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5 Tricks to Receiving More Oral Sex From Your Partner

Written by Charlie Greene

There’s something raw, sexy and downright naughty when you look down at your girlfriend’s face – and her mouth is firmly planted around your member. Despite feeling amazing, it seems like your woman just doesn’t enjoy doing it – regardless of how hard you hint.

To change how she feels about fellatio, follow these 5 tricks to increase your chances of amazing oral sex.

Hygiene is Critical Here

Shove your hands down your pants. Play with your balls. Now lick your hands.

Could you do it?

If the answer’s no, go and have a shower before you expect her to be a willing participant. Always make sure you freshen up (including soap and water … everywhere) before trying to convince her to make her way south.

Chances are, you’ve had an active day of moving around, sweating, bathroom breaks, and other normal behavior.

A good rule of thumb? If you won’t lick your hand after touching your nuts – you’re not clean enough.

Landscaping is Important for Men Too

Every man loves a well-groomed woman; whether that means a smooth, silky pussy or a full, thick bush.

The same rule applies to men wanting some oral sex. Keep your area trimmed neatly, especially around the base of your shaft. Although hair is sexy – having to swim through a forest to find the good stuff is never a good feeling.

Always Lead by Example

If you’re never wanting to go to town on her, she’s not going to be eager to return the favor – especially if you’re trying to receive more often than you give.

The next time you’re wanting a blow job—head down south and tell her how much you love seeing her squirm and moan because of your mouth. When she gets turned on – you may find her wanting to return the favor.

Praise Her and Compliment Her Ability

Many women are shy about giving oral, especially if she feels like her skills aren’t up to porn star level.

When you want to get frisky, let her know how much it turns you on when she moves her head slowly down. This also works well after a particularly incredible time in the sack.

Keep your hands and hips off her

Too many pornos involve a woman on her knees having a hard cock shoved down her throat – which is intimidating to live up to. Imagine every time you went out on a date, she replayed an extravagant, super-romantic image – that you really couldn’t live up to.

If you actively watch porn, chances are your partner feels inadequate in her “deep throating” abilities.

The truth remains, many women simply aren’t able to take an entire shaft into her mouth – and she shouldn’t feel pressured to do so. Lie on the bed with your hands above your head and allow her the opportunity to work at her own speed and ability. If you would like her to change something (like speed, for instance) tell her what feels good and how to make it feel better. In other words, talk. Just like she is when you are licking the wrong thing or the right thing in the wrong way.


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