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3 Steps to Anal Sex With The Woman Who Never Did It

Steps to anal sex
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As you will see, it’s not that difficult to A) persuade her, and B) maintain her enthusiasm about anal sex. Follow these 3 steps to anal sex and she’ll open her ass like a flower to you, every time you two are having sex.

Why would she want to do that?

Because she’s increasing her odds to reach the multiple orgasms every time she’s having sex with you. 96% of women claim that they cum during anal sex. Most of them are reporting that anal sex is the only way for them to reach orgasm during some kind of penetration.

Vaginas are not always in a mood to make their beautiful and lusty owners happy. But the black hole, on the other hand, always is!

Does she know this stat?

Probably. It’s even hard to believe that she didn’t already stumble upon several personal testimonies and studies about the connection between the sure orgasm and anal sex.

There’s a good chance that she already did it by herself, using dildos, her finger or — which is the most common aiding tool — the hairbrush. Yeah, the handle, what’s wrong with you!?

Why didn’t she suggest it already?

Most of the women are shy by nature and take ages to tell some highly intimate — sex-related — desire or complain. To unlock her, you need the approach we’ll discuss here in the steps to anal sex with the woman who never did it.

But there’s another dimension about this entire thing with secrecy.

Many women think that everything beyond the classic is morally un-accepted and that their men might find them to be nothing but the sluts or even worse.

Make no mistake; it happens all around the world. Men, in their pathological split-personality disorder, will keep brainwashing their women, using all sorts of physical and psychological abusive methods to keep them away from any kind of pleasure. At the same time, they (men) will be doing hookers or mistresses in every possible way.

This is widely spread philosophy and women are very well aware of it. She simply doesn’t know how you think.

You are the key

She wants it; have no doubt about it. Numerous stories she read and her own ass fingering while you’re not around, already prepped her for the final stage – the real, hardcore anal sex!

But the signal must come from your side.

Your woman must be confident that you find anal sex absolutely equal to any other type of sexual pleasure, if not even the top one.

So, for the obvious question…

Do you want anal sex?

Some men find anal sex to be disgusting and would never stick their dicks in the black hole. Yeah, I know, there are all kinds of weirdos.

How about you?

Having some doubts about your absolute willingness to fuck her in the ass?

Well, from the standpoint of someone who truly enjoys making his woman cum multiple times when we are having sex, let me tell you this: nothing comes close to that feeling of “tightness.”

And let’s not forget about the fact that you don’t have to:

  • A) wear a condom (if we are talking about your wife or longtime partner), and
  • B) take it out and fuck up the sheets or her hair, which is, as you know, unbeatable.

It’s much easier to persuade a woman into anal sex and have the ability to “cum inside,” than to persuade her into swallowing. Remember that.

Having the possibility to “cum inside” without worrying about unwanted pregnancy or potential kick in your balls after you spray it down her throat is mind-blowing for every man!

You can cum inside; she will cum every time…fuck…everybody should do it regularly.

So how about you incorporate anal sex into your routine?


STEP 1 – Talk your way in

There’s no other way to start. Some “oops, I missed the hole” won’t fly and you’ll just make things worse.

She wants it. That’s all you need to know at this point.

Now comes the “talking.”

First of all, to avoid killing every fun out of it, you won’t sit her down and start a discussion like on some goddamn conference.

You’ll occasionally throw in the bone.

Did you know that 96% of women cum during anal sex? Unbelievable.”

And you stop. Walk away. Leave her with her thoughts.

A few days later — when she is in the mood for sex talks and no other instance whatsoever — you throw in another bone.

It would be excited to try it. I always dreamt about it.”

Again, you leave. Go do something away from her. Let her digest what you’ve just said.

Pretty soon, she’ll initiate the “sex talk” and offer you a chance to persuade her into your honest intentions. Don’t forget that, if she’s too shy and inexperienced, all that negative feedback she picked up from women who chose the wrong men, is making her anxious about the entire deal.

She wants it, only she’s not sure that you want it!

In fact, if there’s one thing that frightens her is your reaction in the aftermath.

How will you digest it? Will you think less of her after she allows you this absolute access and the ultimate sign of a complete intimacy? Will you betray her trust?

Make no mistake; whether she’s open or un-open, this is the sequence of thoughts in her mind. It’s just a flash, but the important one nevertheless.

After you discuss everything about it, and she becomes fully open for the tryout, the next step is to go out and buy some sort of lubricant. You’ll need it if you can’t make it extremely wet and “slippery” like some of us. In case you are wondering, it’s done during the oral sex. You’re releasing great amounts of saliva to accompany her own juices and use your fingers to widen the sphincter with the help of all of those free-falling juices.

