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Forced My Boss’s Wife at the Back Porch of Their Home [Anal Sex][Forced][Ass-to-Mouth]

I found myself jobless, over the night. The usual story about cutting down on the workforce. With the mouth to feed, I was forced to take anything that will help me put food on the table. Needless to say that I was desperate.

Luckily, only a few days and five bloody fights with my wife late, a buddy of mine called me and asked me if I would be interested in doing some constructions work. His brother was running a small constructions business and was desperate for the skilled workers.

The next morning, I was cutting the planks for the construction of a small guesthouse at the big property surrounded by the thick forest just outside the city. The fat, bald property owner, who insisted that we all call him “Boss,” was one ruthless prick. He was poking his ugly nose in every corner and was constantly on our case to finish “the damn thing a.s.a.p.”

The summer heat was unbearable. And every time that fat fuck would come near me to spread some wisdom, I would get this irresistible urge to punch that bastard right in that ugly face.

But one day, while I was taking a rest in the shade of the gazebo not far away from the construction site, I saw a breathtakingly beautiful woman, hanging the freshly washed clothes on the terrace of the main house. Cute face, long black hair, big tits that were literally escaping the bra sticking out of the tight white T-shirt with the deep cleavage, and the most astonishing piece of ass I saw in a long time. J. Lo type with the large, rounded cheeks that were sticking out. Black tights she was wearing that day enabled a really detailed view of those perfect curves that would leave any man breathless. Just imagining grabbing that but with my hands made my blood to ram down in my dick.

The annoying sound of the familiar voice interrupted my fantasy.

“Are you here for the work or for the summer vacation?” He just hissed. Couldn’t do anything else if I was about to keep my job but to get up and get on with the business. Then he turned in the direction of that beautiful woman. “Hi, honey!” He waved at her, smiling. She just waved him back and went back to hanging the clothes. She was the fat prick’s wife…go figure…

“Go on, boy! No time to waste.” I could hear him behind my back while I was leaving the refreshing shade of the gazebo. The sun was at its peak, making the work even more difficult.

But the thought of having a piece of that ass, right here, under the nose of that prick made me forget all about the scorching sun and the unbearable heat.

* * *

A couple of hours later, the workers all gathered on the large wooden patio behind the main house to have lunch. I was still busy finishing something so I asked if they could bring me lunch later.

When everybody got back to their posts, I dropped everything, washed myself a bit and walked away to have my lunch in peace.

The construction site was on the opposite side of the main house so the sounds of those tools and machinery were quite bearable.

The large wooden table in the center of the patio was cleaned. No food. Nothing to drink. Almost like they forgot about me.

“Where you want me to put this try?” A female voice surprised me.

I turned around and saw her. The fat prick’s hot wife carrying the tray filled with sandwiches, wearing one of those short, thin, swaying summer dresses that revealed more than it was hiding. “I’ll get you some water in a minute.”

Couldn’t get my eyes off her cleavage. My throat dried out entirely. It took some hardcore determination to say, “Right there.”

She bent a little to put the tray on the table which made her giant boobs to almost pop out of that tight bra. I could clearly see the brown edges of her obviously large nipples. Something awoke inside of me. The raw animal instincts took over me. I lost control, took two quick steps forward and grabbed her ass as hard as I could. She squealed like a bitch and tried to break out of my grip but I wouldn’t let her. Then he slapped me with such a force that I instantly let go and took a step back.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Have you lost your mind, you dumbass? What the fuck are you doing, you crazy son of a bitch?!” She snapped at me.

I don’t know why I did it, but I slapped her back so hard that she almost fell on the floor. The wall behind her back saved her from dropping down. She was in shock. It was the last thing she expected to happen on this hot summer afternoon.

I didn’t give her the slightest chance to recover from the shock. Instead, I pressed her body with mine against the wooden wall.

“Please, don’t. Please” She was begging. Unfortunately for her, the begging only made me hornier.

“Don’t what?” I asked with the silent voice, lifted her skirt up and just ripped her thongs off of her. She squealed again and tried to cover her loins with her hands. But that wasn’t an option. I grabbed her wrists and pressed her arms against the wall leaving her fully exposed to my sudden, unexplainable madness. In that moment, nothing could stop me from fucking her.

“Please. I’m sorry for hitting you. I didn’t mean to. Please, let me go. I won’t tell anyone.” She was trying to talk her way out of this. Only, more she begged, more aroused and madder I was becoming. I could feel my dick wanted to jump out from my pants. The boner was so hard that it hurt. This entire situation, so unplanned, so unbelievable, just added to the overall sensation, making my cock harder than ever.

She must’ve felt the size of it because it was pushing against her stomach. I could feel how her resistance is slowly melting down in front of the arousal she suddenly felt.

I locked both of her wrists in my left hand, holding them above her head. Then I went for those big tits with my free hand.

Got one out…

Then the other…

She had some impressive rack.

You could only hear a silent moaning coming from her. It appeared like she made her peace with what’s about to happen to her.

The large, hard brown nipples with wide rings were just begging for some sucking. I went over her left nipple with my tongue making slow circular moves. She was twitching like she wanna get out of this unpleasant situation. I looked up. Her face was giving away someone in a rage. If she could kill with her eyes, I would be long gone.

But to my surprise, when I moved my hand down, under her dress and went slowly over her pussy, I could feel her getting wet. Her juices were literally dripping on my hand. Finally, the swollen clit gave her up. She didn’t want to break free and run away. Didn’t want to kill me. She enjoyed it. Her eyes were looking directly in mine and I could see her lips slowly detaching from one another. My middle finger was caressing her big clitoris and she liked it. She liked it so much that her legs started spreading, slowly, inch by inch, as I was increasing the rhythm. Yet, she was still looking at me like she wanted me dead for everything I’m doing to her.

