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Health tips for men 30-60. Eat to become slimmer and how to balance your body and to increase your testosterone – the most important male hormone.
Give yourself more energy and look younger.
Men have often been working too much and neglecting their health. Now its take control of that area of your life too.

6 Catastrophic Consequences of Sex Deprivation

You exist just because it’s possible to make another one! That says everything about the underlying importance of regular sex activities. And no, it shouldn’t be a “normal thing” to have sex only once a month after the kids are “made.” That…

20-20-20 Option We All Have

But hardly ever use it! What are the odds of your existence? How unlikely it is that you get the chance to live and breathe on this wonderful planet? And how do you spend that life? By obeying someone else, and almost never land an…

Why is Diary so Effective in Stress Management

You’ve been reading about this a lot but hardly any of the authors managed to successfully explain why running a diary or even taking simple notes at the end of each day helps to reduce the level of stress. To be perfectly honest, they…