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10 Things TO DO to Her in Bed and Make Her Go Crazy

Maker go crazy
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Maybe you did one, two or even few of them but it might just be that you: A) didn’t do it right, B) didn’t do it in a right moment, and C) stopped doing it and unwittingly reduced the quality of sex you two are having.

God is our witness: She will scream and fuck your brains out afterward to reward you for making her come repeatedly – something missed by many.

But first things first. You.

Three things are essential for a great sexual experience:

  1. Stamina
  2. Testosterone
  3. Dopamine

Remove any of these three and you fucked up the most beautiful thing in the lives of a man and his woman.

For example, stress will activate cortisol which will, in turn, inhibit dopamine.

No dopamine, no testosterone. No, no sex!

Or, if you are suffering from low testosterone levels either change the diet and pay attention to the proper intake of amino acids or get a patch. It works like a charm!

Now, back to her, your bed and wild sex.


#1 – Eat her pussy with style

Do you know a better place to spend some time around?

The trick to great cunnilingus is “feeling” the moment. In other words, how “tender and gentle” or how “wild” she feels in that moment? Is she more for cuddling or is there some raw sexual fire going on? Apply speed and pressure accordingly.

For example, if she is still firing up, go easy, take your time and start with slow circular moves. Then increase the rhythm and speed up.

It would be wonderful if you could move your tongue up and down instead of left to right because that way you simply cannot miss the tip of her clit.

Help yourself with the fingers and pull the skin surrounding the clitoris a bit to expose the super sensitive tip.

It does take a lot of persistence and tongue endurance to lick it up and down until she bursts in seismic orgasm, but it can be achieved through practice.

Another thing: don’t slow down and don’t miss, of course.

Also, don’t “invent” stuff on the go like start fingering her when she’s almost done. Better play with yourself because you’ll unintentionally reset her.

Yes, it’s that sensitive.

If your fingers are already in from the beginning, increase the speed and power as she’s reaching the ultimate moment. Just follow her rhythm.

Always have in mind that in most cases, penetration is simply inadequate to provide her with the orgasm.

Although, there are those moments when she’ll stop you in the middle of it, grab your dick and stick it in – all accompanied by the sounds of pleasure. Just “feel” the moment.


#2 – Full contact penetration

When you are curled behind her (spooning), having her ass firmly in your lap – start the foreplay.

Massage her gently all over the body and squeeze that butt from time to time as your arm is moving down and up her legs. Relax her entirely.

Now, move your hand to her breast and under the bra and start massaging her nipple. Squeeze the breast from time to time but do focus on a nipple.

When you feel her moves in your lap, you’re on.

Slide your hand down her skin and reach for her butt. Put your hand in her panties and start massaging her clitoris. Hear her moan and breathe deeply. You’ll feel how she’s getting all wet down there.

Move slowly to her chest without losing contact with her skin and focus again on her nipple.

In some instances you can go pretty extreme with the nipple, moving your hand in a “wave goodbye” motion, “brushing” the tip of her nipple with the soft tissue of your fingers. She’ll go wild and start spreading, literally opening herself to you.

Just go in, continue to play with her breast and nipple, putting additional force into it while penetrating with all your might. She’ll experience multiple orgasms that will feel to her more like one extremely long orgasm.

It’s a unique thing to do to her because, during the entire time, you two are in full-body contact – in spooning position.

But it is all about the moment. You won’t be able to pull this one over every time.


#3 – Detach her from the surface completely

Let no part of her body be in contact with the surface!

It does require certain muscle strength and great endurance to pull something like this off, but it will be worth every drop of sweat.

But OK, let’s be real here.

Either you have some extras or maybe she does so this entire endeavor might turn out funny, clumsy or even end with injuries so let’s try a different approach.

While you’re on your feet, doing her good from behind, get your arms around her thighs and grab (gently) her inner thighs. Lift her up and detach her from the surface. She’ll instinctively wrap her legs around your thighs. You’re now in complete control so let her feel that power.

No woman on this planet likes to be dominant unless she’s paid for that or she’s compensating for total submissiveness over an extended period of time in other aspects of life.

So once she feels that you’re dominating over her and have complete control (her entire weight is in your arms), she’ll reach the new heights of pleasure.

It’s just the way nature made it.

You’re the man thus; you need to be in control as much as you can.

Remember, from your perspective this is nothing special. From her perspective, on the other hand, this is you demonstrating the sheer power and that’s what she’s looking for in her man.


#4 – Choke her a bit

While in a missionary position and things are already heated to the extremes, don’t be afraid to put your hand around her throat and gently squeeze.

Of course, you’re not trying to kill her hence, be EXTREMELY careful with this.

It’s just another way to show dominance.

No matter how odd that might seem to you, she’ll actually enjoy the feeling.

Some women are claiming to experience the most intensive orgasms while slightly choked.


#5 – Hold her inner thighs

You’re up from pleasing her orally and she is on her back still loudly breathing, indicating the quality orgasm. Spread her legs as wide as you can

Now enter slowly and move your hands to her inner thighs, all the way down to her crotch and as you speed up, putting some power in your moves, increase the grip with your hands. Hold those hot thighs as you’ll never let go.

