain an immediate access to over 3.8 billion people?

52% of them or 2 billion is using the internet to shop online, buying different products and services.

Imagine making just a dime on just a fraction of them…

This course is teaching you 3 different ways of setting the profitable online business in the shortest possible time and grabbing your first 365 online spenders to generate the initial $180,000 in annual revenues.


To put things in a perspective, these (online) sales are accounted for $2.1 trillion in a global commerce in the first three quarters of 2017, making the internet marketing a single most profitable way to conduct a business these days.

And here’s the best part.

You don’t even have to own a product or a service to start making money online already tomorrow!

Back to our internet spenders.

How many of them actually buy something and how much do they spend on average?

According to the latest statistics, an estimated 8.52% of desktop users add to cart (choose the product or a service), out of which 2.78% convert to sales. Furthermore, an average of $488 is spent annually shopping on online marketplaces per capita.

In other words, out of 100 people you pitch, almost 9 may potentially buy if you follow this tutorial! And those are just the desktop users!

The reason why conversion rates may appear small is that 90% of all online retailers are missing on one crucial element. You will not! And that will make all the difference.

Now, if we know that on average, an online shopper spends $488 per year, we can easily calculate how would that fact reflect on our bank balance, can’t we?

Hence, by attracting just 365 online spenders (1 per day), we are effectively making $180,000 in annual revenues. And that’s what we are teaching you here!

In this course, you will get:

  • In-depth information on how money is made in the online environment
  • Step-by-step tutorials on:
    • How to set up the profitable website to sell your own product or services
    • Blueprint for setting up the website (case-study) that you can simply replicate
    • How to make money re-selling the third-parties products and services through AFFILIATE MARKETING
    • How to build a highly profitable e-commerce website in less than 24 hours to re-sell the third parties products using DROPSHIPPING business model
  • A complete SEO Tutorial that details 35 critical elements of a perfectly optimized web page



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  • LESSON 1: “Introduction to Onlne Businesses”
  • LESSON 2: “Main Sources of Money in Online Businesses”
  • LESSON 3: “Setting Online Business, Step 1 – Laying the Foundation”
  • LESSON 4: “Setting Online Business, Step 2 – Building Primary Monetization Model”
  • LESSON 5: “Setting Online Business, Step 3 – Time and Money Management”
  • LESSON 6: “Setting Online Business, Step 4 – Effective Marketing and Advertising”
  • LESSON 7: “CASE STUDY: Setting Profitable Website Using 4 Hours a Day” (blueprint!)
  • LESSON 8: “Setting a Dropship Business in Less than 24 Hours”
  • LESSON 9: “Advanced SEO Tutorial”

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