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5 Ways to Tell She’s Into You


With so many men convinced they’ve been moved into the friend zone with their interest, it comes a complete surprise when later on it’s revealed that her feelings were there (and very strong). Unfortunately, many men don’t understand the subtle clues or signs she’s actually into you, which can destroy any chances you might have now and in the future.

It’s important to notice both her physical and mental cues – especially if you’re trying to decide whether you should continue pursuing her, or simply call it a night. Here are 5 ways she’ll show you she’s into you, without saying a word.

  1. She Likes Being Close to You
    If you’re in a crowded place and she seems to find her way beside you more times than not, there’s a good likelihood she’s into you. Women are territorial creatures and standing beside or near something she’s interested in comes as a subconscious action. What’s more, if you find she’s touching your arm, hand, or leg during a conversation, she wants to feel that physical connection between you.
  2. She finds you funny or sweet
    Let’s face it, chances are you’re no Romeo… and you’re probably not going to become a stand-up comic with your stories – yet, every time you tell a story, she laughs or makes a comment about how adorable you were. If she’s complimenting you (even by laughing) she’s into you in more ways than one.
  3. She likes to hang out –without her friends
    Girls enjoy company – that’s why they do everything together—including going to the bathroom in groups. If she arrived with a group of friends, chances are, the intention was to leave with that group too. Take note when her girlfriends start to head out somewhere. If a girl is interested, she’ll stick around without her clan.
  4. She touches her Hair or Face
    One of the most subtle clues to pick up on, touching her face or hair is a major indicator that she’s into you. This includes twirling her hair, readjusting her pony tail, trailing her hands around her neck, and playing with her lip or rings. If she seems to be fidgeting more than usual, there’s a good chance she’s trying to get your attention.
  5. She Confides in You
    Women confide in people they deem trust-worthy; if she’s venting, confiding or disclosing personal details – take it as a win for your team. Many times, a girl will that vent to a new man (even about a specific situation she’s in now) to gauge how he’d respond in a particular situation. If she’s complaining about her current boyfriend, she’s trying to see how you’d treat her in the event she became single – which can be a win for you when that happens.
  6. She Flirts With Others Around You

Women enjoy being pursued, which is why she might resort to flirting with others – while you stand around watching. That’s because she wants you to feel protective and jealous, stepping in when you see competition. If you’re into her, make that known – before she walks away. 

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