STEP 2 – Lubricate and widen

As it’s been said, you’re prepping your way inside while you’re giving her the oral pleasure.

Take your time with everything. Warm her up properly and don’t rush with your tongue. Let her beg for mercy.

You want her to go mad from the lust!

While licking her clit, use the index or middle finger and start making your way inside her ass. Start slowly by just circling at the entrance. Move-in gradually, constantly making circular moves with your finger.

The point is to stick it all the way in and keep moving it in and out.

Now add an additional finger to action. Again, start from the very entrance, working your way in.

All that time you’re keeping her on the edge of the orgasm, but not letting her reach it.

Add the third finger to action.

Now you’re working her ass with three fingers and she can really feel the pressure. MAKE SURE THAT EVERYTHING IS PROFUSELY LUBRICATED. You don’t wanna cause any sense of pain. She must enjoy it as much as possible.

If this is the first time you two are doing her ass with more than just a tip of your finger, be sure that she’ll be extremely concentrated on what you’re doing. This fact plays in your favor because her orgasm will get postponed, giving you more time to prep the entrance.

When you can slowly move all three of your fingers in and out (don’t forget to use the LUBRICANT), she’s prepped and you can drive her over the edge. Let her come with the thunder. Lady deserved it, after all. And she’s about to give you a unique gift.

STEP 3 – Go in

But not right away. Start doing her classical way, in the vagina, while keeping your fingers — dildo even better — highly occupied with her anus.

When the moment comes — and that moment is when you’re hard as the rock — press the tip of your penis against her sphincter. She’ll start widening her hips and probably use her hands to further expand the entrance.

MOVE IN EXTREMELY SLOWLY AND GRADUALLY. Concentrate on her behavior. She’s now in a specific mental state, somewhere between excitement and fear.

If you feel how she’s trying to pull some evasive maneuver, play along. You’re hurting her so back the fuck down. Don’t go all the way out if she wasn’t specific about it, but do slow down and move back a bit.

It takes time during the first few attempts and it’s all in your hands.

How you handle it, will decide her future interest in anal sex.

Also, don’t expect to go all the way in this first time. You don’t have to, which is even more interesting.

You see, when it comes to vaginal penetration, wider and deeper is the name of the game. In anal sex, just two inches inside, regardless of the width of your “tool” will be quite enough to make her cum.

That’s yet another advantage of anal sex. It takes only so much.

Of course, you wanna feel what’s it like to go all the way in and fuck her like those guys are doing it in porn, don’t you?

It will come, have no fears. But those first few times is all about proper preparation. Cause any kind of pain (you can’t avoid discomfort so don’t sweat about it), and you’ll have to repeat the entire process after the shit settles down.

Feel entirely free to cum in her ass. Release that tension.

And now for another important part of the overall feeling

While it’s imperative to prep her in a physical way as we explained, there’s another instance in the entire anal sex subject.

If you want her to continue enjoying and subsequently providing you with anal sex, your aftermath reaction MUST BE AN ABSOLUTE POSITIVE EXCITEMENT.

Don’t push it too far and sound like a freakin’ Santa on speed.

Show your honest enthusiasm and absolute satisfaction with what she just allowed you to do!!

If you fail and she picks up the wrong signal, it will take some hard ass negotiation to persuade her into giving you another chance. If nothing else, it will take months before she even accepts to discuss the subject.

Women are strangely wired. They get scared easily. If she’s not certain that you are not absolutely enjoying the anal sex, she’ll never allow more than a tip of your finger in it.

So basically, it all relies on your devotion and excitement about the anal sex. If you just want to make her happy by providing her with this unique pleasure, while not being generally interested in it, she’ll sense it and you can forget about it. However, do consider this: she’s deprived of one simple and highly efficient pleasure. Hence, you better find a way to compensate.

One more thing. The feeling of certain humiliation and a sense of low self-worth the next day cannot be ruled out in some cases. If you notice that she’s avoiding the eye contact, go back to STEP 1 after a few days and make sure she understands how you genuinely enjoyed the other night.

Pretty soon, anal sex will be just another way you two are satisfying your lust.

The sum of everything

Talk -> Prep -> Lubricate -> Widen -> Go in.

That’s the appropriate sequence of actions to have anal sex with the woman who never did it before.

A gradual approach, with the added patience, while observing her reactions and absolute gentleness is the key strategy in the anal sex game.

Do it right, and the well will never dry out.

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