You’ll hear her moans and see her mouth open widely while her head will move all the way back. She’s enjoying it with all of her beings.

#6 – Penetrate from behind in the middle of a massage

Warm up the place (bedroom, for example).

Both of you are naked but her legs are covered with the blanket a bit with just her ass sticking out. She’s lying on her belly so you’d have full access to her ass, thighs, back, and neck.

You’re using a quality oil to give her a great erotic massage.

Learn how it’s done if needed because nothing is more annoying than a bad massage. Remember what you’re trying to do here.

When it’s time to massage her upper thighs, ass, back, and neck, get up on top of her and make your way up to her neck. Do it slowly, making sure that your hands are warm. Spread those butt cheeks, grab each and squeeze them for a while.

Massage the area around her vagina and “accidentally” slide over her clit. Then move up while adjusting your body in a position that will allow subtle penetration.

As you’re moving up to her neck, you’ll simultaneously penetrate. Slowly, gently, in a rhythm of the massage.

Continue in the same rhythm while massaging her upper back and neck. She’ll start to move her ass but she’s locked with your thighs so her moves are limited.

Don’t answer to this provocation just yet!

Drive her crazy for a while, blocking her moves. And don’t accelerate. Keep it slow and gentle. Let her feels you.

Now, move slowly against her arms, spreading them widely.

Hold her wrists, lie down on her entirely and start moving inside of her. Remember, you’re making love, not fucking her.

Bite her neck and accelerate a bit. She’ll be ready for the final kick where you’ll put all in and drive her to the explosive end.

Here’s the trick: don’t just roll away! Stay on top of her and cuddle for a while. Finish what you’ve started. Enjoy with your woman. It will do wonders for two of you.


#7 – Tie her arms

There are two major approaches to this. Either you’ll tie her arms to the bed while she’s on her back, or you’ll use the handcuffs while doing her from behind.

Once tied, she’ll go ballistic.

Make sure you’re well-hydrated and ready for more than just 10 minutes of sex. Have an energy drink or two to empower your body if needed. We are talking about rough sex here where wimpy dick and 10 seconds run are out of the question.


#8 – Blindfold her while she’s tied

Sight is using 50% of the brain so when you’re blindfolded you’re forced to use your other senses.

That means that every other sense will be radically enhanced using the cocktail of the same chemicals presented during high-intensity sex. Everything will be amplified.

So tie her arms to the bed while kissing her body. Then put the blindfold over her eyes. You’ll notice a sudden change. If it’s a first time, the feeling might be a bit awkward but that’s only for a second since you’ll keep kissing her skin with the tip of your lips and tongue without a break.

The point here is to go gentle and drive her mad.

Simply put, she must beg you to fuck her and you’ll still refuse.

What you’ll do is stimulate her skin, her earlaps, neck, tits, and nipples and finally, you’ll go down where you’ll use slow, circular moves with your tongue AROUND the tip of her clitoris. Make sure you tied her well otherwise she’ll snap out of it and jump you.

Only when she’s truly mad, moaning, moving her entire body and begging you to go inside, you’ll gently penetrate while kissing her nipples.

Slow is the name of the game here.

This kind of a game can last for an hour or more driving her to multiple orgasms, one after another. In the aftermath, her entire body will shiver uncontrollably.

If you’ve never done something like this before…you’ll start doing it quite often, trust me!


#9 – It’s time for frequent anal sex

96% of all women experience orgasm during anal sex.

Nothing else should be added here. If you’re not providing her with this pleasure, shame on you!

If it’s the first time, use the massage oil during the preparation. And that preparation starts during the oral phase where you’ll use your middle finger and start massaging her anal opening, widening the hole and slowly penetrating inside. Add another finger after a while.

It’s all about a great first impression so take your time to make it wide enough.

Once you have her on her knees, use your hands to spread her butt cheeks as much as you can.

Use that oil or adequate lubricant and slowly, slowly penetrate, first with just a tip of your penis. Again, go slowly and make your peace with the fact that you won’t be able to get inside entirely.

But once you “pave the way”, she’ll start to enjoy it like hardly anything.

It is an interesting fact, isn’t it? 60% of women are not able to cum on sole penetration (without the oral phase), but when you stuff her ass she’ll cum in a couple of seconds. Apparently, there are lots of nerve endings in that part of her body.


#10 – Make her scream like never before

This is simpler than you think. All you have to do is wait until she hangs freshly washed drapes. Take her to bed and enjoy the smell of freshness spreading from the drapes. Take her manly and lead her to orgasm.

Now here’s the trick: when you’re done, wipe it off on those fresh drapes! We guarantee she’ll scream like never before 🙂


Well, we did say diabolical, didn’t we? A bit of fun doesn’t hurt as long as you keep the things in your bedroom fresh and on the edge.

We do hope that we were able to give you some fresh ideas and some guidance. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You live only once.


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