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Health tips for men 30-60. Eat to become slimmer and how to balance your body and to increase your testosterone – the most important male hormone.
Give yourself more energy and look younger.
Men have often been working too much and neglecting their health. Now its take control of that area of your life too.

Are They really Killing us with ASPARTAME?

Is aspartame - the substance that’s been widely used as a sweetener in food and beverages - toxic and perhaps responsible for a wide range of illnesses and even deaths? Are conspiracy theorists and their believers right? Here, we’re…

10 Overlooked Symptoms of Cancer

Sudden weight loss when not dieting; blood in your feces or urine; coughing up blood; a lump in the breast, groin, testes, side of the neck or armpit; severe, unexplained pains or aches are the symptoms we know all too well. There’s no…