My lips wrapped around one of her nipples while my finger easily slipped into her now completely open and wet pussy. Her ass started moving trying to catch up with my rhythm. A silent groan escaped her lips as she was trying to stick her cunt harder on the finger. All that time I was playing with her nipples, sucking on them, nibbling on them and pulling them out with my lips just to let them snap back.

Now her entire body was twitching and moving and her moaning became louder. The exciting thought crossed my mind. Someone might hear us or stumble upon us. But it was like that possibility made the entire thing even more arousing and hot. For both of us.

Finally, I went down on her, still holding her wrists firmly locked in my hand. My free hand grabbed her left butt cheek and squeezed it so hard that she almost screamed. But when my tongue went over the tip of her clit, she just started rubbing her cunt on my face.

The mixture of our juices was dripping over my chin and down to the wooden floor as I was licking her clit as hard as I could. Her hips were moving back and forth and I could feel that familiar twitching that announces an orgasm. A couple of seconds later, I was having a hard time holding her hand. She came hard and loud, twitching and moaning, almost knocking both of us down on the floor.

I got up, and violently turned her around, lifting her skirt and exposing that breathtaking ass to my clear sight. Her hands were now pressing against the wall as she bent over as much as she could, unveiling that juicy, shaved cunt that was in my mouth just seconds ago. It was all wet and I could see the juices flowing down her inner thighs.

My pants went down.

“I’m gonna fuck you like no one before now.” I just said and rammed my dick into her.

She screamed a little. Silently. More from the shock and pleasure than from the pain and discomfort. I pulled it all the way out and teased her with the tip, moving it up and down, over her clitoris and all the way up to her anus. Then, I rammed into her again, with all my force and kept thrusting like a raging bull. Her large tits were swinging back and forth, hitting the wall every time I would slam my dick deep into her cunt. I grabbed her hair with my left hand and went for her tits with the other. I wanted to feel her. I wanted to stick her entire body on my cock and roast her like a slut that she was.

“Is he fucking you like this? Huh? Is he fucking you like this? Say it!”

“No…no…” She could hardly say the words.

I let go of her hair and those big tits and grabbed her butt. Both my thumbs instantly went inside her anus, penetrating deeper with my every thrust. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the idea of fucking her in the ass. I wanted it more than anything. My thumbs were already in, pushing deeper and widening the tight hole every time I would ram my dick deep inside her pussy.

“I’m gonna destroy your ass now, bitch!”

She didn’t say anything. Didn’t mind at all.

I pulled my dick out of her pussy and pushed the tip against her anus, spreading those juices all over it.

A second later, her anus was all wet. Lubricated. Ready.

She grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them wide, sending me a clear signal – I want you in my ass! That turned another switch in my head, the one I didn’t even know existed up until then.

Surprisingly, my big dick pushed inside her ass, almost all the way from the first attempt. The bitch was being regularly fucked in the ass. That’s why she didn’t mind it.

“Is he fucking her in the ass? Is he, slut?”

“No…not him…he hates that.”

So she was a cheating slut after all…Somebody was drilling those holes when the fat prick wasn’t around.

Suddenly, she stuck her ass entirely on my dick and grabbed my butt pulling me in. “Harder! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!” She was practically yelling.

I grabbed her butt spreading those cheeks wide and rammed my dick deep into her ass, feeling the tightness of it pressing around my hardness. I kept on thrusting as harder as I could.

“Aaaah, you’re destroying me! Harder, you pussy!!” She was literally growling.

That made me go ballistic. I don’t recall fucking anyone that hard and brutal ever before. But the more brutal it got, the more she liked it.

Her back started twitching. She kept pressing against me in the desperate attempt to feel my dick even deeper inside her ass. And then she simply exploded. She didn’t even care that somebody might hear her.

The orgasm was so powerful that I had to hold her body in my arms so she wouldn’t fall down on the floor. She was cumming in the powerful waves. When it was over, her body was limp, virtually hanging on my hardness that was stuck deep inside her ass.

Finally, I let her go. She just went down on her knees. For a few seconds, she was down in doggy position, with her ass sticking out. Her arms were holding the weight of her body that was still moving back and forth. She was desperately trying to catch some breath.

All that time, I was focusing her rounded ass and jerking my dick. Then, she slowly turned and looked at me. But this time the look was different. It was the look of the satisfied woman who just had the fuck of her life.

My dick was pulsing right in front of her face. At first, she was looking at it, like she wasn’t sure what to do with the dick of that size. But it was just an illusion. Her fingers wrapped around the base and pulled my dick right in her mouth. I could feel her fingers gently scratching my balls as she was sucking my cock, pulling it deeper into her mouth.

In one moment, it was too much for her. She gagged and almost threw up. But just a second later, her lips wrapped around the head again and she continued sucking.

I could feel it coming. And she had to felt it too. That wave of pleasure that sends the additional volume of blood in your dick, making it thicker than ever announcing loads of warm sperm firing out under the pressure.

She must have suddenly realized what’s about to happen so she tried to pull my dick out of her mouth but it was too late. The first wave of my cum went right into her mouth and the rest all over her face. When I was finally done spraying, her face was covered in my cum. The white liquid was dripping down her chin right between those big breasts. She was looking at me, smiling and jerking my dick, squeezing out the very last drop of my jizz.

“Don’t tell my husband.” That was all she said before turning around and disappearing behind the corner.

Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to see her again after that unlikely experience. As I heard, she left the town that same day to attend some conference. I could only imagine the orgies in the hotel room. Alone, unleashed. Would be cool to be there…



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