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Crowdfunding Business Fundraising

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This CROWDFUNDING e-course details the necessary process for the successful reward-based crowdfunding campaign. It’s accompanied by the demo campaign on Kickstarter so you can see how everything works in practice.

In addition, you are provided with the links to EVERY single resource you need for the campaigning.

Here offered as a stand-alone course, independently from the Legendary Entrepreneur, a 7-in-1, full-scale personal development and business program. 


Crowdfunding is an efficient fundraising method for those who follow simple rules of engagement and dedicate themselves to a simple mission – attracting early adopters and enticing them to support the idea. 

To raise the funds through crowdfunding, you need to follow a 3-step process of every successful reward-based, crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Pre-launch outreach
  2. Campaigning (fundraising)
  3. Post-campaign CRM

This Crowdfunding Course will guide you through each step of the process, using:

  • Case studies
  • Connected demo campaign on Kickstarter
  • Other helpful resources (links to different essential services, etc.), and
  • Advanced human behavioral science

To teach you how to:

  1. Raise the awareness,
  2. Attract the highly targeted demographics, and
  3. Successfully pitch your campaign to prospects to blast through your funding goal.

Getting money from a small circle of people you know is already hard enough. Raising funds from the complete strangers requires detailed preparation that you are about to learn.

Just follow the guide to the letter. Because your lecturers are veteran crowdfunding marketers known for their ability to reach the campaign funding goal even in the most difficult circumstances, as you will soon see.


Learn How to Crowd Fund Your Business Today!


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  • LESSON 1: “Introduction to Crowdfunding”
  • LESSON 2: “Pre-Launch Outreach Phase, Step 1 – Build the Landing Page”
  • LESSON 3: “Pre-Launch Outreach Phase, Step 2 – Set the Webshop”
  • LESSON 4: “Pre-Launch Outreach Phase, Step 3 – Set the Social Networks Presence”
  • LESSON 5: “Pre-Launch Outreach Phase, Step 4 – Building High-Converting Campaign Page”
  • LESSON 6: “Pre-Launch Outreach Phase, Step 5 – Press Releases Preparation and Publishing Sequence”
  • LESSON 7: “Campaign Launch and Running Phase, Steps 1-3”
  • LESSON 8: “Post-Campaign Phase, Steps 1-3”
  • LESSON 9: “Action Steps Summary”

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