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#MeToo Campaign or You’ll Go to Jail if You Touch a Woman!

#MeToo campaign may backfire
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Catherine Deneuve defends men right to hit on women

Catherine Deneuve defends men right to hit on women and refuses to be recognized as a part of “this feminism, which beyond denouncing the abuse of power, takes on a hatred of men and of sexuality.”

Catherine Deneuve, a famous French actress, along with nearly a hundred of other well- and less-known French women recently sent an open letter, stating how, “Men have been punished summarily, forced out of their jobs when all they did was touch someone’s knee or try to steal a kiss.” She continues by stating that, “Rape is a crime, but trying to seduce someone, even persistently or clumsily, is not – and nor is men being gentlemanly a chauvinist attack.”

Catherine and others are simply warning about a new “puritanism,” sparked by recent sexual harassment scandals, that practically disallows the age-old practice of men hitting on women.

#MeToo campaign or the latest witch-hunt based on generalization and twisting of a simple, well-known market exchange

Harvey Weinstein in a company of the actresses who accused him of sexual harassment

No comment! Really.

Harvey Weinstein case brought everyone’s attention to the culture of sexual harassments and rapes in the entertainment industry. And it’s OK. However, at the same time, the whole frenzy triggered the least wanted situational development.

Extreme feminist groups, among all the others, on the wings of the trend against the “male oppressors,” initiated a devastating anti-men campaign that is slowly leading to the situation where a man will not be allowed to come even near a woman of his immediate interest.

Simply put, touch her hand while drinking at the bar and your ass is fried! The next hand you’ll be touching will be that of a pumped-up, tattooed male convict in a state penitentiary.

How did we suddenly get from asking a girl for a dance to a global restraining order?

As we all know, not so long ago, it was normal — even enticed — and pretty much expected from a man to engage a woman in an effort to win her over either by smooth talking, a nice gesture or the combination of everything. In fact, that’s how the whole “we-are-getting-married-and-we’ll-soon-have-children” thing usually starts.

From the earliest age, boys are enticed to hit on the girls and not the other way around!

In the same time, it became perfectly normal and expected from a woman to go out obscurely dressed, just sparkling with sensuality and raw sexuality in an effort to attract as many men as possible to be able to choose the very best.

A few drinks, an hour of dancing, and then hopefully the night full of wild sex. If they click, good. If not, oh, well, there are other fishes in the sea – for both of them! Tomorrow!

The age-old game of seduction simply continues.

So what the fuck went wrong?

donna karan defending harvey weinstein

Speaking on Sunday, Donna Karan, the famous designer, suggested women could be “asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality”.

Donna Karan was one of the rare famous female faces who, in some way, supported Weinstein by putting the blame on women who are exploiting seduction game for their own personal benefits and then cry later on. Simply put, she questioned the way a modern, urban woman is presenting herself to the society.

Needless to say how women across the world responded. They even called for a global boycott of Donna Karan fashion brand. Catherine Deneuve faced the same public outrage for expressing her opinion that a man should be free to hit on a woman if you can believe that.

Somehow, everybody conveniently forgot about the fact that every single man on this planet has experienced the power of a premeditated, calculated, intended, and ego-driven female seduction game on more than one occasion. From those early, high-school games where they are making pets out of young boys or attracting the alpha specimens to pitching for a raise or a day off by wearing a tight shirt with deep décolletage and mini-skirt plus inevitable over-excessive make-up and high heels.

It was clear as a whistle that Donna was referring to the situation where a woman will push her sex attributes over the edge in an effort to achieve some personal agenda in the given moment and then cry the next day when feelings of personal shame and self-disgust hit her in the face.

When that happens, the simple, planned, cold calculated, and above all, intended market trade executed the day before turns into a sex accusation. She keeps what she’s got out of the trade but the other party in the exchange process sooner or later ends up in cuffs, marked as yet another sexual predator.

A young actress, for example, gets to act in a movie. Before she even entered the casting room, she was perfectly aware of what might happen on that couch during her pitch. Because, as you know, people talk. Especially women.

Yes, it’s a classic market exchange where a woman uses her sexuality as an instrument in a trade process. It just happens that sometimes, the morning after, the price suddenly appears higher than she is willing to pay. But that moral block wasn’t there the day before, during the exchange.

For example, when Weinstein made an inappropriate pass on then young and relatively unknown actress, Ashley Judd, “the only thing on her mind,” according to her own testimony, “was how to get out of the room as fast as possible without alienating from Mr. Weinstein.” In other words, she was more than prepared to pay any price and make the exchange if necessary in a desperate attempt to make her way up in the entertainment industry.

Maybe not her but there were plenty of others who had no problem paying the asked price. The proof can be found in several settlements Weinstein made with his victims over the years. Apparently, a bit of money is more than enough for, what appeared as an “assaulted” and “utterly disgraced” woman to forget all about it.

What’s also worth noting is the fact that none of his victims had made any public accusations at the time of the incident. It seems that they were all waiting for a more “convenient” moment. Maybe after they get paid for the roles they were playing?

In the end, that’s just the culmination of the years of dedicated work to start the widespread witch-hunt on men, presenting them as the ultimate sex predators and thus, serious threats to women worldwide.

It’s ironical when you think about it

Because it was men who built cities and modern defense against the threats lurking from every shadow and dark place. Only 200 years ago, it wasn’t exactly safe to walk from one property to another to see someone after dark. At any given moment, something might jump on your back and rip your throat wide open.

By joining forces, muscles, brains, and sweat, brick by brick, men built today’s world. The world where a young woman can walk alone in pitch dark without worrying about some wild animal attacking her. The world where a woman doesn’t have to worry about the pure survival anymore but instead is more than welcome to pursue a career. That same world that protects single mothers, giving them an abundance of benefits not available to men. Or the daycare centers where they can leave their children to make money on the free market any way they want.

ALL BUILT BY MEN EXCLUSIVELY! Every road, every building, every vehicle, the global electrical grid, every piece of weapon.

And now, we men are perceived as a real threat to a female safety and even existence.

We never asked for anything. Never demanded recognition of our deeds. It was just our way to make the environment safer for our women and children.

Yet, as a thank you, we are now forced to question our intention to approach a strange woman in a club, touch her hand, and ask if she’s willing to dance with us. Because we could actually end up accused of sexual harassment if we happen to stumble upon a wrong kind of a woman. And then they wonder why there are so many singles out there.

Where’s the end of it, we ask?

Separate bars and clubs?

Separate beaches?

Women, literally wrapped in tents from head to toes, looking like they are going skiing in the middle of summer?

Global ban of a physical touch, even that most innocent one?


It’s OK to raise the awareness, but c’mon people, let’s not get over our heads here.

Think of it as you like but the fact remains that a woman will not hesitate to (mis)use her sexuality in order to get something!

Have we ever condemned or accused that kind of a woman of sexual harassment?

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