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5 Things She Wishes You’d Do While Eating Her Out

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Alright guys, when it comes to eating her out, it’s important to understand that every woman is different. Especially when it comes to her pussy – after all, they’re all different shapes and sizes. But personal preferences aside, there are a few tricks and tips that can help send her over the edge faster – which can help you score some serious points when you’re heading down south.

Use your whole tongue

A lot of men tend to think of the clit as the main focal point, but try to remember that the entire area is covered with thousands of nerve endings.

For starters, make sure your tongue is kept flat when you’re over the top of her clit, as too much pressure can actually make it feel “ticklish” instead of sensual.

Start by licking her entire pussy before you focus on the clit.

Use a LOT of salivae when eating her out

Imagine jerking yourself without a bit of lube – it still feels okay, but it’s not the same as having a slick, wet, slippery hole to thrust into.

The same goes for women!

Although a dry tongue still feels okay, it’s a lot more fun when everything is wet and slick.

TIP: If you’re not able to soak her while eating her out, buy some water-based, flavored lube to keep things gliding.

Use your fingers and hands

There is nothing more frustrating for a woman who’s dying for a nice, thick hard dick, than a man who puts his hands on the bed.

Remember that a woman can feel things inside and out – which can help speed her along quickly if you eat her out properly.

For starters, just before you’re about to fill her up, stop using your mouth and gently glide your entire hand over her mound. Gently use your thumb to lightly rub over her clit while your index and middle finger tease her hole. You don’t want to rush this part as her body should physically start thrusting up and down in anticipation before you put it in her.

Once you see her (or hear her) practically begging, push your two fingers in deep.

Keep things steady

Women are creatures of habit – they’ve been getting themselves off for years without you and they know what they like.

Once you know how to turn her on, stick with it. If she’s practically panting and moaning with you ramming your fingers into her pussy – don’t stop. Keep the same (if not slightly faster) speed and hold the same touch (as much as you want to push harder with your tongue).

Drag out her orgasm the full 25 seconds.

Women have the ability to orgasm for a full twenty-five seconds if you keep her going.

Most women, will get off and ask you to stop – which is when most guys do. The next time she asks, keep her going for another ten seconds. The majority of women will squirt or gush as they’re orgasming, making it the ideal time to keep pushing her.

Owkay, boyz! Time to put the lessons in practice – today!


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