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Free e-book “From Zero to Hero – Regain your confidence”

Do you want to regain or dramatically increase your power and confidence as a man? Do you want to regain your confidence? 

Then this FREE e-book from Ballz Magazine will be just what you need……

You get this FREE e-book totally for free when you sign up for the Ballz Magazine Update. That’s right – you don’t need to do anything more. Sign up and you get the e-book for Free. No strings attached.

What does this new e-book contain?

Its 6 stairs to a better confidence….


Stair 1 – Acceptance of the situation

Stair 2 – Habiting – change of mindset

Stair 3 – The WHY – WHY do you want this…

Stair 4 – Power of Will

Stair 5 – The Plan  – make a plan that works

Stair 6 – The Execution – a step too many forget


Stair 1 – We open with psychology – ballz style.  Where are you now – and ACCEPT it. You can’t move on until you accept where you are right now. You must do this no matter how bad the situation is.

Stair 2 – resets your mindset by erasing shitty old habits and implementing new ones.  

Stair 3 – is real gold. The WHY. Not superficial why but deep sense of belonging to the general code that had been written generations before. It is this part that is missed by 97% of people. Only 3% understands why among which 2% already reached their goals while these 1% — people like you and me — are making their way to the top. It’s because of WHY and not HOW or WHAT.

What I’m trying to say is basically this: goal is not about what. It’s about why. People can’t quit smoking not because they are weak but because they don’t have a good reason for quitting. People say they wanna be rich, but they can’t explain WHY. This is what this part will do – it will provide you with the only viable reason why you should snap out of the matrix and rewrite it.

Stair 4 – provides you with the steps to strengthen the power of will.  

Stair 5 – is the beauty of this book. The PLAN. That’s what make this e-book and the Zero to HERO program such a freakin' unique program, something nobody tried to do so far. Real groundbreaker.

Stair 6 – Finally we cover Execution – missed or poorly done by many.


So – what are you waiting for – Get this fantastic e-book for free TODAY.


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