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5 Signs You Are Terrible in Bed and Don’t Even Know That

5 signs you are terrible in bed
Written by Ballz Magazine

Every man wants to be incredible in bed, you know, toe-curling – can’t breathe because it was so good – stud. For any man worth his licks (no pun intended) it’s important to know whether you’re actually doing a good job, or if you’re just bottoming out, without even knowing it. To help give you a clue, we’ve compiled five signs you’re terrible in bed.

1) There’s No Foreplay – a clear sign you´re terrible in bed

If you’re ready to jump in the sack as soon as you walk in the door, chances are it’s been on your mind all day. For her, the thought of sex probably hasn’t occurred since the last time you’ve been intimate. So connect the pieces for her.

A simple racy text message or phone call can go a long way, especially if you want to take her upstairs the second you get home. It’s also important to remember that sex isn’t only physical for a woman. There’s a mental piece that works with her excitement too. If you forget that – she will feel you are terrible in bed.

2) You Skip on Oral Action

Think about the last time you were with a woman who loved giving blow jobs – not like a few sucks—but truly loved the entire motion of wet, messy, don’t stop for hours head. There is always an erotic component with finding someone who is committed to your pleasure in the bedroom.

The same holds true for men who love eating pussy. Women see right through the quick licks that lead to fast fucking.3) There’s No Connection After Sex.

If you’ve just had an amazing roll in bed, the physical intimacy needs to continue afterward too – even if it’s the middle of July.

Take the time to bring that contact back into the bedroom to reconnect and create more intimacy. Consider scratching or tickling her back after you’re both spent or pull her in closer than you normally would.

4) You Base Her Satisfaction on Your Performance

Even the most experienced porn star will tell you, sometimes women need a little extra love to send them over the edge – this includes helping her out if you can’t get her off. Many times women feel pressured to perform based on how “good” you make her feel – which is where faking orgasms come from. Don’t be afraid to ask her for guidance on what she likes and follow through with it.

Perhaps you are not doing a good “job” with your fingers? Check this tutorial and learn how to finger her to orgasm!

5) Her Actions Just Don’t Add Up

If she’s laying there silent while you’re eating her like it’s your last meal, you’re doing something wrong. That’s because virtually every woman makes at least some type of noise in the bedroom when they’re getting close to orgasm.

Likewise, if you’ve just started touching her and she’s screaming louder than a porn star, she’s trying to make you feel better about your performance. Make sure you let her know that her satisfaction (not her sounds) is what turns you on – and ask her what things feel best for her.

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