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QUIZ: Find Out Are You Man Enough or Just Another Little Bitch

man enough
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I have a dick thus; I’m a man. Well, not entirely. Having a dick and a set of ballz can be nothing more than an illusion and a misleading feature for women, colleagues, friends and you. It surely doesn’t prove that you’re man enough.

But I fuck at least once a week, you say. So? That doesn’t prove anything, slick. A real player can con Angelina freakin’ Jolie but that still doesn’t make him a man. Shit, it makes him less of a man because being a man is having integrity before anything else.

So how about it, sport? Should we give it a test? Are you sure you want to hear the truth about yourself? Do you dare to find out that, at the end, you are not man enough?


Nobody is listening and nobody is watching you now. Play it fair and don’t cheat because you will be cheating on yourself. And that kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

Understand this: there are no right or wrong answers here. There can only be true or lie. It’s up to you.

Here’s the deal. Answer these questions this instance. Don’t read them first or go through the article. Do each as it pops out in front of you.

Now, go ahead and take a pen and piece of paper. It will be worthy of your time and effort, trust me.

Write down the answers but don’t do it just in yes/no style. Write down the full sentence. For example: “Do you fear the dark?” You answer: ‘Yes, I do fear the dark’, or ‘No, I don’t fear the fucking dark, what the fuck is wrong with you, Hawk?!

There is a profound meaning of writing the full and honest answers on a sheet of a blank paper and you will be provided with the explanation right after this short quiz.


Answer these questions about yourself and see if you are man enough!

man enough


  1. Do you have integrity?
  2. Do you put your money where your mouth is?
  3. Have you ever cheated on your wife?
  4. Do you hide from the opportunities?
  5. Do you blame and justify?
  6. Do you envy?
  7. Do you hate?
  8. Do you help others in need?
  9. Are you avoiding conflicts?
  10. Are you running away from confrontations?
  11. Can you protect yourself?
  12. Do you prefer Golden Retriever or Rottweiler?
  13. Can you protect your family?
  14. Are you willing to risk your life for someone you don’t know?
  15. Do you protect the weaker?
  16. Have you ever stopped the act of violence and protected someone you’ve never met before?
  17. Do you beat your wife and kids while being meek as a lamb when in the company of equal or superior men?
  18. Do you heal your own frustrations on weaker souls?
  19. Do you feed on other people’s suffering?
  20. Do you pray for the tragedy to strike your enemies?
  21. Do you fear to exit your comfort zone?
  22. Do you provide for your family?
  23. Do you learn and develop day after day; hour after hour?
  24. Do you challenge the status quo?
  25. Does the idea of making your own money give you a boner or suck your balls right back in a socket?
  26. Does the fixed hourly wage satisfy you or makes you want to break all the fences and do more with your life?
  27. Do you work on paying your debts or do you hide from them?
  28. Do you have short-term and long-term plans?
  29. Where the fuck do you see yourself in 5 years from now and have you even thought about it; I mean really thought about it?
  30. Do you have 3 goals to reach in next 3 years?
  31. What are those goals?
  32. How do you plan to accomplish them?
  33. What is your purpose?
  34. Why do you exist in a first place?
  35. Who are you?


You are what you’ve written on that piece of paper. That’s who you are.

Under the assumption that your answers are honest, you, my friend, have saved thousands of dollars on some therapy trying to figure out who the fuck are you, where the hell are you going, and are you man enough.

Now, about that profound feature that makes this method so efficient

Until you see it, it doesn’t exist. Get it? You have to see in order to believe. This is why you are not so sure about the existence of God, Satan, and angels. This is why you haven’t reached your goals yet. And this is exactly why you haven’t made any serious effort to do that.

In other words, You failed to visualize who you truly are so you would be able to develop in areas you suck, to say the least. You failed to visualize a clear projection of your path just because you didn’t write it down.

Now when it’s written, it is real.


We will provide a deep explanation of each of the questions and their meanings through following issues. For now, you don’t need that. What you need is to make sure you answer all of those questions honestly and in a way explained to you.

Once you have them all, study them. A detailed explanation will just add to the overall experience and answer gazillion questions you’ll be having; most of which you’ll find in this magazine, by the way. Just invest some time and browse. Everything is here for you.


We are here to help you, brother. We are here to transform you into a prime specimen of the humankind. But we do need You for that. We do need your willingness to change.

Do that – decide – and you’re a halfway there.

But for the time being, see who you really are.

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