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How to give an amazing kiss – 12 kissing tips

How to be an amazing kisser
Written by Ballz Magazine

Ballz Magazine wants your relationships to be as good as possible – and in this article, we give you tips to give an amazing kiss.

A kiss is more than just physical contact; it’s about the emotional, physical and sexual connection you feel with someone – especially if you’re just starting a relationship. Unfortunately, with more than 66% of women ending a relationship over a bad kissing partner, it’s crucial to make sure your kiss makes a good impression.

Ballz Magazine gives you 10 tips to help you improve your kiss before she leaves you for someone who knows what they’re doing.

Stop Rushing the kiss

So many men are quick to jump in lips puckered, with their jaws firm and locked. While it always looks good in the movies, unless you have a dramatic point to prove – leave the fast one for the actors. It’s not a race to connect with her mouth.

Take it slow. Move-in gently. Tease her by holding your lips close to her mouth without connecting, making her draw closer to you. Remember, the key is to remain in control of the kiss, by making her want more from you – not pushing you away because it’s too much.

Use Your Hands to Guide Her

It’s important to make sure that you’re in control (right?) so get your hands moving throughout the kiss too. We’re not talking about groping her ass—we’re talking about using your hands to guide her face where you want it to be.

Wrap your hand around the back of her neck and gently pull her into the kiss. Likewise, you can also use your free hand to cup her chin and lift it to meet your mouth as well.

Relax Your Mouth when you kiss

There is nothing worse than a rigid lip when you’re making the first connection. Remember to keep your jaw and mouth relaxed – avoiding a tight pucker at all costs.

If you’re not sure how to position your lips, close your mouth and relax your jaw – see how your lower lip parts slightly? That’s how you need to connect with her mouth. Relaxed.

Gently Bite Her Lower Lip

When you’re in the middle of an epic make-out session, bite her lip gently and pull the slightest bit.

The light connection of teeth on her lip will send her nerve-endings spinning, adding that extra spark to your kiss.

Always Turn Your Head Slightly

There is nothing attractive about smashing into each other’s nose. Make sure you turn your head slightly so your nose is on the side of hers, not directly in front of it.

Stop Flipping Back and Forth

Yes, we understand that your neck might feel tense if you’re holding a position for a long period of time, but you don’t need to flip back and forth every ten seconds. Remember, the focus should be on the kiss – not trying to keep up with aerobic moves.

Use Tongue But Don’t Be Aggressive

The amount of tongue is critical here; you don’t need to be shoving your tongue down her throat. Ever. Part your lips slightly and use your tongue to connect with her upper lip.

Gently run the tip of your tongue to trail the bottom edge of her lip. If she opens her mouth further – she’ll meet your tongue with hers. Keep it in the middle of the kiss – NOT in her mouth.

Make Sure You’re Clean

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best kisser around if you’ve got bad breath, food in your teeth, bad stubble or cold sores… pass on the kiss. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you’ve brushed your teeth within the last 20 minutes of going in for the kiss. If you’re out for the evening and unable to brush, gum can work if you’re able to kiss her within 3-4 minutes of spitting it out.

Try to Swallow

A good kiss can get messy, but you don’t need to add to that with copious amounts of saliva. It’s okay to break a kiss to come up for air, swallow your spit and regain your composure. Likewise, it is never okay to drool or allow bodily fluids to trail down your lip when you’re parting.

Always Close Your Eyes

There is nothing creepier than opening your eyes to a man that’s wide-eyed and watching. A kiss is meant to be emotional and felt – not seen.

If you’re moving in for the kiss, by all means, keep your eyes open until you connect. Once you’ve made contact, close your eyes and let your body do the talking.

Leave it at a Kiss

We’ve all been there, you start feeling connected to someone and the next thing you know, you’re dying to rip each other’s clothes off. Hold off.

Women love knowing they’re respected and desired, but building up from a kiss is important.

Many times it’s easy to jump into the next phase, but women like building up to what they want next. By playing hard to get, you’ll be leaving her begging for more.

Pull Her into Your Body

Get rid of the space between you, if you’re getting ready for an amazing make-out session. While you’re kissing her, put your arm around her back and pull her into you.

If you’re following our first tip, you’ll know that one hand should be behind her neck, with the other hand planted firmly behind her lower back.

Although these are just a few tips for improving your make-out sessions, it’s important to follow her lead when it comes to improving your kiss—especially if you’d like to improve your chances with her.

The most important thing to remember is to stay relaxed and in control of the kiss. Tense, nervous and anxious behavior will show through the kiss and will put a damper on the entire situation. Simply take a deep breath, relax and smile as you move in for the kiss – and take control of the situation.

So lots of kisses from Ballz Magazine…..

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